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Mixology Certification

Learn the advanced skills, tricks, and techniques to design original cocktails from scratch. Home bartenders: Learn to make your own cocktail creations on-the-fly with the ingredients you have. Pros: Advance your career and get the skills you need to get your drinks on the menu, work with brands, and enter elite cocktail competitions.

15 Lessons

24 hours

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Bartender adding garnish to beautiful cocktail - Bar Basics and How to Make Great Cocktails at Home

Bar Basics

Whether you're just getting into cocktails or already have a little experience making your own drinks, this course will teach you how to be an at-home cocktail maestro! From what to order at a bar to mixing up classic recipes yourself, we'll guide you through the foundations of making craft cocktails at home.

10 Lessons

4 hours

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Menu Engineering

Build a proper cocktail menu for your bar program. Learn the steps and technique to create a menu that perfectly represents your bar to your customer while improving volume, margins, and profitability.

6 Lessons

12 hours

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Introduction to Spirits

There are hundreds of spirits out there - It's daunting! Learn the basics about spirits behind the bar so you'll know what to order, what to use in your next cocktail, and the differences between the different kinds of spirits.

10 Lessons

4 hours

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Great Course!

I loved the idea of being able to complete the mixology course at my own pace! The course was very informative, and I learned a lot from the videos, and all of the printed info, and homework that I was able to download. I also love that I can always go back, and log into the course again to watch any videos, and go over any information that I would like to review over again.

Joseph Covello

Enthusiastically recommend to bring your cocktail knowledge to the next level

The mixology certification program was exactly what I was looking for. With my busy schedule, I was able to complete the course at my own pace. The training videos, other information provided were straightforward and easy to follow. I highly recommend the Mixology Certification Program for anyone who's looking to expand their knowledge and make great cocktails. Plus, the certificate of completion is my way of showing off and it's displayed on our home bar shelf :)

Tina Connelly

Great program

I loved the mixology course and learned a lot. I especially loved that I could take the courses at my own pace. The instructor was easy to follow and the information presented in a way that lended to a greater understanding of the science involved in building cocktails. The "homework", while not mandatory, was fun to do and explore all the different ways to modify drinks. Learning how to make changes to basic recipes is priceless. I would highly recommend A Bar Above's online courses.

Kelle Santa