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Quality Barware for Bars & Restaurants

Crafted for bartenders, by a bartender. These tools are the ones you wish you had behind your bar all along.

Why You Need High-Quality Barware for Your Bar & Restaurant

Obviously we talk a lot on our site about barware in general and why we think ours is the best (sorry, we're biased-- but for a reason!). Sure, our stuff is pretty and hits a reasonable price point for higher-end bar tools, but why should you really invest in quality barware besides it looking nice on your back bar?

Especially if you're a bartender or you run a bar or restaurant, you absolutely shouldn't settle for low-quality essential bar tools. It might feel like an investment upfront, but we promise... It's so worth it in the long run. Seriously, there's a reason that celebrated bartenders and the best bars in the world have really nice gear.

And while I'm speaking to professional bartenders and business owners here, cocktail enthusiasts will benefit from this info, too. So if you're thinking "I'm just a cocktail lover who makes drinks at home," don't worry... This is for you as well.

hawthorne strainers

Why You Should Invest in High-Quality Bar Tools for Bartenders

For those in the hospitality industry, you've probably worked at places with basic tools-- so we're pretty much preaching to the choir, right? You know how frustrating it can be to have your cocktail shaker stick shut or the handle break off your cocktail strainer on a busy night. Not cool.

Well-designed tools make a huge difference in efficiency when you're working behind the bar. If your cocktail shaker is stuck, you're going to get the drinks out much more slowly.

If your jigger measuring tool only holds 1.5 ounce when most of your classic cocktail recipes call for 2 ounce pours, you're going to have to pour out the same ingredient twice.

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If the bar has a smaller-capacity glass for mixing, you can only make one drink at once instead of a couple of drinks at the same time when a group orders a round of the same cocktail.

And if the coils of metal in your Hawthorne strainer aren't created well, they're going to get all gunky with fruit pulp and juice for cocktails.

When you're using poorly-made barware, it's going to slow you down and frustrate you, especially on your busiest nights. It's also just not always comfortable. Bartending is already a hard job-- you're constantly busy and are on your feet all night.

So your bar spoon should have a comfortable handle, and your shaker tin should be the ideal size for shaking two cocktails and should feel study in your hands.

If you have any say at work about what happens being the bar, talk with your bar manager about ordering better equipment-- and make sure to treat yourself to great barware for your own home bar or for when you're practicing your mixology skills.

bar tools cocktail mixing glass

The Importance of Quality Bar Tools for Bars and Restaurants

If you own or manage a business in the service industry, trust us: Show your favorite bartenders some love and get them sturdy, well-designed tools! Most of the common types of barware that get pushed onto bars and restaurants aren't actually the best. Sure, they're cheap, but remember... You get what you pay for.

So besides everything I stated above about making drinks more quickly, why should you care about your employees' tools?

cocktail mixing glass japanese jigger


What do you think is going to happen if your cocktail strainers and shakers are constantly breaking? You're probably going to have some unhappy bartenders who are complaining to you (a lot), and your customers won't be thrilled when drink service takes too long.

When equipment is falling apart or is poorly-designed, it's a lose-lose for everyone. Look for these qualities when purchasing tools for your business:

cocktail mixing glass

  • Strength & durability: Are the materials sturdy and high-quality? Is that mixing glass double-tempered, and is the handle of that cocktail strainer double-welded and reinforced? No? Well, then you need to head over to our shop, stat.
  • Design: This may seem unimportant to you if you're not a bartender, but the design of a product can make or break how it works. For example, our wine key bottle openers have a coating on the corkscrew so that cork doesn't get into a customers' wine glasses. And our bar spoons come with the option of twisted handles, which a lot of bartenders prefer for stirring more quickly and efficiently.

Or maybe you think a cobbler shaker is better with their built-in strainer because you don't  have to buy a separate strainer-- but if the strainer doesn't even work, does it matter that it comes with the shaker?

3 clear bitters bottles on a wood tray, each with red or amber liquid, next to a red cocktail with orange garnish & silver bar spoon

Investing in Higher Quality Bar Tools

Sure, that affordable muddler looks like a major deal compared to the more expensive one, but is it really a deal when you'll have to replace it after three months? Or if it has spikes on it that leave your mint over-muddled, resulting in a super bitter cocktail?

The bottom line for you is that investing in better tools in the first place will save you money in the long run because you don't have to constantly replace your barware. It's pretty much guaranteed that glassware is going to break all the time, but your barware shouldn't!

So do your employees and your bottom line a favor, and make sure to get really good barware from the get-go. It will be more efficient, comfortable, and durable-- meaning happy bartenders and happy customers.

If you need new tools for your establishment, make sure to check out our shop or email our business rep at for information on bulking ordering. Cheers!

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