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"Dang," you say, "That's a good looking strainer." And you're right! But it's as functional as it is beautiful, with an ergonomic shapesuper fine spring, and ultra-durable, weld-free design.

Warning: This strainer is frequently borrowed by friends and coworkers, so you might want to grab two!


Crafted by our co-founder to strain more smoothly, stand up to the volume of a pro cocktail bar, and provide reduce stress on the hand.

Ergonomic Design:
No more rough edges or poorly-placed finger grips that strain the hand. Patented design reduces strain on the hand and fingers, so you can comfortably keep mixing all night.

Versatile: Standard-sized strainer fits in most industry-standard cocktail shakers, mixing glasses, and pint glasses.

High quality, tightly-coiled spring keeps fruit pulp and ice shards from making their way into your final cocktail.

Made from stainless steel 304. (That's the high-quality, food-grade kind.)


Materials & Construction:

Made from durable stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.


Strainer body is 129 mm x 99 mm.

High-density spring is approximately 20 cm long when removed from the strainer.

Gift box is 5.5" L x 4.1" W x  1.4" H and weighs approximately 0.25 lb.


Care & Handling:

Stainless Steel: Dishwasher-safe for all home and commercial dishwashers.

Gold: Dishwasher-safe for home and most commercial dishwashers.

Copper: Hand wash recommended.

Read more about care instructions 

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hawthorne strainers

Fits like a glove!

Julep strainer and bar spoon are custom-designed to perfectly fit the curvature of the mixing glass.
Hand pouring liquid from an bronze pour spout into a cocktail jigger behind a clear mixing glass with brown alcohol, in a pro bar

Welded to Last

All welds are reinforced - These tools aren't gonna rust and fall apart.

Designed for Longterm Use

Beautiful polished finish on all metal components and smooth sanded finish.
Yellow cocktail with fuchsia colored flower in a coupe glass, next to a stainless steel Hawthorne cocktail strainer on a marble counter

Style Meets Functionality

Enjoy your Hawthorne strainer for years to come thanks to the seamless design of its ultra-durable handle.

Super Smooth Straining

The tight, removable coil filters out ice and other ingredients, while also allowing for effortless cleaning.

Antique copper bronze colored Hawthorne strainer lying flat on a white marble counter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hawthorne strainer and what is it used for?

Hawthorne strainer is a bar tool used for straining cocktails. It features a flat disc with small holes and a coiled spring that wraps around the edges. When placed over a shaker tin, it effectively strains out ice and solid ingredients, allowing the liquid to pass through for a smooth drink.

How do I use a Hawthorne strainer properly?

To use a Hawthorne strainer, securely place it over your shaker tin. Pour your cocktail through the strainer and into your serving glass, allowing it to strain out any solids or ice. The strainer's small holes ensure a smooth pour, resulting in a refined drink.

What is the difference between a Hawthorne strainer and other types of strainers, like julep and fine mesh strainers?

Hawthorne, julep, and fine mesh strainers are all used for cocktail straining, but with different designs and purposes. A Hawthorne strainer fits a shaker & features a coiled spring and small holes, while julep strainers are perforated spoons that fit over mixing glasses, and fine mesh strainers have a tight mesh screen for finer filtration.

Are there different types or sizes of Hawthorne strainers? If so, how do I choose the right one for my needs?

Hawthorne strainers may vary slightly in design but are typically the same general size, as they are made to fit over industry-standard Boston shakers. Instead of size, focus on the coil density and the handle-- our Hawthorne shaker features a seamless handle to avoid breakage and a tight coil to filter more solids out of your drink, for example.

How do I clean and maintain a Hawthorne strainer to ensure its longevity?

Just pop your A Bar Above Hawthorne strainer directly in the dishwasher! You can also remove the spring first and give it a good scrub to ensure it gets really clean. Then dry thoroughly before storing.

What materials are commonly used for making Hawthorne strainers, and are there any differences in performance or durability?

Hawthorne strainers are typically made of stainless steel and sometimes brass or copper. The latter two can rust more easily, so be aware of that. The bigger problem is the handle: A handle with an attached weld can sometimes fall off! That's why we went with a seamless design for ours.

Can I use a Hawthorne strainer with different types of shakers and mixing glasses?

Not all Hawthorne strainers are created equally! However, our Hawthorne strainer to designed to fit most industry-standard cocktail shakers, mixing glasses, and pint glasses to make mixology easier for you.

Are there any specific techniques to use a Hawthorne strainer more efficiently and effectively?

Pushing down on the finger holder allows you to close the gap between the strainer and the interior wall of the shaker tin, creating a more efficient and controlled flow while also holding back solids from getting into the cocktail.

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Semi pleased

So I bought some weighted shakers a jigger some spoons and hawthorn strainers for my new job that requires bartenders have their own set of tools and I was happy with everything except the hawthorn strainers. The springs keep coming out and it makes it very difficult to work with when I’m in a middle of a rush. I work at a very busy bar in the downtown area of a major city and so I expected the things I ordered to work properly especially given that this is what I use to make my livelihood.

Hi Armando, it appears you may have received a defective strainer! We would be happy to send you a replacement to see if that resolves the issue.

Beth Vanhorn
Best barware ever

I bought gold shakers and strainers and LOVE using them! They make my mobile bar service look classier and pretty! We get so many compliments on our bar tools!

Thanks Beth!


Cocktails tastes like butt before I bought this

Gerald S

Hawthorne Strainer

Chris and Megan
Happy Customer

I liked this strainer overall. It has a good weight and feel in the hand. It has been through a number of uses now and the spring is still in good shape. Thank you for a quality product.

Hi Chris & Megan, thank you for the review! We're so glad you're liking it!

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