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Complete Craft Bar Set – 14 Piece

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Whether you’re looking to start your first home bar or you’re showing up for your 100th bartending shift, these tools will be right at home. Made with Stainless Steel 304 and will not warp, crack or rust – even behind the busiest bar!

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Weight 2.9 lbs


  • Craft Bartender’s Choice:
    You’ll find the same bar tools behind the world’s best craft cocktail bars. Hand-selected by a career bartender, this bartending set includes everything you need to create high-end craft cocktails at home or behind a commercial bar.
  • Durable:
    Made of professional grade Stainless Steel and natural hardwood. Won’t rust, break or warp. This bar tools set is built to last a lifetime and will be the last bar set you ever buy.
  • From Beginner to Expert:
    Professional quality tools make the perfect gift, for the amateur enthusiast or experienced barkeep. Easy-to-follow instructions are included along with two great classic recipes.
  • Versatile:
    This bar kit is flexible – you have the tools to make shaken drinks like Margaritas, Daiquiris and Mojitos, plus everything you need for stirred drinks like the Martini, Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Keep the beautiful box for storage when not in use.
  • Money-back Guarantee:
    Backed by money-back guarantee, this bartender set is the last bar kit you’ll ever buy. Always ships from the USA!


Bar Set Includes:

  • 2-piece Boston Shaker Set (18oz Unweighted & 28oz weighted)
  • 3 Cocktail Strainers: Hawthorne Strainer, Julep Strainer and Fine Mesh Strainer
  • Bar Spoon: 12″ Spiral Handle Bar Spoon
  • Jigger: Double-sided Japanese style Jigger
  • Hardwood Muddler: Extra long 12″ Muddler
  • 6 Stainless Steel cocktail picks for Garnish



All components (except Muddler) are made with high-quality Stainless Steel 304, designed for use in high volume bars. Dishwasher safe for home or commercial dishwashers.

Natural Hardwood muddler is made from natural wood and hand wash only.

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Rated 4.87 out of 5
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71 reviews for Complete Craft Bar Set – 14 Piece

  1. Amazon Buyer

    Makes great drinks

    Very easy to use and maintain

  2. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent product for a basic bar setup.

    This is perfect in all sense for what I wanted as a home setup. I have served as a bartender for a couple years now and have a pretty good insight into what makes a quality product. Having used similar items in the restaurant I can honestly attest that these materials will outlast what I typically get to use behind a bar. I would recommend hand washing all of these items to insure they last as long as possible. Bar none, pun intended, this is best construction quality per price I have seen for a bar set online (for set pieces anyone would actually need).

    My only complaint is that I am not a fan of the wooden Muddler, so I opted to purchase the same size/design of their food safe plastic model. This was also of great quality and completely worth the price. I would love it if the company would consider including the plastic variety as part of the set instead of the wooden.

  3. Amazon Buyer

    Nice quality Home bar tools

    Bought these for home and travel use. The quality of the tools is excellent. I really like the longer muddler and the fact that is wood with a flat end to limit bitterness of ingredients is great. The spoon is also long and sturdy. The inclusion of all three types of strainers is great. I have to admit, I watched a YouTube video to learn the proper use of the strainers. The shaker is a little thin walled but fits together with a tight seal and so far seems it will hold up well. The jigger has internal markings for more precise measuring. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

  4. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality. Makes a beautiful gift!

    Loved the quality! Only wished it had a batender recipes book includes.

  5. Amazon Buyer

    Fantastic product

    Very nice product, gives you all the essentials to start mixing. Easy to clean, easy to use, and it’s a nice looking prop to show.

  6. Amazon Buyer

    Great Stuff!!!

    Nicely packed, top quality, rugged workhorse!!!
    10/10 At this quality, price is unbeatable.

  7. Amazon Buyer

    Great product

    Great quality product!

  8. Amazon Buyer


    This is a great product!

  9. Amazon Buyer

    Great Quality

    Everything is solid and works great. The mesh strainer is sturdy, the shaker tins and other strainers work fantastic, everything is fun to work with. No complaints on anything. Has everything you need to get started on making drinks.

  10. Amazon Buyer

    This gift was a huge hit

    My husband wanted a nice bar set as he’s become interested in making a variety of drinks, and felt that this was a pretty high quality set. The muddler is HUGE though!

  11. Amazon Buyer

    Looks great, solid construction

  12. Amazon Buyer

    Great product, great service

    I ordered this kit yesterday morning at 9am and it arrived before 7pm at night so I was already happy about the speed of service, after opening the box and seeing the quality of products I am super excited to make drinks at work, the only thing that is a minor problem is instead of 6 picks for garnish I only got 4 which honestly isn’t that big of a deal. I highly recommend this set

  13. Amazon Buyer

    great product

    I purchased this package for my home bar. Everything was top notch and I am extremely pleased with it.

  14. Amazon Buyer

    Great Value

    This is a great set for the cost. I got it on Friday and have used to all weekend! So far it is holding up well. I love the two piece shaker, The only issue I have with this set is that it is harder to separate the two pieces after shaking with ice.

  15. Amazon Buyer

    Beautiful set!

    I bought this as a gift for my fiancé. Each item is well-made and beautiful! I wanted to get him a set that wasn’t cheesy, and would blend with any décor. He used a few items the night he got it! The muddler is huge! and well made. He was very impressed with the quality and the variety of items. He will be able to make a variety of drinks with this set. The wood box everything came in is nice, but unfortunately too big for where we are storing it.

  16. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality love it

    It’s a great bar set I love that it came in this wooden box. Very excited to use it. Thank you for that product. Just a thing for me the muddler and the strainer are a little big but that’s not a problem

  17. Amazon Buyer

    Great starter set or home bar add on

    I gifted this over the holidays and it makes a great starter set for the newly adulted. Another set was a nice addition to our bar and a bit of an upgrade (we can muddle now!). Tools are high quality and the box the set comes in is great for keeping organized when not in use. Contact from the TopShelf bar team was excellent.

  18. Amazon Buyer

    Quality Cocktail Set

    This cocktail set is very high quality and was packaged very nicely, which makes it great to give as a gift. The choice of items included was thoughtful. I would definitely recommend it.

  19. Amazon Buyer

    Best Professional Bar Kit for the money!!

    Just received and this is exactly what I needed. Includes all of the “proper” tools you need for a professional cocktail bar mixing kit without all the unnecessary cheap filler items! 3 different strainers an absolute must, Japanese style jigger and 12 inch long spoon and 12 inch muddler also a must! Many other kits cheat on spoon or muddler length, plus they never include all the necessary strainers. Stainless steel mixing cups are perfect size and weight, no need to worry about tempered glass. Well made and heavy duty including a really nice wooden storage box.

  20. Amazon Buyer

    Heavy duty stainless

    Very nice set. I bought this set because unlike most others it has the three different strainers that are needed if you make a wide varity of drinks. From my initial use I can tell this set will last. Shaker is very heavy duty stainless. Jigger has a 1 1/2 oz mark on one end, other has a 1/2 and 3/4 oz mark to help accurately mesure your ingredients. Muddler is a nice addition as well especially if you are a mojito drinker. Spoon is a nice piece for drinks that are stirred and not shaken, it is a heavy stainless as well. You even get 6 stainless garnish spears. Best part of the set is that it is diswasher safe(except the muddler). I definitely recommend this set over the others as it has everything you need and nothing you dont. Yes it cost a little more than alot of the sets on amazon however the quantity of stainless steel and three strainers are the reason. Most other sets give you alot of unnecessary items that are filler to make you think you are getting more for less and are made of lesser grade stainless.

  21. Amazon Buyer

    Worth every cent

    I bought this as a gift for my lover for recreational purposes. We started exploring different craft cocktail recipes and realized the basic cocktail shaker/strainer just weren’t cutting it. The shaker set was difficult to open, strainer would leak…complete bummer!
    He finally used his set to make Gordon’s Cup and French 75. First of all, he was very impressed with the case. We decided we would add some paint and have it engraved just to give it a little personal touch. All the items are quality products, the stainless steel is just perfect! We used the shaker set, jigger, bar spoon, and the Hawthorne strainer. They all handled smoothly; did not disappoint one bit! I’m very pleased with my purchase!!
    Happy Customer

  22. Amazon Buyer

    AWESOME Bar Set

    Awesome quality equipment, everything you need to start mixing drinks… We have found these bar tools to be great! We are VERY pleased! Top Shelf Bar Supply is the best place for high quality bar accessories!

  23. Amazon Buyer

    great deal for quality tools.

    super sturdy quality tools. great for home and equally useful at the pro bar. i love that the fine mesh strainer is slightly oversized and very durable

  24. Amazon Buyer

    Good product at a fair price

    The set looks and works great.

  25. Amazon Buyer

    high quality and attractive set!

    I bought this kit recently as a foray into making cocktails at home. It came in an attractive wooden box, and everything was packaged nicely inside. All the pieces are well made, and high quality, and also pretty to look at! So many pieces came in the set, and it’s a great value for what you receive. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet to make cocktails, but I can’t wait to get started!!

  26. Amazon Buyer

    Blue ribbon!

    This one is a professional mixology set of the highest quality. I use it every day. Very happy with this investment. Top Shelf, Blue ribbon!

  27. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality

    It’s all really well made, which is what I wish I could say about my cocktails.

  28. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice set

    Love it, use it all the time

  29. Amazon Buyer

    Must have for a home bar

    This set has just about everything you need to get a quality home bar started. Absolutely worth the money.

  30. Amazon Buyer

    Great gift 🎁

    My son in law really likes it for his bar!!!

  31. Amazon Buyer

    New Favorite Addition to Home Bar

    Such a great product with everything you need to get started behind the bar! The only addition could perhaps be a set of pour spouts for liquor bottles, but those can always be purchased separately and are not completely necessary. Overall, I am very pleased with my craft bar set from Top Shelf Bar Supply, and I always love gleaning wisdom about the bartending world from Chris and Julia’s “Mixology Talk” podcast!

  32. Amazon Buyer

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys entertaining “in style

    This set has all the basics and a lot more, including very classy packaging. I was pleasantly surprised and the structure of the tools are far more than I thought they would ever be. I highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys entertaining “in style.”

  33. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Beautiful set, got for my daughter’s graduation from bartending school.

  34. Amazon Buyer

    Quality quality quality !!!!!! Buy this

    Incredible value !!!!!!!!! I love this set, I can’t think of anything that I don’t like about it.

  35. Amazon Buyer

    Tea strainer

    Bigger than my expectation

  36. Amazon Buyer

    Great intro kit thats quality built.

    Loved it, I took it to Coachella and went nuts.

    I would recommend this kit for those who have nothing to start with and want to save money instead of building each piece separately.

    “Wow, he made the best drinks.” -Karina the Bushy Girl

  37. Amazon Buyer

    Great gift!

    Got this as a gift for the husband! He loves it and uses it all the time!!

  38. Amazon Buyer


    The keepsake box is made of cardboard and doesn’t have proper cut-out spaces for everything – you have to try and feed them back through elastic loops. You’d be better off buying the individual pieces you need. Really quite disappointing, for the cost.

  39. Amazon Buyer

    One of the best customer service experiences in a long time

    I’ve had great confidence that this bar set has not held back the quality of cocktails I can make with it, with the highlight being the tight spring on the Hawthorne strainer and the two sturdy shaker tins. Customer service is unmatched. In lieu of the fact that there’s nothing else from them I need to buy, please, I’d encourage you to go with this bar set.

  40. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    My daughter loved this present!

  41. Amazon Buyer

    Great Set

    This was purchased as a gift for my cocktail-loving husband. It’s a really nice set and he loves all the pieces as significant upgrades from what he had before. The shaker fits together beautifully and doesn’t stick at either end. A real quality item that was overall not that expensive for what you get.

  42. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly as described and pleased with this purchase

    Exactly as described and pleased with this purchase. Not much else to say. Would buy products from them in future.

  43. Amazon Buyer

    Almost perfect.

    Everything is great besides the hawthorn strainer which doesn’t have a tab to put your finger on to push it forward. You can still do it but it feels harder to do, especially when wet, and it leaks from the sides when pouring if it’s pushed forward. All I know is all the normal ones I’ve tried at work don’t give me trouble. At this price, I thought I deserved to be fully satisfied. I’ll probably keep the strainer and use the spring for sours that use egg whites and get a legit hawthorn strainer. Maybe I’m doing it wrong idk…

  44. Amazon Buyer

    High quality but expensive for the lack of a storage box

    Not a fan of the shipping box. For this money you would think the shipping box could double as storage, but the straps holding stuff in have to be removed to get things out of the box. Build quality is high and these worked well thus far.

  45. Amazon Buyer


    Purrrrrrrrrfect and shiny!

  46. Amazon Buyer

    I love how they have thought of all possible tools you …

    Got it as gift for my husband its been missing pc in our bar collection. I love how they have thought of all possible tools you would need and boxed in one. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  47. Amazon Buyer

    Top Shelf Bar Supply come through!

    I was surprised at the quality of the kit it is better than I had expected. It was everything I was looking for and am very pleased with it. It shipped out the same day I ordered and I got it pronto!

  48. Amazon Buyer

    Would be nice if it included a tester with channel knife

    Been a bartender for 5 years this set is exactly what you want. Solidly built simple and elegant. Would be nice if it included a tester with channel knife.

  49. Amazon Buyer

    Great Quality

    Phenomenal quality, great selection of equipment, at a great price. Highly recommended.

  50. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Excellent product. I highly recommend it!

  51. Amazon Buyer

    Ruined Anniversary Surprise

    Great kit, however, if you’re getting it as a gift for someone make sure you don’t live with that person. I got it for my boyfriend and it clearly was labeled on the box what it was so the surprise was completely ruined.

  52. Amazon Buyer

    Awesome product and amazing customer service

    Awesome product and amazing customer service. For anyone looking to start getting in to making higher end cocktails this is a great place to start. The kit is well thought out and gets you where you need. It has just about everything short of glass ware. Would certainly recommend.

  53. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Fantastic product and a wonderful company. Don’t buy bar supplies anywhere else!!

  54. Amazon Buyer

    Beautiful Bar Set – Great Product Well Made

    Beautiful solid and well made bar set. I am very happy and glad I bought it. Highly recommended. Pieces are beautifully crafted and I see many years of usuage out of them.

  55. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great quality kit.

  56. Amazon Buyer

    Glad I did

    I bought this set for my mom because I heard it was one of the preferred bar sets. Glad I did! We love it, and have already used it a handful of times. Wonderful product and very quick shipping. I will be buying my own, personal shaker from Top Shelf Bar Supply soon! Thanks!

  57. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    This was a perfect bar set! Very very nice!!

  58. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect weight, awesome looks

    This stuff is made of pure care and quality. Perfect weight, awesome looks, sturdy feel. My new go-to company for bar supplies.

  59. Amazon Buyer

    Great set that covers all of your bar essentials

    Exactly what I was looking for. Great set that covers all of your bar essentials!

  60. Amazon Buyer

    Great Quality

    I purchased this set as a gift, both the recipient and myself were pleased with quality and functionality. It comes in the box as shown and can easily be stored in it, if you lack the space for a full time bar area.The individual pieces look well made and not the cheap rubbish you get in a lot of similar kits, the company reached out after the purchase with additional recipes and offers of support if required. I would recommend this a 110% and I payed full price for the set.

  61. Amazon Buyer

    Professional kit!

    Great Professional kit. My wife loves it

  62. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Good stuff. Love it. Fast delivery.

  63. Amazon Buyer


    Everything is absolutely perfect. I’m a cocktail bartender and this set covers every need i might have. Nice and sturdy quality tools, I’ll probably end up buying another shaker tin soon. Takes all the guess work out of buying new tools. Would love to see a set geared towards professionals with a nice mixing glass, longer bar spoon, fruit zester and a 3/4 + 1/2 ounce jigger sans skewers. Or maybe other colors? (Gold, brass, tarnished silver, black). Super happy with this purchase. Don’t think – buy.

  64. Amazon Buyer

    … set is everything you need to get to making great classic cocktails

    this bar set is everything you need to get to making great classic cocktails. love the quality! recoeved the set the day after i ordered it. highly recommend this to anyone looking to make great drinks at a great price!

  65. Amazon Buyer

    The shaker is nice and thick and has a weighted bottom so it …

    The shaker is nice and thick and has a weighted bottom so it feels good in your hands nothing in this pack feels cheap

  66. Amazon Buyer

    Great deal – pretty much everything you need for a …

    Great deal – pretty much everything you need for a home bar. Excellent quality at great price. Great customer service – got nice emails from seller before and after delivery

  67. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    A great deal. Everything you need to start your “craft bar”

  68. Amazon Buyer

    Awesome kit

    This made an excellent gift. I chose this one over all of the others because it had a Julep strainer and the cocktail spoon. Just about everything you need to make good cocktails, and all very high quality

  69. Amazon Buyer

    Great product, even better seller.

    I don’t write a lot of reviews but this product was something I was looking for. I was looking for a complete set of tools and finally found it in this product. The products feel and look like high quality products for what I think is a pretty reasonable price. The seller reached out to make sure everything was okay. Full disclosure the strainer showed up broken when I opened it, but after contacting the seller there was a new strainer in the mail within 24 hours. The seller Julia even included a hand written note apologizing for the issue and wishing me Merry Christmas. Great product, great seller = great experience.

  70. Amazon Buyer

    Quality product! Awesome Seller!

    Being a professional bartender here on Maui, it’s always been hard getting quality bar equipment at a reasonable price and low shipping cost. This met all my needs prIce wise and the product is top notch. Free shipping was the cherry on top! Highly recommend! Will definitely buy again from seller in the future!

  71. Amazon Buyer

    Missing the Boston Shaker Set

    The kit I was sent was missing the Boston Shaker Set, which is a fairly important component. It appears it was never put in the box from the manufacturer. The other items in the kit look great, but when I factor in the hassle of returning the items and the fact that the manufacturer apparently lacks any quality control, I’m giving this kit one star.

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