Batched Cocktails Masterclass

Learn how to prep and pre-batch your way to serving craft cocktails at your next event—without the stress.

Batched Cocktails Masterclass

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Master Your Ingredients

Understanding Cocktail Components

This course is much more than an “overview of ingredients.” You’ll learn about all of the different types of ingredients and products used behind the bar, their flavor profiles, and how to work with them in cocktails.

Master Balance & Flavor

Mixology 101

Continue to put all of the pieces together. You’ll finish this course with a deep knowledge of balance and flavor – and you’ll learn to map your cocktails out on paper before wasting valuable product.

Earn Your Certificate

Take the Two-Part Certification Exam

Continue to put all of the pieces together. You’ll finish this course with a deep knowledge of balance and flavor – and you’ll learn to map your cocktails out on paper before wasting valuable product.

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The Ultimate Guide to Batched Cocktails

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Chris Tunstall

“I started bartending because I fell in love with the craft of the cocktail and got so much satisfaction from making a great drink. But when I started trying to design my own cocktails, I struggled to find great resources to help me learn all the info I needed to make great drinks.

It took years to teach myself – but it was worth it. I've bartended for brand events and caterers and learned the hard way all of the tips and tricks you need to come prepared and give your guests the best possible experience.

I’ve built this course to help you to share what I’ve learned. You'll know how to choose, scale and prep recipes so you can wow your guests and have brands begging you to come back and work with them again.

Whether you're a pro bartender or an absolute beginner, this Masterclass will take your event cocktails to the next level and bring your stress down to zero!"


Wait, can't I just learn this on YouTube?

We like our courses like our cocktails: high-end and fun to consume. Here's what you'd be missing trying to learn the same thing on Google or YouTube:

Self Paced

Five lessons broken down into 16 easy-to-digest videos with optional quizzes for retention.

All Learning, No Fluff

No "Smash that like button" here! No ads, no begging for subscribes. We'll get you batching your cocktails in no time.

Easily Applicable and Customizable

You’ll learn a framework for batching you can easily apply to a variety of recipes—and even create your own.

Learn From the Best

Chris is a 15-year veteran of some of the industry's best bars and a master of the batched cocktail.

Everything you Need to Know

A step-by-step learning process that builds on itself and gets you ready for your next event, fast.

Access to the Team

Let’s talk shop! Our team is available for any questions that come up along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are batched cocktails?

Batched cocktails means the ingredients have been combined before serving. The three main types of batched cocktails are

  1. Elemental: combining similar ingredients like juices or spirits before an event
  2. Pre-batching: combining all ingredients, including water, into one ready-to-serve cocktail
  3. Punch bowl: building one large cocktail into the bowl and diluting with ice. 
How long do batched cocktails last?

This depends on the ingredients. A spirit-forward drink like the Negroni or Martini can last months. However, cocktails with juices or fresh-infused syrups last 24-48 hours at most. The longer the ingredients have a chance to infuse, especially with juice, the more bitter and dull the flavor will become.

What do you keep batched cocktails in?

For elemental batching, put your batches into bottles or jars. For the punch bowl method, keep your cocktail directly in the punch bowl. For a pre-batch cocktail, store in bottles or build straight into a drink dispenser. With more juice-heavy drinks or drinks with solid ingredients, use a punch bowl. Otherwise, use a drink dispenser.

Customer Reviews

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Jean Killoren
Good class!

Well thought out and well presented! Learned a lot of very useful information. Two thumbs up!

Batched Cocktails Masterclass

This is a very informative glass. Chris takes you through step by step and explains the what and whys of batching cocktails I especially appreciate the steps to ratios in batching so that it makes it easy to batch most anything.. When you finish this class you can batch a cocktail with confidence.

Thank you Janet!

Jeff Bowden
Batching Masterclass

Chris does an amazing job teaching the finer points of batching cocktails. Most people throw every ingredient in at once but Chris shows why there are certain steps you must take for quality cocktails. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their batching skills.

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