Diamond Cut Cocktail Mixing Glass


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Beautiful but strong! This cocktail mixing glass is the perfect choice for any back bar or mise en place. It’s 550ml (18oz) and has a thick, weighted bottom for stability.

Whether you’re stirring your very first Manhattan or mixing your thousandth Martini, this drink mixing glass is the perfect choice for any stirred beverage.

The 550 ml/18 oz size allows room for one or two cocktails, while fitting comfortably in one hand-- making it the best cocktail mixing glass you could ever ask for.

Our bar mixing glass is compatible with all industry-standard julep and Hawthorne cocktail strainers.

No more broken glass! Seamless construction means your glass drink mixer has no weak seams to break during your shift. Hand-blown glass is durable and designed for beauty and strength.

The weighted base is heavy and flat, keeping the mixing glass solidly in place while you stir. Its sides are straight and meet the weighted bottom at the perfect angle to let your spoon glide effortlessly around the glass.

Beautiful and strong: Stir your Sazerac, Negroni, or Martinez in style! The classic design makes this bartender mixing glass look great on any back bar, home bar, or mise en place.

We’ve carefully hand-packed these cocktail mixing glasses in a classy box that’s perfect for gifting (or keeping for yourself)!


Materials & Construction:

Made from lead-free, crystal clear glass


10cm in diameter and 13.5 cm tall

Holds 550 ml (18oz) of liquid


Gift Box Dimensions:

Dimensions: 4" L x 4" W x 5.3" H

Weight: Approximately 1 lb.


Care & Handling:

Dishwasher-safe for commercial & home dishwashers

Read more about care instructions here.

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Premium Quality & Made to Last

julep strainer

The Perfect Fit

Easily fits one or two cocktails, this mixing glass is also the perfect size for any standard Hawthorne or Julep strainer.
bar tools

Cocktail Enthusiasts and Pros

Whether you’re stirring your very first Manhattan or mixing your thousandth Martini, this glass is the perfect choice for any stirred drink.
bar tools

Designed for Longterm Use

No more broken glass! Seamless construction means there are no weak seams. Hand-blown glass is durable and designed for beauty and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a cocktail mixing glass?

Cocktail mixing glasses are designed to stir spirit-forward cocktails that don't need to be shaken, such as the Manhattan, Negroni, Martini, and Sazerac.

What are the differences between a mixing glass and a shaker?

A mixing glass is for stirring cocktails that don't need to be shaken-- these cocktails are spirit-forward and have ingredients of similar density. Cocktail shakers are for cocktails that need to be shaken in order to thoroughly mix ingredients of various densities.

How do I choose the right cocktail mixing glass for my needs?

Look at the size and sturdiness of the mixing glass: Does it allow you to make 2 drinks at once? Does it have a heavy base so it doesn't move around while you stir? (For our mixing glass, the answer to both these questions is YES!)

What is the proper technique for stirring a cocktail in a mixing glass?

Hold your bar spoon with the convex side sliding around the perimeter of the glass. Stir steadily for 15-30 seconds with ice, unless the recipe says otherwise.

How do I clean and maintain my cocktail mixing glass?

While some mixing glasses are very delicate and require hand washing, our heavy-duty mixing glasses are dishwasher-safe!

What is the ideal size and capacity for a cocktail mixing glass?

That depends on your needs, but personally we think a mixing glass that can hold two cocktails at once is ideal.

What types of cocktails are best made using a cocktail mixing glass?

Spirit-forward cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Martini, and Negroni are made in a mixing glass.

Do I need any additional tools or accessories when using a mixing glass?

You'll definitely want to pick up a bar spoon for stirring cocktails. A julep strainer is traditionally used with a mixing glass, although our Hawthorne strainer also matches the diameter of ours perfectly. Of course, don't forget your cocktail jigger, too!

Hand stirring a red-orange cocktail in a mixing glass with a stainless steel bar spoon with spiral handle

A Perfect Pair

The interior is designed to fit perfectly with the A Bar Above bar spoon for super smooth stirring.

Gifting Made Easy

This mixing glass comes in a recyclable, reusable gift box for easy, beautiful gifting.

Cocktail mixing glass with a red cocktail and ice inside, next to its gift box reading "Classic Mixing Glass," set against a white backdrop

Customer Reviews

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Great product! Amazing customer service!

Arturo Garcia
Awesome mixing glass.

Works great. Well made. Can fell temperature through the glass. Works well with spoon. Would purchase again. Great packaging, shipping and customer service. Thank you

Sir Mix A lot
Wonderful product

The glass is seamless and well crafted. I will definitely purchase more products from a bar above

Thank you! We're glad to hear that you are impressed with the quality of our product. Happy Mixing!

Eugenia Cooke

Classic Cocktail Mixing Glass

Zack Scribani
Mixing Glass

It's pure class. Feeling like a pro mixing up Negroni's for my paesons!

So glad you're happy with it!

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