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Quality Barware for Corporate Gifting & More

Premium quality bar sets make the perfect corporate gift.

Why You Should Consider Barware for Corporate Gifting

If you work at (or with) pretty much any company, chances are you've received a corporate gift from your boss or company liaison to celebrate some sort of special occasion. 

But the bummer thing about corporate gifts is that they can be boring. Do your employees and clients really need yet another note pad or company swag bag? Probably not. So let's talk about the perfect corporate gifting solution: barware.

Important Gifting Experiences That You'll Want to Celebrate

There are so many appreciation occasions you may be shopping for-- from annual events to trying to woo potential clients. Here are some events you shouldn't overlook:

  • Anniversary gifts for your employees: As a worker, it's really special to get a unique present on your work anniversary that demonstrates you're truly valued at your company.
  • Holidays: Holiday gifts are one of the most common reasons companies shop. It's very traditional to demonstrate some love for your employees around the holidays-- but traditional doesn't have to be "the same thing every year," right?
  • Gifts to clients to thank them for their loyalty-- or to potential clients to show them you are invested in them: Strengthen your business relationships with clients by sending a thoughtful gift that also shows you think outside the box.
  • New hires: Welcome to the team! Let your new employees know that you're glad to have them on board with a cool present they've probably never received at any other workplace.
  • Virtual events: Maybe most of your employees work remotely, and you want to put together a fun happy hour event via Zoom. Hiring a bartender to lead your staff through making a classic cocktail-- and coupling that with a custom gift box-- is the perfect option for a unique, memorable gift & super fun activity that really goes the extra mile. It could even be an annual event!
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Add a Special Touch to Your Corporate Gift Idea

If you really want wow-factor gifts that aren't the same, tired gift baskets, then definitely consider bar tools. The cool thing about barware is that the recipient doesn't have to drink alcohol to appreciate and use the gift! They can make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails or keep it on hand for when they host a party. 

So instead of sending out gourmet food baskets again this year, demonstrate a more distinct-- and perhaps somewhat quirky-- approach in your gifts for clients and employees.


Stylish Gifts For Clientele and Employee Appreciation

We have a wide variety of gifts that are sure to break up the same-old, same-old. Check out our favorite options:

  • Digital gift cards: Our digital cards are a super easy gifting option! You can email them directly or print them out to add with another gift selection or personalized note.
  • Custom gift box: We have a beautiful gift box we've put together already with some one our favorite equipment, plus recipe cards and a gift certificate to our bar basics course. But you can create your own gift box by picking and choosing the tools or courses you want to include!
  • Smaller gift sets of bar tools: This is cool because you can create your own gift pairings, too, with hand-selected barware and maybe a cocktail course (see below). Another option is to grab our handy wine key and bundle it with a bottle of wine and engraved glasses or send a mixing glass and bar spoon with a bottle of nice bourbon to a client you know loves Old Fashioneds.
  • Digital Service Courses: Not only do we sell barware, but we have a wide range of educational courses that will teach your giftee everything from the basics of mixology to making stellar mocktails to batching cocktails for parties.

Barware is a long-lasting gift that shows some personality and offers a more personal touch than a simple day planner or pen holder.

Whether it's for an employee gift, a client basket, or random corporate event, contact us about our corporate gifting program and to customize your own corporate gift boxes with premium gifts for those you want to impress! (

Bar tools are an unconventional present, but that's the point-- They can really be the perfect gift when you want to give your giftees a fun experience they won't soon forget. 

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