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8″ Cocktail Picks – 12 Pack

(270 customer reviews)


Finish your cocktail in style with these mirror-finished stainless steel cocktail picks. These are the perfect length for pint or highball glasses and reusable forever.

1900 in stock

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  • Eye-catching:
    These cocktail picks are perfect for tall cocktails like the Bloody Mary, Tom Collins or Mojito. Let your creativity run wild! These picks are perfect for all of your garnish creations.
  • Bartender’s Choice:
    These cocktail picks are styled to match what you’ll find in some of the world’s best cocktail bars and top craft bartender competitions. Perfect for the mixologist or home entertainer alike!
  • Versatile:
    They’re great for cocktail garnish and so much more! Use them in your cocktails for garnish or cocktail stirrers, or use them with appetizers for finger foods or even fondue! A must-have for your next cocktail party.
  • Durable:
    Made of professional food-grade Stainless Steel 304 and dishwasher safe for home or commercial dishwashers, these picks are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    Don’t throw away a toothpick or plastic pick with every cocktail you make – reuse these instead. Splinter-free and designed to last, you’ll never have to buy picks again.



Picks are 202mm long, including an 8mm ball on the end. Shaft is approximately 2mm in diameter.

Care & Handling:

Very sharp, handle with care. Dishwasher safe for commercial & home dishwashers. (Wash with care so they do not fall through the rack.)

Material & Construction:

Made from high quality Stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.

How to

Perfect for garnishing cocktails in tall glassware like a Highball or Pint glass.

  • Dress up your Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy
  • Get creative with your Bloody Mary
  • Also great for appetizer platters (though be careful, they are sharp!)

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Rated 4.86 out of 5
See all 270 reviews

270 reviews for 8″ Cocktail Picks – 12 Pack

  1. Amazon Buyer

    Great reusable olive sabres! Bond would be proud!

    These are great! I use a rubber band to keep them together in the drawer! Just remember…odd number of olives is proper etiquette! 😀

  2. Amazon Buyer

    As promissed

    Product was fine. Would buy again

  3. Amazon Buyer


    Great product! We use them to wrap steak with bacon but they would be great for appetizer sticks as well. I only gave them four stars for “easy to clean” because they fall through my silverware basket in the dishwasher. 🙂 In a martini they might be a little “manly” vs. “dainty”.

  4. Amazon Buyer

    Good for Martinis and Appetizers!!!

    Love the quality, add class to my Martinis and easy to keep them cleaned. Now I’ll enjoy more my drinks at home than at a restaurant.

  5. Amazon Buyer

    Martini-lover approved

    I ordered these to use for my at-home dirty martinis. They are perfect! I also use them for charcuterie boards at home. Find a particular spot (container) to keep them in, since they are very thin and would get lost among an “everything” drawer. To keep them clean, avoid using the dishwasher since they are so small – Just rinse them by hand. They don’t tarnish at all and are very sturdy. Highly recommend!

  6. Amazon Buyer

    Love them!

    These look great in a martini glass. My guests always compliment them. They’re easy to clean, too.

  7. Amazon Buyer

    Works great

    The picks work great for Bloody Mary’s and mimosa’s.

  8. Amazon Buyer

    Dresses up a cocktail!

    These are really fun to use. I usually put a maraschino cherry on them for a classic cocktail in a coupe glass. My guests are always very impressed by the fancy cocktails these help create.

  9. Amazon Buyer

    Great use for garnish

    Use picks for olives in cocktails

  10. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for my old fashions!

    These are the perfect pick for my old fashions! So tired of trying to fish out my cherry with a short toothpick. These are awesome! Will probably buy more!! Quick turnaround in getting them as well! Thank you so much!

  11. Amazon Buyer

    Quality product

    I just wanted to add something cool to my bar. These are made of quality material and have a substantive weight. Very nice!

  12. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality

    I love these! Definitely recommend.

  13. Amazon Buyer

    Reuseable, so no more wasted plastic.

    Work well. (real sharp) Fast service and good packaging.

  14. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality

    Good quality

  15. Amazon Buyer


    Excellent product ; sturdy, stylish, busy what you need for a drink garnish!

  16. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly as picture

    Love them

  17. Amazon Buyer

    Must Buy!

    Perfect size for Bloody Mary’s . Love these!!

  18. Amazon Buyer


    Love the cocktail picks!! Shinny, perfect length, and easy to keep clean. I’ve been looking for something like this for weeks, as have friends of ours. I “gifted” 6 of the picks to our friends, so now you have 2 satisfied customers.

  19. Amazon Buyer

    Sleek and attractive

    Bought for cocktails and love them. Would be great for appetizers too!

  20. Amazon Buyer

    Great gift!

    Gave these to my boyfriend so he could make awesome bloody Mary’s. He loves them!

  21. Amazon Buyer



  22. Amazon Buyer

    love it!

  23. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect sizes for most drinks

    This combo pack has the perfect size cocktail picks for most drinks. The shorter 4″ picks are great for Martinis and the 8″ is perfect for taller drinks like Bloody Marys. The picks are substantial and will not bend easily. They come in packaging that is great for gift giving. Every bar should have these.

  24. Amazon Buyer

    Great buy

    Great picks
    Bought 3 boxes
    1. For me
    2. As gifts
    Perfect for Bloody Mary’s

  25. Amazon Buyer

    Great sharp pick for olives & okra in Bloody Mary’s.

    I like everything about these picks. Shiny, sharp and weighted so you don’t have to worry about having one bend or break in your hand. I bought a second set as a hostess gift for the next holiday gathering. I think my Bloody Mary skills are even better now.

  26. Amazon Buyer

    The Pick of the Picks!!

    I like the clean lines of these picks. They aren’t cutesy or dated. They are timeless and give a quiet elegance to any drink with which you serve your garnishes.

  27. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for Kabobs

    Used these for the Super Bowl party for antipasto kabobs and fruit kabobs. They are the perfect length.

  28. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent Quality

    Great packaging upon arrival and excellent quality product!

  29. Amazon Buyer

    Beautiful cocktail picks!

    Love these cocktail picks! Very classy.

  30. Amazon Buyer

    Amazing quality

    These are so nice and sleek and VERY sharp so be careful! They look wonderful and have gotten a lot of positive comments/compliments from family and friends!

  31. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality for the price

    Attractive and do their job.

  32. Amazon Buyer

    Just what i expected.

    These work great for my martinis and for testing that my cakes are done! I love multi use items 🙂

  33. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent Cocktail Picks

    They look elegant, they are reusable, and they easily pierce every garnish I’ve tried them with. Highly recommended.

  34. Amazon Buyer

    Love these Cocktail picks

    Great cocktail picks! Gave sets to friends and they love them also! Perfect size for both my Martini glasses and Manhattan glasses.

  35. Amazon Buyer


    Great product; just wish it came with something other than the box to keep them in (and put in the dishwasher)

  36. Amazon Buyer

    Great cocktail picks

    Bought as part of a gift of various hostess items. They are well made & look great. Would recommend.

  37. Amazon Buyer

    So good

    These are perfect for martinis, any type of cocktail really, appetizers and sandwiches. Reusable and much nicer then plastic or toothpicks

  38. Amazon Buyer

    Highly Recommend!

    I went to an aquarium in Monterey, CA and saw how the plastic straws are hurting sea life. I ordered these and will never use anything else!

  39. Amazon Buyer

    Very pleased

    Size is perfect for martini and nice simple design.

  40. Amazon Buyer


    Great for Holiday Parties

  41. Amazon Buyer

    Very elegant and perfect for stainless 16 ounce martini glasses

    Perfect for martinis

  42. Amazon Buyer

    super sharp!

    These picks are great. I like having the 4″ and 8″ for different sized glasses. These things are super sharp though, so be careful. They work great for stabbing olives out of the jar, but are a little dangerous for grabbing the olives back off with your teeth. I’m considering using a metal file to dull the points just a little.

  43. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice

    Like these picks. Got both sizes and am pleased with quality and price

  44. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for tall cocktails

    It is the perfect size for tall cocktails, you wont lose your veggies or fruit inside your drink!

  45. Amazon Buyer

    Nice, great for appetizers.

    Hate toadmit this but, I love Martinis. Gibsons (you know,the ones with the cocktail onions), truth be told. Ifind the quality if the onions to be quite inferior, at most bars. Unbelievably, many bars also lack cocktail picks and I refuse to akewer my onions on those little umbrellas. I can get 4 of the larger onions I favor, which will get me through a double. quite nicely.
    Oh, they would also be perfect for hors d’oeuvres…I guess.

  46. Amazon Buyer

    Great packaging and arrived fast!

    Sturdy with a touch of class!

  47. Amazon Buyer


  48. Amazon Buyer

    several uses

    Great as sandwich picks, cocktail addition, and we used this week as skewers for light h’ordourves.

  49. Amazon Buyer

    Love these!

    Great Product. Im actually using them for cocktail onions, cheese and meat “Sticks”. Speedy delivery and all round nice product. Thanks!

  50. Amazon Buyer

    I definitely recommend these cocktail picks!

    Great quality, perfect size, fast shipping! Highly recommended!

  51. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality

    Very nice

  52. Amazon Buyer

    A great gift

    Apologies — found them!

  53. Amazon Buyer

    great service

    delivered advertised product on time

  54. Amazon Buyer

    Sharp and versatile

    The two sizes are great for various drinks and the simple style makes for an elegant and verstile cocktail pick.

  55. Amazon Buyer


    Works awesome for stirring my epoxy for my tumblers I make!

  56. Amazon Buyer


    I Recommend it if you are lookin for such a cocktail’s picks

  57. Amazon Buyer

    Love it

    Perfect little picks for my martinis. So pretty.

  58. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for cocktails

    You’ll never use toothpicks again! These work great for olives, and onions. The quality is excellent, and look great at the bar.

  59. Amazon Buyer

    Handy and strong.

    Really nice for martini olives.

  60. Amazon Buyer

    Love them.

    These are nice. Perfect for Bloody Mary garnishes. The packaging is also nice. These would make a great gift. I’ll be buying the shorter ones as well.

  61. Amazon Buyer

    Great item!

    Needed for cocktail party and they were great!

  62. Amazon Buyer

    So far so good

    Good stuff

  63. Amazon Buyer

    Great Product!

    Great for cocktails, sandwiches and a variety of other uses. Well made. Great Product!

  64. Amazon Buyer

    Great for cocktails

    These are great cocktail picks, exactly as described. They are very fun to make your drinks feel more classy. I loved them enough I bought some more as gifts.

  65. Amazon Buyer

    Good buy

    Satisfying heft and tastefully packaged

  66. Amazon Buyer


    Excellent! Martinis are improved by this.

  67. Amazon Buyer

    Nice addition to any bar setup

    These picks are versatile & durable, I have used them quite a bit for various experiments in cocktailing. They are sharp enough to pierce a silverskin onion without any issue, and long enough to thread several garnishes onto the skewer without smooshing them. They also make my bar creations look so much more swanky than an ordinary toothpick does.

  68. Amazon Buyer

    Won’t fall through dishwasher utensil basket if upside down

    I like the ball on the end that allows me to put them in the dishwasher utensil basket upside down, so they don’t fall through. They are very sharp, which makes it easier to pierce olives, etc. I also like that they are long enough that they don’t sink into the drink. I couldn’t rate durability because I haven’t had them long enough, but so far so good.

  69. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for Bloody Mary’s

  70. Amazon Buyer

    Much appreciated gift

    I took these as a ‘hostess gift’ to a martini party. The hostess sent me a very nice note about how much she liked them.

  71. Amazon Buyer

    discolored, not quality at all

    Ordered 3 sets of these for Bloody Marys, fruit kabobs etc….first box I opened one was discolored like rust. None of the 3 boxes I received are quality items. My original short ones came from a brand name kitchen chain…woe is me…I should have looked there first.

  72. Amazon Buyer

    Cute & Functional

    Perfect for so many uses….and so many in the set.

  73. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for party cocktails

    Great for quick stirring why waste all the spoons. No need to put the dishwasher on just because you ran out of spoons. Convenient, sleek design and will secure fruit in your drink.

  74. Amazon Buyer

    Be careful cause you could die.

    These are skinny metal spikes which are great for stabbing pickles and olives and intruders.

  75. Amazon Buyer

    Very solid, very pretty!

    These cocktail pics are great! They are large, sturdy, and very attractive! The shipping was FAST!!! They arrived 2 days before the scheduled delivery date! This is a great product, from a great seller, at a reasonable price!

  76. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect and pretty

    The extra long size is perfect for Bloody Mary’s. No more fishing for olives! Also nice to use something that looks nice and is reusable.

  77. Amazon Buyer

    Must have for Bloody Marys

    Perfect for Bloody Marys! They’re sharp enough to not split the array of small snacks and veg that make the best drinks!

  78. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    I am using these to skewer shrimp for the grill

  79. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very good

  80. Amazon Buyer


    For bigger drink garnishes

  81. Amazon Buyer

    Made from stanlesssteel

    Good to be made from stanlesssteel

  82. Amazon Buyer

    Be careful, it’s sharp as a needle.

    awesome, nice quality.

  83. Amazon Buyer

    Three Stars

    I bought these picks for a different purpose, it didn’t work for my purpose.

  84. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect Pick!

    Bought these months back, unfortunately in my busy life, I forgot to leave a review…We love this cocktail picks! Contemporary and easy to clean..Enjoying them very much

  85. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Nice picks

  86. Amazon Buyer

    Add Some Class to Your Drink Creations

    Far superior to using toothpicks – adds a certain class to any drink. Holds fruit above the drink so you do not have to go fish it out. Can also be used as a stirring stick. Would have given this item 5 stars except for the issue that they are sharp as hypodermic needles and I had to “dull” them with a metal file. I got 2 bleeding finger wounds just taking them out of the box.

  87. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great stuff!

  88. Amazon Buyer

    Pretty darn durable!

    This company is definitely going to be my go-to for bar supplies from now on! The quality of these packs are phenomenal! I have experienced some chaffing of metal from other picks, but not these guys. I have had them for a few months now with them being used 5-7 times a day, and they are still as good as the day they came in.

  89. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    These are the perfect size for pint glass Bloody Mary’s

  90. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very Nice, Prompt Delivery. Thank You!

  91. Amazon Buyer

    Bring on the Bloody Marys

    Can’t wait to stack these up with delish accoutrements for Bloody Marys. Perfect. Will also use them for fruit shish ka bobs. Possibilities are endless. Fun, sleek, nice quality.

  92. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Small classic cocktail picks are a perfect gift. Used these as a stocking stuffer!

  93. Amazon Buyer

    Extra long = extra good for Bloody Marys!

    These are exactly what I needed for my mega-Bloody Marys – I pack each pick with 3 olives, 1 pickled okra, 2 lime wedges, 2 sweet hot cherry peppers, and 1 or 2 shrimp. They look very sharp (as in stylish…but they are also very sharp, as in pointy). Guests have commented on how nice these look, which is unexpected for a cocktail pick. They’re very sturdy and I imagine you can use them for much more than serving drinks.

  94. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect for my Bloody Mary bar!!!! Clean well!

  95. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice

    They are very sharp so I dulled down the tips to make them safe. They look, feel and work great.

  96. Amazon Buyer

    perfect size

    These are great for any drinks you have in a tall glass. I know where to buy more if I build that bar in the basement.

  97. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    The big ones are very good for use in a bloody mary poured in a pint glass.

  98. Amazon Buyer

    Get these


  99. Amazon Buyer

    Great size

    These picks are great for two reasons: length and sharpness. Great length for my glassware and while some people complain about how sharp they are, I see it as a benefit. Same principle applies to sharp knives…if it is sharp you are less likely to cut yourself. I can easily pierce garnishes without having to apply more force than necessary and risk stabbing myself. And great customer service from Julia at Top Shelf when I had an issue with my order.

  100. Amazon Buyer

    Quality is always guaranteed.

    Finished to extremely High Standards.

  101. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice

    The long are perfect for Bloody Mary and the shorter are fine for three Olive martinis.

  102. Amazon Buyer

    Sharp but SWEET 😉

    Bought these for my niece for Christmas and she said they are awesome for bloody Mary’s. Ends are sharp and you can get a lot of stuff on them!!

  103. Amazon Buyer

    It’s a decent product

    Several of the pics has a jagged edge that will cut your lip if you are not careful, made well and sturdy

  104. Amazon Buyer

    If you like making monster Bloody Mary’s then these are the picks …

    If you like making monster Bloody Mary’s then these are the picks to use. They are long enough to skewer anything. Sometime we use chicken wings in our Bloodies and these are perfect. Also holds all the fruit when making fun drinks.

  105. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Like little sharp spears they are great for drinks that require fruit.

  106. Amazon Buyer


    These feel solid and they look like quality picks.

  107. Amazon Buyer

    I had my husband take the point off them with the grinder and they’re better. Still kind of cheap looking but they do …

    So pointy, they’ll make you bleed. I had my husband take the point off them with the grinder and they’re better. Still kind of cheap looking but they do the trick.

  108. Amazon Buyer

    perfect length and great quality

    These are really cool and stylish. Great buy and cheap. Very sharp so be careful.

  109. Amazon Buyer

    They Are Long!

    Very sturdy, great looking and long! If you have highball glasses, you won’t be disappointed.

  110. Amazon Buyer

    A sharp, but useful pick for your martinis.

    Beware, they are SUPER Sharp!!! Do what they are supposed to, but sliced a few fingers in the process. Luckily they were covered in booze to sanitize the wounds :).

  111. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Works great for drinks, appetizers, cheeses, meats, etc. Approximately 4″ sharp stainless steel.

  112. Amazon Buyer

    These are great stirrers and garnish sticks for tall cocktails

    These are great stirrers and garnish sticks for tall cocktails. Love that they are reusable. Very classy and cost effective.

  113. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  114. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Was a gift. She loves it.

  115. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    These picks are perfect for a variety of garnishes and look really nice. Be careful though…they’re really sharp!

  116. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Excellent but very sharp point. Great price too.

  117. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  118. Amazon Buyer

    Stainless Steel Cocktail Skewers

    Received the stainless steel cocktail skewers and very pleased. They were exactly what we were looking for and at very reasonable price.
    Thank you !

  119. Amazon Buyer

    Just Buy Them

    Fantastic picks. A lot of cheap plastic picks (the swords/spears) will sink in the glass and then you’re dipping your hands in to fish it out, bleh. These are long enough to reach the brim of most glasses and they look very sleek. Also, plastic picks get thrown away a lot and generally just look a little underwhelming, especially if you have nice glasses. These you can obviously wash.

    Also, when the olive jar (or whatever) gets lower, these reach a lot further than the 2-3″ plastic picks. Little easier to operate.

    That said, they are extremely sharp and be VERY careful about leaving them on counter tops or tables as pending the color of your counter/table they can be a tad difficult to pick out. Plastic picks are bad enough but letting a young kid get ahold of one of these would be disaster. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about that but for those out there, keep them up high. And even ignoring the kid factor, you don’t want to accidentally drop one of these down the sink with a garbage disposal, etc.

  120. Amazon Buyer


    These are very good quality, long, stainless steel, cocktail picks. Great for tall glasses like Collins or tall hurricane glasses. Storing them in a Collins glass is a good suggestion. I store mine in the original box. These are highly recommended!

  121. Amazon Buyer

    seemed to enjoy them.

    gave as a Xmas gift, seemed to enjoy them.

  122. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    My husband loves these!

  123. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    snazzy looking.

  124. Amazon Buyer

    Three Stars

    It’s ok.

  125. Amazon Buyer

    These are really cool and classy

    These are really cool and classy. Exactly what I was looking for. However, one thing I noticed was that they are REALLY sharp…needle sharp. This helps for easily piercing olives or anything else you want to skewer, but its dangerous. They are so sharp that one of tips bent already.

  126. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect size to load up for the best Bloodies

    Perfect size to load up for the best Bloodies. Will stand up in the glass. Very nice. Bought two sets and will buy more for gifts, for sure ! ! !

  127. Amazon Buyer

    Great cocktail picks for our martini olives!

    They do the trick! Good size and weight.

  128. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very nice picks, much classier than wooden toothpicks. Really dress up my martinis.

  129. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Super sharp!

  130. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Works well to secure my stuffed chicken

  131. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect for what I needed. Exact size and fits perfect in a glass

  132. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    I bought these to use while grilling, and they work really well.

  133. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for bloody Mary’s!

    These are great for adding lots of stuff to a Bloody Mary. My husband loaded them with olives,pepperoni, cheese cubes and peppers! These are very sturdy and so much better than bamboo or plastic

  134. Amazon Buyer


    Seem longer than 4″ but I was glad they are actually 6″ because my martini glasses are large. They look very elegant in the glass with a nice olive or two, or even three skewered onto them.

  135. Amazon Buyer

    Very Nice.

    Nice weight and length.

  136. Amazon Buyer


    Initially purchased for martini olives, however they’ve seen duty for a myriad of other cocktails.

  137. Amazon Buyer

    Great product!

    Love these for my blue cheese stuffed olives that go in Dirty Martini’s. They are perfect and just the right size to put 3 large olives. Great price and quality is excellent.

  138. Amazon Buyer

    great find

    beautiful pieces to add to my barware collection!

  139. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Nice product

  140. Amazon Buyer

    Great little coctail picks

    The picks are great they look very professional I will be buying more and maybe some longer ones.

  141. Amazon Buyer

    coctail picks

    was not crazy about these they are really too thin

  142. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Nice picks. Points are burred but still worth it if you take the time to clean them up a bit.

  143. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Cocktail picks look great. I will definitely be using them in more ways than one!

  144. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great Father’s Day present

  145. Amazon Buyer

    Super sharp but look great

    Super sharp but look great! I might take someone else’s suggestion and file down the point as I’m always afraid of stabbing something other than my garnish with these things. Great set though!

  146. Amazon Buyer

    They do the job and at a good price but do not have the heft and feel …

    They do the job and at a good price but do not have the heft and feel as another set I bought. However, that other set was more expensive and you only got half as many. The one thing I didn’t like about these is that they are sharp. You maybe thinking that that’s what you want but these, IMO, are unnecessarily sharp. Like pierce your skin, needle, dangerous around children (and adults alike), sharp. I ended up cutting about 1mm off the ends.

  147. Amazon Buyer

    Generally imbalanced

    These picks are well made and nice to look at, but the large ball at the end leaves them poorly balanced and causes the pick to tip backward and out of some bowls and glasses. There are other nice picks out there with oval or smaller balls that are more functional for a wider variety of needs. These would be good for substantial canapés.

  148. Amazon Buyer

    Too sharp to put near your mouth

    Nearly perfect but WAY too sharp to be putting anywhere near your mouth. They are like needles. Had to file them down slightly.

  149. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    These are magic! Makes the cocktails taste better 😀

  150. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent deal

    Simple but exactly doing its job. For the next edition, I would suggest that the vendor upgrades the box they come in, which is in theory nice but (as it is made of cardboard) not going to last long.

  151. Amazon Buyer

    This is it.

    This is what you’ll need if you want to elevate your game. It looks so elegant (or professional…if i dare so?) that your mind will quickly start thinking of the many ways you’d want to use them in your next cocktail. I ordered the 4″ size which fits perfectly in standard glasses.

    Next time you host a house party (or just plan one already) right after you receive your delivery, you’ll know exactly what to do. Enjoy and share pictures of your cocktails. Cheers everyone! (here’s how I tried to incorporate my new cocktail picks) 🙂

  152. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Beautiful addition to our bar

  153. Amazon Buyer

    Four Stars

    Very nice

  154. Amazon Buyer

    Versatile and stylish

    They look great, are exactly as described and quite sharp! Handy to use for not only cocktail garnishes, but meatballs, olives, bacon-wrapped dates, fruit skewers- I use them almost every time guests come over.

  155. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Good quality; fully smooth orbs. Solid weight and build.

  156. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Amazing value! I love these. Was so tired of using toothpicks in my martinis.

  157. Amazon Buyer

    I would not suggest this product

    They are very very sharp. It is easy to prick yourself and definitely not safe around kids and pets. They are longer than I thought but the main concern is that they are too sharp.

  158. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent, plain and simple

    Excellent, plain and simple. These are the perfect size for a 4 oz martini glass, and elevate a homemade cocktail to something a little more professional.

  159. Amazon Buyer

    Absolutely perfect!

    I’ve been looking for a cocktail pick that was long enough for my coupe and cocktail glasses. Perfect length, sturdy build, and sleek design.

  160. Amazon Buyer

    The picks fit the bill perfectly. I may be …

    The picks fit the bill perfectly. I may be putting in an order for more soon. Thank you for the quick turn-around!

  161. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect for adding larger garnishes. Very sharp so handle with care.

  162. Amazon Buyer

    Great bargain!

    What a great buy for outfitting my basement bar! Beautifully polished stainless steel and convenient storage box, just be careful because these things are VERY sharp.

  163. Amazon Buyer

    Be carful kid, you’ll put someone’s eye out with that thing!

    Good stuff. Can hold a copious amount of garnish.

  164. Amazon Buyer

    Butwatch your fingers

    I finally grew weary of spearing olives with not-quite-sharp-enough toothpicks. These are exactly what I needed. But watch your fingers, these are very sharp!

  165. Amazon Buyer

    Dress up those cocktails!

    These are beautiful, elegant, and give cocktails a sophisticated look. They are nice and long and easily hold the items I use to garnish my drinks.

  166. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly as described and what I was looking for. …

    Exactly as described and what I was looking for., Made very well. Looking forward to utilizing tem in more ways than just for Martini’s.

  167. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice. Seem well made and adds a nice touch

    Very nice. Seem well made and adds a nice touch. Went to a friends for a dirty vodka martini and had to have a set along with an olive stuffer.

  168. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality and Classy looking!

    Great quality for the price! Very sturdy and just the right size for cocktails and small appetizers. They make a party a little classier!

  169. Amazon Buyer

    Long enuf for a meal.

    Perfect for our Bloody Marys….. or some of the appetizers we serve at Happy Hour.. or both. We have no complaints

  170. Amazon Buyer

    Raised the bar—classy.

    These are strong, sturdy, and very smart looking. The first time I used them I was amazed at how easy they speared the olives and it payed perfectly in the glass. Using these picks really “raise the bar” over ordinary toothpicks.

  171. Amazon Buyer

    It is packaged nicely and would make a great gift

    High quality and exactly what I was looking for. As a side note, It is packaged nicely and would make a great gift.

  172. Amazon Buyer


    These are fantastic cocktail skewers. I couldn’t be happier!

  173. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Exactly what I was hoping for and Julia is great too! Great drink ideas!

  174. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect touch of class.

    Perfect for my growing at home bar. They handle any garnish in any glass very well. Good weight and balance. Exactly the look I wanted. I wish they had the same picks available in copper as well.

  175. Amazon Buyer

    Need an olives or pearl onions, only on pick to pick from!!!

    These are the perfect length for any bucket or martini glass. Plus they are very nice looking in the glass. Great customer service too!

  176. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect picks

    These picks are excellent quality and a great value. I like that the style is neutral because I can use them for olives or cherries in drinks or for cheese or hors d’oeuvres (had to look that up). I am very pleased with this purchase!

  177. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Love them….elegant

  178. Amazon Buyer

    Class and function

    You never know what youre missing until you try some things out. These classy cocktail picks/stirrers are the bomb. I love ’em and so do my guests. Forget olives and cherries on a wooden pick or plastic stirrers.

  179. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great packaging and exactly as pictured. I would highly recommend!

  180. Amazon Buyer


    Really great product. High quality and just the right size for a tall rocks glass. Most cocktail picks are too short.

  181. Amazon Buyer


    I don’t know why I waited so long to get something like this instead of going through boxes of stupid plastic sticks that were never long enough and got lost in the glass. These are great, are long enough to stay over the rim, do fine in a dishwasher and the last purchase of cocktail picks I’ll ever need.

  182. Amazon Buyer

    Stainless sticks

    Useful items for every cocktail enthusiast, and home entertainer. Double its use for stabbing cheese, cut fruit, cold cuts, etc.

  183. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for my 8oz martini glass.

    Very nice.
    The perfect size, look and feel for my eight ounce martini glasses. The tips have a very fine point. I am not sure why, because I only use them to skewer olives for my martini, but they have a very fine point.
    On a side note, if you want to see the best customer contact email you will ever see, then buy something from Top Shelf Bar Supply. Julia T. Will sent me an email that was so personable, helpful and caring that I actually felt like a good friend had emailed me about the product.
    She didn’t even ask me to leave a review, but after reading her email I knew two things:
    1) I was leaving feedback
    2) I was going to give it five stars.
    Whoever Julia T. is, they better never let her go, because skills like that are hard to come by.

  184. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    I loved them! They are perfect and classy

  185. Amazon Buyer


    Great…just what we wanted. They are long enough for all of the “garbage” we put in our martinis and they don’t drown in the glass. They are very shiny and we hope they stay that way. I am hand washing them.

  186. Amazon Buyer

    Great Product – Amazing Company

    Perfect in every way. We bought these primarily for the olives in our martinis, but use them for all garnishes. Length and weight are ideal for any size martini glass. They don’t tumble out of our smaller ones, but don’t get lost in our mega-size glasses, either. We hand wash, as it takes 2 seconds, but you could easily tie them with kitchen twine or a rubber band and wash them knob-end-down in the utensils rack of your dishwasher (just need to be sure these little guys don’t get lost). Most importantly – the proactive customer service contact from this company is amazing. They made us feel – no, not just feel but KNOW – that they appreciate our business. Even for something as relatively low-priced as this. How many companies take the time to do that in this day and age, to simply thank you for your purchase and then offer suggestions for using it, caring for it? Wow. Top Shelf is now my one and only source for bar supplies. While I obviously highly recommend this product, I’d expand that to recommend the company for any product they handle.

  187. Amazon Buyer

    Bar Is Now Open!

    Excellent workmanship!!!! They are very useful ! Love spearing my olives with them in martinis or say, cherries in other drinks – I’m now ready to add anything in my cosmopolitans, piña coladas, bloody Marys etc. I really like that they are reusable and elegant.

  188. Amazon Buyer


    These cocktail picks are great. Exactly what we needed and perfect for a 10 oz martini glass! Thanks, Top Shelf Bar Supply!

  189. Amazon Buyer

    Yes! Happy purchase

    Wow! These picks are heavy duty. Start stacking up the olives, okra, cherries, whatever you use! They look good, too!

  190. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for the olives.

    These are great. So cute (and manly). They have inspired us to have cocktails.

  191. Amazon Buyer

    Highly recommended

    High quality…nice weight. Highly recommend!

  192. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Work perfectly

  193. Amazon Buyer

    The quality also appears to be very good. I’ve only used them once but I have …

    These cocktail picks are very clean, simple, and classy. The quality also appears to be very good. I’ve only used them once but I have already received several compliments on them.

  194. Amazon Buyer

    Class Act !

    Blue cheese stuffed olives on a classic pick.

  195. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect for any Bloody Mary or craft cocktail!

  196. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very nice cocktail picks. Well packaged and timely delivered. Much nicer that wooden picks.

  197. Amazon Buyer

    Toothpick fell apart on first use.

    Used for the first time and the ball on top just fell off…

  198. Amazon Buyer

    A good purchase.

    Very nice set and fairly priced.

  199. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Look great in a martini.

  200. Amazon Buyer

    Very good quality – perfect length.

    Good quality, nice weight and I like the clean, simple look.
    They worked very well for a very tall turkey club sandwich.

  201. Amazon Buyer

    Oh so classy!!

    I am a newbie to cocktails, after having been a beer and wine drinker for many years. Now fond of the dirty martini, Manhattan, and old fashioned, I have been purchasing the appropriate “gear” for a home bar. These very classy stainless cocktail picks caught my eye with a “customers also viewed/bought” notice. There are 12 picks in this set, while other options only had 6 for same price. These picks are long – will hold 3 martini olives. They will also lay nicely across a cocktail glass. I’ve had nice compliments on them, which I happily pass along! The ordering was easy, shipping with Prime was very quick, and a nice follow-up email from the shop owner followed. These beautiful picks will be an asset to your home bar for drinks or appetizers! Now….who has a tried and true sure fire recipe for dirty vodka martini, spicy Manhattan or old fashioned?!

  202. Amazon Buyer

    A nice touch (visually and for piercing garnishes)

    Hard to criticize sharp, shiny stainless steel cocktail picks. They *are* sharp and they are not only shiny, but hefty enough that guests won’t assume they’re throwaways. They do their job well and look good in and/or atop the glass.

  203. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great product and service.

  204. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Excellent High Quality Product. They are long enough so the garnish doesn’t fall into the drink.

  205. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect size and very useful!

  206. Amazon Buyer

    Beautiful Picks!!!

    Received my picks and they are beautiful – I highly recommend them as they make anything you would use a wood pick for so much more elegant and stylist!!!

  207. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Top of the line and just great.

  208. Amazon Buyer

    Pro SS Cocktail Picks

    These SS Picks are great— longer, sharper and sturdier than typical toothpicks. Perfect for our Bloody Mary’s!

  209. Amazon Buyer

    Just what I wanted for my cocktails. Thanks Julia.

    Simple and Classy

  210. Amazon Buyer

    Hey, they work

    Just made right.

  211. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect martini picks

    I recently started making dirty martinis at home and these are the perfect picks to spear those yummy olives!

  212. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent for fancy cocktails!!!

    very Elegant product-

  213. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very slick and great alternatives to toothpicks!! Love!

  214. Amazon Buyer

    Absolutely love these Cocktail Picks

    Absolutely love these Cocktail Picks…They add an extra flair to a cocktail ….and I’m looking forward to using them for a hordorves as well as cocktails.

  215. Amazon Buyer

    Party time.

    Love these. They are the correct size for olives in your martini or for those delicious little bites.

  216. Amazon Buyer

    Simply Elegant!

    found some unused second hand ones, did the research and ordered these as a gift. Can’t wait to use mine.

  217. Amazon Buyer

    The report was they love them.

    I gave these as a gift. The report was they love them.

  218. Amazon Buyer

    Great Stainless Steel picks

    These picks are really nice, and have many uses, I really like the way they look in my Martini’s.

  219. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Exactly what I was expecting, a must have for manhattans and martinis.

  220. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Sturdy, the right size, easy to clean. The seller is very friendly and shipped the item quickly.

  221. Amazon Buyer

    great price and high quality

    They arrived fast, great price and high quality.

  222. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Better than I expected – classic, beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. Excellent Product.

  223. Amazon Buyer

    Buy them!

    Awesome…exactly what I wanted.

  224. Amazon Buyer

    These are perfect! You can also use them for some hors …

    These are perfect! You can also use them for some hors d’oeuvres.

  225. Amazon Buyer

    Twelve the right #

    Very happy the length witch I was most worried about was perfect; not too short. Since I tend to put picks down the disposal, twelve was a perfect number to order. Thank you.

  226. Amazon Buyer

    Beautiful picks for cocktails and entertaining

    Beautiful high-quality cocktail/appetizer picks.Exceptional customer service. Will be back for more.

  227. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great Product… This is a vendor that truly understands the meaning of “Customer Service”…

  228. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect Cocktail Picks

    Reusable, sanitary, stylish! What’s not to love?

  229. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Awesome drink sticks. Great for all the Bloody Mary treats!

  230. Amazon Buyer

    Four Stars


  231. Amazon Buyer

    Well made, have a feeling of “correctness.”

    Well made, correct size, not too flashy. They do the job, and no more–which is what I wanted. They don’t distract from the cocktail, are easy to clean, and seem well made.

  232. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very nice, thank you!

  233. Amazon Buyer

    Great for Martini

    Love them…easy to use… looks great in my martini glass

  234. Amazon Buyer

    Such pointy, much fancy

    Great and elegantly simple garnish picks. I enjoy them for my new personal mini bar I’m slowly improving.

  235. Amazon Buyer

    nice picks

    these picks have a classic style, they’re great for the cherries in your Manhattan, and they give your fingers that pleasure of swirling the liquid around in the glass

  236. Amazon Buyer

    Came in nice box for gifting

    Came in nice box for gifting. They are strong enough to hold anything you’d want to put on them. The point on the end is very sharp, so easy to stab through foods. They are attractive, high quality, and an inexpensive upgrade to your bar or kitchen. I wish I bought some years ago. I will buy a few to keep on hand for a last minute hostess gifts.

  237. Amazon Buyer

    Classy Cocktails!

    Bought these elegant cocktail picks for a stocking stuffer for my husband for Christmas. They arrived promptly and were packaged very nicely – a very upscale touch to his favorite martini! Light weight, good length, nice finish -all good!

  238. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect Cocktail Accessory

    These cocktail picks are perfect….clean, simple and elegant!
    Shipping was super fast and everything arrived quickly and in pristine condition.
    I will be ordering more!

  239. Amazon Buyer

    Great for homemade craft cocktails

    The toothpicks are perfect. Classy and simple. Perfect for homemade craft cocktails!! Good quality too.

  240. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    I got these for my husband for his martinis. He loves them

  241. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  242. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  243. Amazon Buyer

    … really into Bloody Mary’s and these cocktail picks are awesome for olives and pickled beans

    I’m really into Bloody Mary’s and these cocktail picks are awesome for olives and pickled beans! Great quality, simple and attractive!

  244. Amazon Buyer

    Just what the bar needed!

    What could be better for your martini? These cocktail picks just have the feel of quality and will dress up a fine beverage!

  245. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    I am impressed with quality of the picks. I am looking forward to using them.

  246. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent quality. Looks great when used with stainless steel …

    Excellent quality. Looks great when used with stainless steel martini glass.

  247. Amazon Buyer

    Great shiny, elegant stainless steel cocktail picks

    Exactly what I was expecting for. Great shiny, elegant stainless steel cocktail picks

  248. Amazon Buyer

    Definitely top shelf product!

    Great quality, definitely top shelf! I bought one set and then 3 more as holiday gifts.

  249. Amazon Buyer

    they are great. The reason behind the 4 stars and not …

    It was for a gift and were used last night for martinis, they are great. The reason behind the 4 stars and not 5 it’s the packaging that looked cheap. Other than that good product

  250. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    These are the perfect size for a three olive martini! Well made and really make the drink look special.

  251. Amazon Buyer


    As advertised, well made and seemingly durable. Ran through the dishwasher with no problems. Very sharp – you can easily spear citrus peels or any other garnish

  252. Amazon Buyer

    Buy them for your snobby friends

    I bought these to go with the ‘main’ gift of 10oz martini glasses. The cocktail picks stole the show. They’re sharp and have a good weight in the hand and glass. I would recommend them if you have an eye for quality.

  253. Amazon Buyer

    “Sharp” product

    These are nice picks. Tall enough to use in a cocktail and sharp/strong enough to pierce right through the fresh cherries, fresh cranberries, and olives I’ve tried so far. Nice work.

  254. Amazon Buyer

    Great product

    Quick shipping .. great product

  255. Amazon Buyer

    Just what I needed!

    These picks have a wonderful classic design and work well with the larger martini glasses popular nowadays. They easily spear the olives and cherries for my cocktails. An indispensable must for proper drink presentation.
    Thanks for a great addition to my bar.

  256. Amazon Buyer


  257. Amazon Buyer

    Great Cocktail Picks

    The picks are great. I have not yet used them for entertaining, but have experimented with both food and drink use. I’m planning a New Year’s Eve cocktail party. and will use them then. The owner of Top Shelf has been most helpful. She has given me ideas for their use. I plan to use them, not just for drinks but for appetizers as well. They are shiny and pretty and will add to the overall festive look of the table.

    The personal service of the company has made dealing with them a real pleasure. I highly recommend the product and the company.

  258. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Gorgeous! Solid. Well made

  259. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Love this. It had everything I needed to make my martinis. Order was shipped quick. Thank you!

  260. Amazon Buyer

    High quality cocktail picks

    already ordered 2 more sets for gifts.
    The seller has contacted me and she is awesome. Not only did she give me great ideas she answered my questions about glass swizzle sticks.
    These picks are simple and elegant.

  261. Amazon Buyer


    MUST HAVE!!! These cocktail picks are terrific! They are sharp, solid and have a heavy feel. They look beautiful in our Martini glasses! Great quality, great price and superior customer/seller interaction. Thank you Top Shelf Bar Supply!

  262. Amazon Buyer

    Exceed Expectations

    Great picks- very well made, nice weight, elegant. As others noted- they are VERY sharp- like giant stick pins. Great barware that will likely last a lifetime.

  263. Amazon Buyer

    Good looking and functional.

    These are perfect! They are a good length and have a nice weight to them. They are sharp and I’ve had no trouble piercing various fruits, meats, cheeses, or martini garnishes. I mostly bought them because they look nice, and I’m really happy they caught my eye.

  264. Amazon Buyer

    Great durable improvement on disposable toothpicks

    These are of excellent quality, strong and long enough to use for appetizers and such as well as for cocktail garnishes.

  265. Amazon Buyer

    Love the picks!

    They don’t bend easily and they’re the perfect length for martini glasses.

  266. Amazon Buyer

    These Are Awesome

    I love a good, homemade “top shelf” vodka martini. The pics hold the olives perfectly and add so much class to the cocktail and they are fun.
    Treat yourself, buy them, well worth it !!!

  267. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    AMAZING! thank you

  268. Amazon Buyer

    These are nice, sharp

    These are nice, sharp, shiny and won’t get rusty. I was looking for a stocking stuffer for my would-be mixologist hubby and these will fit the bill nicely. Packaging is elegant and not gaudy, all I need now is wrapping paper and a bow!

  269. Amazon Buyer

    nice quality, simple picks

    great quality and arrived in cardboard box with picks displayed nicely. I will be looking to order these in longer size to use our copper mugs. They are sharp which can pierce lime wedge rind, or soft pearl onions or olives without squashing them.

  270. Amazon Buyer

    Great idea

    Soooo much better than wooden picks. Sturdier, better looking and more economical considering they will last forever.

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