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Here’s your chance to tailor your own cocktail education! Personalizing your mixology education allows you to explore your unique interests and hone precise skills, whether you’re beginning your cocktail journey or are a professional looking to advance your career. 

Designed by a career bartender, our courses focus on a variety of topics and skill sets from advanced infusion techniques to creating your own non-alcoholic cocktail base. 

Ready to craft your own educational experience? Bundle the courses that are right for you and save!

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Hd Video

Show off your original cocktail creations on the drink menu, to your friends and family, and on social media!

Lifetime Access

All students get lifetime access, so you can come back anytime to refresh your memory.

Interactive Quizzes

Test yourself with no-pressure quizzes to check your understanding along the way.

Community And Mentorship

Got Questions? Email us or ask our Facebook group with hundreds of other students.

Cheat Sheets

Includes printable “cheat sheets” for each section to help you remember what you learned and refer back in the future.

Available Anywhere

Lessons, quizzes, and exam are mobile-optimized so you can watch and learn on the go.


"Easiest 5-star review I've ever submitted!"

I didn't even hesitate to leave this review. A Bar Above's mixology program is league's above all of the other resources I've looked into. The course is structured in a way that takes the students from the very basics to the complexity of combining flavors in an easily-digestible way. The 'homework assignments' and accompanying materials really help to integrate the coursework with real-life experience. But most of all... it's FUN!


"Great Program"

I loved the mixology course and learned a lot. I especially loved that I could take the courses at my own pace. The instructor was easy to follow and the information presented in a way that lended to a greater understanding of the science involved in building cocktails.


"Leaning Into My Passion"

The modules and guides are clear and easy to understand as well as presented in a way for you to work at your own pace. I took my time and completed the course in about three months. I’m so proud of my work!

How it Works

Step 1: Select Your Delivery Method

Choose automatic digital delivery via email OR a physical gift certificate for the course, to be delivered to your mailbox.

Step 2: Choose Your Bundle Option

Do you or your giftee need barware to complete the course? Grab our 14-piece bar set for the perfect pairing!

Step 3: Begin Your Mixology Journey

Start your mixology adventure by accessing your course on any device, at your own pace– or gift the unique code to a loved one.
becoming a mixologist


Chris Tunstall

"I started bartending because I fell in love with the craft of the cocktail and got so much satisfaction from making a great drink. But when I started trying to design my own cocktails, I struggled to find great resources to help me learn the intricacies of balance, as well as the different kinds of sweeteners, acids, and bitter components to use in my drinks.

It took years to teach myself – but it was worth it. I’ve had opportunities to design cocktail menus, work with brands, and consult for bars and restaurants all over the world.

Now I’ve built this program to share what I’ve learned so you can achieve a fulfilling career, leveraging your mixology skills to get your drinks on the menu and advance your career into management, consulting, and beyond.”

- Chris

Learn the advanced skills, tricks and techniques to build a solid Mixology education

– without wasting valuable time or expensive ingredients along the way.

Expert Guidance

Our courses are written and taught by industry experts, ensuring you receive top-notch information.

Flexibility & Convenience

Dive deep into mixology on your own schedule, at your own pace, and on any device.

Customized Expertise

Choose to master specific techniques, from classic cocktail recipes to cutting-edge mixology trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bartender courses suitable for beginners or do they require prior experience?

We offer a variety of courses, both for beginning mixologists and those with experience. This certification course is designed for those with a little background knowledge who want to advance their career and take it behind the bar.

What skills will I learn in a bartender course?

It depends on the course-- In this certification course, we'll cover a wide range of topics, including flavor profiles, cocktail components & families, balancing ingredients, and creating your own cocktails.

How long does this bartender course last?

The course lasts about 4-6 hours when just watching the content. If you follow along by making syrups and cocktails (which we recommend!), then the course will take about 10-12 hours.

Are bartender courses recognized and accredited in the industry?

There is no formal accreditation system for bartenders, but a course from a company with a good reputation and which offers you certification (likes ours!) is definitely more respected in the industry than others.

Can the training program help our bartenders develop creative and unique cocktail recipes?

Absolutely! This course will help you develop your own cocktail skills and challenge you to use your knowledge to create your own drinks.

Are there practical, hands-on components to the training program?

Yes! The job requires you to be hands-on, which is why we spend so much time showing students how to approach the job and training from practical, hands-on lessons that you can physically follow along with.

Are there bartender courses that specialize in specific types of cocktails or spirits?

There are plenty of courses that specialize in various cocktails and spirits. Our courses focus more on technique, style, and topic. In the Bar Basics course, you'll learn more classic cocktails, for example. In this course, we focus on technique and creating your own cocktails. Our other courses focus on things like mocktails and batched cocktails.

How do I choose the right bartender course for my career goals and aspirations?

Look carefully at each course description and think about your current skill set. If you are beginning your cocktail journey, begin with the Bar Basics course and move your way up. If you already know the basics but want to create cocktails or go pro, sign up for this certification course!

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