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You've found the ultimate beginner course to get you started making craft cocktails at home! If you love ordering craft cocktails in bars and wish you could make the same delicious drinks at home, this self-paced online course will get you there.

  • Self-Paced: Get lifetime access, and watch the lessons at your own pace.
  • Shopping List Included: We'll send you a list of everything you need to make each cocktail in the course.
  • Learn From a Pro: Chris is a 15-year veteran of some of the industry's best bars. He knows a thing or two about craft drinks!
  • Access to Our Team: Got questions? Just ask! You'll have access to our team for any questions that come up along the way.

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Self paced

Show off your original cocktail creations on the drink menu, to your friends and family, and on social media!

Learn from the best

Our team of experts includes industry leaders who deeply understand the science of mixology.

So much more than recipes

Learn the formula and structure for your favorite cocktails so you can begin making your own drinks.

Access to the pros

Our team is available for any questions that come up along the way.

The Ultimate Introduction to Home Bartending Training

mixology course

Learn the basics and put them to practice

Make delicious cocktails at home for family and friends, using the same barware as the world's best bars.

Get comfortable and stay knowledgeable

Order drinks confidently at the bar, and know how to talk with the bartender to be sure you'll like them.
bar tools

Create tasty and balanced cocktails

Follow nearly any cocktail recipe, knowing you're making the drink exactly as the recipe intended.

What You'll Learn in This Home Bar Course:

This is a comprehensive, foundational course where we won’t just teach you how to make a few cocktails but will also go over why ingredients work together (or don’t) and how to put everything together.

Here’s what we’ll cover In this course: 

  • What is a cocktail? And what goes into it?
  • What are all the different components? And what are the ones most commonly used?
  • How to take all the components and put them together into great craft drinks!
  • How to build your own craft cocktail bar at home.
  • Making eight basic cocktail recipes with detailed ingredients and instructions.
hawthorn strainer
becoming a mixologist


Chris Tunstall

“I started bartending because I fell in love with the craft of the cocktail and got so much satisfaction from making a great drink. But when I started trying to design my own cocktails, I struggled to find great resources to help me learn all the info I needed to make great drinks. 

It took years to teach myself – but it was worth it. I’ve had opportunities to design cocktail menus, work with brands, and consult for bars and restaurants all over the world.

Now I’ve built this program to share what I’ve learned so you can get all the info in one place and enter the world of craft cocktails. Whether you have some experience already or not, you'll learn how to build your skills and gain confidence in making your own amazing drinks.” - Chris

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking a bar course?

You'll learn so much, all in one place! No more scouring the internet for answers. A bar course gives you a comprehensive overview of mixology topics.

Who can enroll in a bar course? Is prior experience required?

It depends on the course, but this Bar Basics course is designed for people who are just beginning their mixology journey and requires no previous experience.

What skills and knowledge can I expect to gain from a bar course? 

Each course focuses on a different topic & skill set. In this Bar Basics course, we'll dive into the foundations of home mixology, different spirits on the market, cocktail families, ingredients, flavor profiles, and more.

Are there different levels or types of bar courses available?

We offer several different courses, including this Bar Basics course for people just starting out. We also have more advanced courses for pros or people looking to go pro. And then there are other courses with specific topics where it helps to have some prior knowledge but is open to all levels.

Can a bar course help me start a career in bartending? 

It can! Courses can build your foundational knowledge and take your abilities to a new level. This Bar Basics course will give you the foundation, and then we have advanced courses that can hone your skills and get you certified, which will help launch your new career.

Do bar courses provide hands-on training or practical experience?

In-person classes will have hands-on training while some online classes will not. Our convenient online courses are designed in a way where we show you step-by-step how to achieve something, and you are able to follow along at home in a hands-on way.

Are bar courses accredited or recognized by the industry? 

There is no formal accreditation system for bartenders, but a course from a company with a good reputation and which offers you certification (likes ours!) is definitely more respected in the industry than others.

Can a bar course help me learn about mixology and cocktail creation?

Definitely! We have several courses for all levels. This Bar Basics course will introduce you to mixology and an understanding flavors. More advanced courses will then walk you through creating your own cocktails.

mixology courses
mixologist courses
mixologist courses
mixologist courses

Customer Reviews

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Austin King
From not knowing anything to becoming confident enough to apply as a bartender.

As a home bartender, I felt like I was making good drinks and only used what I had on hand to make those drinks (tools included), but little did I know the way to serve is far more complex. I want to do this as a career but didn't have any experience to get behind the bar. I knew that, in today's society, you need that experience and confidence to apply for jobs. After taking this course and the mixology certification course, I can officially say that I am way more confident in applying for jobs. In fact, I just had an interview. None of that would've been possible if it weren't for this course. Worth every penny. Can't wait to see what other courses will be offered in the future.

Thank you so much for leaving such a positive review of our Bar Basics Course. We are thrilled to hear that it has helped you gain confidence and knowledge in the world of bartending. We are honored to have been a part of your journey and are excited to see where your new skills will take you. Keep an eye out for future courses, and we wish you all the best in your bartending career! Cheers!

Stephan Marcellus
Great Course!!!

I loved the info that was presented. I learned a lot!

Perry K
Good Course

Learned a lot, reinforced what I already knew. Very easy to follow. Signed up for more classes


All items came individually packaged. Note cards were a nice touch. Extremely happy with my purchase!

Bar Basics mire than basic

A good introduction to making cocktails at home. Great
building blocks for the future.