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Make your cocktails that much more beautiful with a stunning straw to match! Custom-crafted to fit any cocktail glass, these metal drinking straws are as handy as they are photogenic. Available in narrow & wide or short & long, you have everything you need to finish your drinks beautifully and sip in style!

Instagram-worthy: Add show-stopping elegance to every drink with these gorgeous steel drinking straws.

Made from stainless steel 304. (That’s the high-quality, food-grade kind!)

Our stainless steel metal cocktail straws feature a beautiful polished stainless or gold finish.

Environmentally-friendly: Enjoy these reusable drink straws forever so you'll never throw away plastic, bamboo, or paper straws ever again!

Get sippin’: Choose your perfect set with short, long, narrow and wide steel cocktail straws to match any cocktail glass. (See "Specs" for set contents!)

Wash and go: Handy cleaner tool and dishwasher bag make it way easier to wash these reusable cocktail straws-- forever!

Thoughtful gift: Gift these metal cocktail straws to the cocktail lover in your life... Or keep them for yourself!

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Present your metal bar straws in a recyclable, compostable gift box for maximum wow factor and sustainability. No plastic! (Secret bonus: It makes a great storage box, too.) Embrace the future of drinking with these stainless drinking straws, crafted to perfection for those who appreciate fine cocktails-- or any cold beverage!


Materials & Construction:

Made from durable stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.

What's in the Box:

Short straw set includes: Six narrow 5” straws, #20 cleaner tool, and a dishwasher bag

Standard straw set includes: Six narrow 8” straws, #20 cleaner tool, and a dishwasher bag

Frozen straw set includes: Six short wide straws, six long wide straws, #20 cleaner tool, and a dishwasher bag

Combo set includes: Six narrow 5” straws, six standard 8” straws, six wide 5” straws, six wide 8” straws, two #20 cleaner tools, and a dishwasher bag


Straw Dimensions:

Short, narrow straws are 5" long x 6mm diameter x 0.35mm thick.

Standard straws are 8" long x 8mm diameter x 0.4mm thick.

Short, wide straws are 5" long x 12mm diameter x 0.4mm thick.

Long, wide straws are 8” long x 12mm diameter x 0.4mm thick.


Gift Box Dimensions:

Short Set Box: 8.1” long x 2.3” wide x 0.7” tall

Standard Set Box: 8.3” long x 2.6” wide x 0.7” tall

Frozen Set Box: 8.3” long x 6.2” wide x 0.7” tall

Combo Set Box: 8.3” long x 6.2” wide x 0.7” tall


Care & Handling:

Stainless Steel: Dishwasher-safe for all home and commercial dishwashers.

Gold: Dishwasher-safe for home and most commercial dishwashers.

Copper: Hand wash recommended.

Read more about care instructions 

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Premium Quality & Made to Last

bar straws

Show-Stopping Presentation

Made from stainless steel 304 with beautiful polished finish in a variety of picture-worthy colors.
bar straws

Custom Straw Bundles

Get sippin’. Choose your perfect set with short, long, narrow and wide options to match any cocktail glass.
bar straws

Easy to Clean & Reuse

Wash and go: Handy cleaner tool and dishwasher bag make it way easier to wash and reuse-- forever!
Margarita, orange cocktail in wine glass, and 2 clear cocktails in wine & rocks glasses, all with straws and flowers, on a white marble tray

Mix It Up

Choose the thicker straws for frozen Daiquiris or delicious smoothies, while the thinner straws are perfect for drinks like Manhattans or iced tea.

Gifting Made Easy

These straws comes in a recyclable, reusable gift box for easy, beautiful gifting.

Flatlay photo of a half-open rectangular gift box on a white marble table, opened to reveal a pack of 12 stainless steel drinking straws


What materials are cocktail straws typically made of?

Cocktail straws come in a variety of materials, including plastic, bamboo, paper, metal, and silicone. Our straws are eco-friendly and reusable, made of food-grade stainless steel.

Can cocktail straws be used for both hot and cold beverages?

For safety, we do not recommend using metal straws for hot beverages. Using straws for hot beverages in general can concentrate hot liquid directly to the roof of your mouth, which is more likely to cause burns. Straws are best used with cold beverages.

Are there different sizes or lengths of cocktail straws available?

We offer several different straw options for a variety of drinks! We have shorter straws for cocktails served in rocks glasses, longer straws for tall cocktails or iced tea, and thicker straws for smoothies, milkshakes, or frozen cocktails.

Can cocktail straws be used for stirring or garnishing drinks?

Straws can definitely be used for stirring drinks, and they also make your cocktail look extra gorgeous with a little "bling" in your glass.

Can cocktail straws be used with different types of glassware?

Yes, the different lenghts are designed to coordinate either with tall or short glassware. The thickness is designed to work with either stirred/shaken drinks or frozen drinks.

Are there cocktail straws specifically designed for specific types of cocktails?

As mentioned, the thinner straws are great for traditional liquid drinks, while the thicker straws are perfect for smoothies, Daiquiris, frozen Margaritas, and milkshakes. Short straws are ideal for Manhattans in a rocks glass, while the longer straws work for any drink in a tall glass.

Are metal straws reusable and eco-friendly?

Yep! That's the appeal of reusable straws like ours. No more throwing away plastic straws or dealing with paper ones falling apart in your mouth. Yuck!

Are metal straws safe to use in beverages?

Ours sure are! Made of food-safe, high-quality stainless steel, our metal cocktail straws are perfectly safe to use and contain no BPA.

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Great customer service! Order came right away, definitely will be back to shop with them again!


Quality materials, nice look, does the job!

Steve Melnyk
Metal Straws love them

Nice set of metal straws in various sizes great for different cocktails . Really good quality would recommend to buy

Hi Steve,

Quality is our main focus! we're glad you are loving your set of metal straws. Time to start making great cocktails!


Classy straws

Sleek, classy straws for any cocktail imaginable. Love ‘em!

Hi Kelsey!

It's great that you loved your Cocktail Straws!

Cheers and Happy mixing!

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