A Bar Above and Top Shelf Bar Supply

How To Choose a Bar Kit

Here’s what makes a great kit:


Look for strong welds and high-quality materials. If it’s not made from Stainless Steel 304, you’re gonna have a bad time! Circle-welded shakers are also best because they won’t rust and fall apart while you’re shaking. (Hint: ouch!)


Is your barware designed to look good on a shelf, or is it made to actually make great cocktails? The best kits will be both beautiful and functional, with loads of measurement lines in your jiggers and high-density


With the right tools, you can make virtually any cocktail! The best kits will include a shaker that doubles as a mixing glass, a super fine hawthorne strainer, and a jigger for measuring. It’s everything you really need!


What good is a bar set that’s uncomfortable to use? Ergonomics are important for bartenders and home use alike. Your ideal bar set will be shaped for comfort in the hand and made without sharp edges or harsh corners.

“When you’re looking to start making
cocktails at home, these are the essential
tools you’re going to need in your arsenal.”

– Chris Tunstall, A Bar Above


Of course you’ve seen a cocktail shaker before, but here’s why you NEED our Boston Shaker: Made of the best materials that won’t rust and are dishwasher safe, this fine-looking workhorse has two cups, one weighted and one unweighted, so you can shake the perfect cocktail, easily crack open the shaker, and pour like a pro into your favorite glass.

What good is a recipe if you can’t measure your ingredients? Create recipe-perfect cocktails every time by measuring your ingredients carefully. With this Japanese jigger’s extra measurement lines (alllll the way down to ¼ oz), you’re ready to make any recipe that comes your way.

Yeah, it’s pretty enough to hang it on the wall. But this strainer is also “the best strainer I’ve ever used” according to some guy on Amazon. It’s comfortable in your hand, calibrated to fit this very shaker set, and comes with a super tight spring to catch every little bit of pulp or ice and give you the smoothest cocktails on the block.