Stainless Steel Pour Spouts


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Say Hello to Your New Secret Weapon for Pouring Precision

Control the Flow

These are the sleek superheroes of perfect pours! Deliver the perfect amount of liquid every time with these bottle pourers.

Mess-Free Mixology

Tired of sticky countertops and wasted spirits? Designed to avoid leaks and spills, these bottle spouts keep the drips in check, even when you tip your bottle 180 degrees.

The Perfect Fit

Our custom-designed, flexible silicone stopper allows these pour spouts to fit all standard liquid bottles, from alcohol to olive oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do liquor bottle pour spouts work?

Liquor bottle pour spouts attach to the neck of bottles and have a narrow spout and stopper mechanism. They control liquid flow when the bottle is tilted, preventing spillage and allowing for precise pouring. You can also keep the fruit flies away with the built-in pour spout cover.

Are liquor bottle pour spouts compatible with all types of bottles?

Not all are, butoursare! We designed these pour spouts with a flexible silicone stopper that allows them to fit snuggly in tighter bottle mouths while still fitting in wider bottles as well.

Can liquor bottle pour spouts be used with different types of spirits?

Yes! You can put the pour spouts on top of any variety of alcohol bottles.

What are the benefits of using liquor bottle pour spouts?

Liquor bottle pour spouts provide controlled pouring, ensuring accurate measurements and preventing spillage. They enhance speed and efficiency during drink preparation and minimize waste by reducing over-pouring. They also provide a clean, professional appearance to the bar setup and help maintain the freshness of the liquor by preventing air exposure & fruit flies.

Do liquor bottle pour spouts help control the pour speed?

Definitely! That's what they are designed to do. Also if designed right, like ours, you can employ a counitng measurement that helps you to equalize that exact amount needed without measuring all the time - practice required, of course.

Can liquor bottle pour spouts be reused or are they disposable?

Our eco-friendly pour spouts are reusable-- simply throw them in the dishwasher when needed, and then continue using them on your liquor bottles.

Can liquor bottle pour spouts help reduce spillage or waste?

Yes, they do-- That's actually one of the biggest benefits of using pour spouts, especially when you're moving quickly in a busy bar.

Are there any tips or tricks for using liquor bottle pour spouts effectively?

Absolutely! 1) Ensure a snug fit by properly inserting the spout into the bottle neck. 2) Tilt the bottle at a slight angle when pouring to control the flow rate. 3) Practice consistency in your pouring technique to maintain accuracy. 4) Clean the pour spouts regularly to prevent clogs or residue buildup.

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