Bartender Fundamentals Certification


This complete online course consistently trains your hospitality staff to become bartenders: From the basics of barware to industry best practices to making craft cocktails, let us help your staff take their careers behind the bar.


Your employees can work at their own pace & on any device, demonstrating their mastery of the material with quizzes and tests.

Learn from the best

Our team of experts includes industry leaders who deeply understand the science of mixology.

So much more than recipes

Let us teach your staff best practices behind the bar, from how to use bar tools to making classic cocktails.  

Access to the pros

Our team is available for any questions that come up along the way.

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Self paced

Your employees can work at their own pace & on any device, demonstrating their mastery of the material with quizzes and tests.

Learn from the best

Our team of experts includes industry leaders who deeply understand the science of mixology.

So much more than recipes

Let us teach your staff best practices behind the bar, from how to use bar tools to making classic cocktails.

Access to the pros

Our team is available for any questions that come up along the way.

The Ultimate Training Program for Your Bar Staff

mixology course

From basic to craft: Let their careers flourish

Turn your staff into top-notch bartenders with an array of operational skills, from bar maintenance to making excellent craft cocktails.

Promote growth and professionalism

Help your team become professional bartenders who know their way behind the bar and are always learning & growing in their field.
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We teach so you can focus on your business

This self-paced, virtual video course is taught by an industry leader who will train your whole team on best practices.

What You'll Learn in This Digital Course:


This course focuses on the fundamentals of bartending. While we certainly cover how to make delicious classic cocktails, we also share the universal concepts and practices of being a bartender. Here are the top topics we explore in this course:

Course Structure
  • Six lessons
  • 3 topics in each section
  • Quizzes following each section
  • Approximately 15-20 hours of self-paced video content
  • Final exam with certification provided upon passing
The Fundamentals
  • Bartending vs. mixology & understanding types of establishments and your job’s requirements
  • Standard operating procedures: Opening & closing the bar, setting up your tools and ingredients, inventory & restocking, bar maintenance, and everything in between
  • Understanding and using each piece of barware 
  • Best practices behind the bar
  • Knife skills and cutting techniques
  • Preparing and using garnishes, spices, tinctures, and juices
  • Making classic cocktails and understanding cocktail families
  • Spirits, liqueurs, bitters, beer, and wine
The Art of Serving Guests
  • Communication with guests and coworkers
  • Guest services 
  • General best practices and professionalism
becoming a mixologist


Chris Tunstall

“My team and I found that most of the material out there focuses on just memorizing recipes or on the products used to make cocktails. While those concepts are important, we found they don't actually teach students how to effectively succeed as bartenders. 

We wanted to create a course that focuses on the operational and procedural aspects of what it means to be a bartender: What they do before and after guests arrive, how they serve and make drinks, and what it truly means to be a bartender in all senses.” – Chris

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a certification upon completion of a bartender training course?

Yes, you'll receive certification to prove you passed the course so that your workplace knows you successfully completed it.

Can I get a job as a bartender after completing a bartender training course?

This course is particularly designed as a training program for existing bar staff or those being promoted at their exisiting workplace. While it isn't designed to get you a job at a new establishment, it could help you advance your career and take it behind the bar at your current workplace.

Is the training program suitable for both new and experienced bartenders?

Yes, it is! This training program goes over the best practices behind the bar, helping newer bar staff as well as refreshing and building on the knowledge of existing bartenders.

How long is the training program, and can it be customized to fit our specific needs?

The program is over 20 hours in content alone, not including tests and quizzes. We recommend that the students take their time to complete the course over a week. We designed the course to be a universal training program that can be applied widely to all bars, so customization is not needed.

What teaching methods and resources are used in the training program?

We utilize several different methods of teaching. We have videos for visual learning of key points as well as text content with graphs and tables that dive deeper in explaining the key points. We also use quizzes along the way, designed to help students retain the key points in a formula that is similar to that of the final exam.

What topics are covered in a comprehensive bartender course curriculum?

In this comprehensive course, you'll review a range of topics from proper opening & closing protocol to handling over-served customers. Each course you take will cover different topics, though.

Can the training program help improve our bartenders' efficiency, speed, and customer service skills?

Absolutely! The purpose of this training course is to help make the ins and outs of daily bartending life clear and uniform so that your staff can become faster, more confident, more efficient, and better at customer service.

Does the training program cover responsible alcohol service?

Yes, we do touch on responsible alcohol service and how to appropriately handle over-served guests. This is a real-life look into the daily responsibilities of bar staff.

How does the training program keep up with current trends and industry best practices?

We focus on best practices that are timeless, fundamental, and universal so that they can be applied at every bar. Some bars follow trends, some set them, and others choose not to worry about them. Our course gives the students the neceessary skills to be successful in all three environments.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Beginner Class

Lots of great information. I have never bartended, but am helping out on the weekends and am trying to learn and be more helpful. Loved all the information and looking forward to getting some practice in.


Would this course train my bartenders?

Absolutely! This is a universal training program, teaching the core concepts that bartenders need to be successful behind the bar, offer a consistently great customer experience, and bring in more revenue.

Is this course for new or experienced bartenders?

This is the info we wish we’d had during our bartending careers! Beginning bar staff will get a strong foundation while experienced bartenders can brush up on their skills with the benefit of learning consistently with the rest of your employees.

What will this teach my bartenders?

Bartending Fundamentals will teach basic and more advanced foundations of bartending, from how to use barware, setting up a bar, and cocktail structure.

Does this course talk about basic drink recipes?

Yes! The course covers classic cocktail recipes, introductory spirit knowledge, the essentials on how to make mixed drinks, and understanding drink structure so your bartenders can begin to play with recipes and create their own.

Does this course train on other things like cutting limes, ice, proper pours, etc?

Definitely! From the broader concepts of flavors and cocktail structure down to the very specific ways to properly use knives, cut garnishes, and successfully operate various barware, we will cover it.

How do they take this course? How long will it take?

Your staff can take this course anywhere with an internet connection and at their own pace in approximately 15-20 hours. This mobile-friendly course contains six lessons with 3-10 topics in each lesson, each followed by quizzes and then a final exam to demonstrate their knowledge and completion.

Is this course accredited?

While there is no true “accreditation” authority in the hospitality/bartending world, this course will give them the information they need to do their job and do it very well. Each participant will also receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Does this replace my state’s required liquor certificate for bartenders?

No, since every state’s requirements are different, your employees will still need to meet the bartending prerequisite in your state.  We recommend visiting this site to see what your state requires and find an appropriate training program if necessary.