Antique Copper Standard Bar Spoons

2 Spiral Handle

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They're heavy. They're balanced. They think you look great today, by the way. These bar spoons are calibrated for balance: With a heavy, weighted bolt on the end, they definitely know how to stir up a great drink!

Designed by our co-founder for ergonomics, comfort, and speed.

Smooth handle
stirs comfortably, without friction on the hand.

Spiral handle
 offers additional grip and helps the bar spoon glide through the ice.

Extra weight and balance help the bar spoon glide effortlessly around your mixing glass, perfectly chilling your drinks.

Easy enough for a beginner but built for experts: The perfect bar spoon for your first cocktail or your busiest shift.

Ultra-durable: Made from stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.

Works in any mixing glass but is perfect for ours: Spoon bowl is angled to precisely match the interior angle of our mixing glasses.


Materials & Construction:

Made from durable stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.

Spoons are 300 mm (11.8″) in total length.

Handle is 4.5 mm (~0.15″) in diameter.

Spoon bowl holds 2.5ml (approximately 1/8 oz) of liquid.

Gift Box is 12.6" L x 1.2" W x 0.7" H and weighs approximately 0.3 lb.


Care & Handling:

Stainless Steel: Dishwasher-safe for all home and commercial dishwashers.

Gold: Dishwasher-safe for home and most commercial dishwashers.

Copper: Hand wash recommended.

Read more about care instructions here.

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Premium Quality & Made to Last

bar spoons

Designed for Longterm Use

Designed by a pro bartender for ergonomics, comfort, and speed.
stirring glass cocktail

For the Cocktail Enthusiasts and Pros

Easy enough for a beginner to use but built for experts. Use it for your first cocktail or your busiest shift.

Efficient and Effortless

Extra weight and balance help the bar spoon glide effortlessly around your mixing glass, perfectly chilling your drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bar spoon and how is it used in bartending?

A bar spoon is a long, slender spoon that allows you to stir spirit-forward cocktails in a mixing glass so as to chill without over-diluting.

How does a bar spoon differ from a regular spoon?

Since bar spoons are longer than regular spoons, you can stir in a mixing glass or shaker without hitting your hand on the vessel. Our spoons are also perfectly designed to match the interior perimeter of our mixing glass for optimal stirring.

What are the benefits of using a bar spoon in cocktail making?

The predominate use for a bar spoon is to stir and mix a cocktail. Iit can also be used as a measurement (1/8 ounce) and a way to layer parts of a cocktail.

What materials are bar spoons typically made of?

Bar spoons are often made of stainless steel. We use food-safe stainless steel 304 for all our metal bar tools.

Are there different types or styles of bar spoons available?

There are many types of bar spoons on the market, but we like to stick with smooth or spiral handles in a few different lengths. This allows you to focus on functionality while still offering variety.

Can bar spoons be used for both stirring and layering drinks?

They can! Stirring is the most common purpose of a bar spoon, but you can also use it to create layered cocktails and to pour liquor down the spiral handle-- which are both advanced techniques.

Are there bar spoons with specific features like twisted handles or decorative ends?

There are lots of different bar spoons out there, but we love smooth and spiral handles. It mostly comes down to personal preference and how it feels in your hand. As for the ends, a flat end on the bar spoon can act as a small muddler, while a decorative end looks nice but doesn't serve a particular function.

Are bar spoons dishwasher safe?

Ours are! Like our other stainless steel bar tools, you can wash them easily in the dishwasher after use.

Can bar spoons be used for measuring small amounts of ingredients?

Yep-- Our bar spoon measures 1/8 ounce.

A Perfect Pair

The interior is designed to fit perfectly with the A Bar Above mixing glass for super smooth stirring.

Stir with Style

These versatile bar spoons are designed for effortless cocktail mixing and precise spirit layering.

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Cocktails tastes like butt before I bought this

Kristina Keegan

Standard Bar Spoons

Gerald S
High quality products - fast shipping

The products I’ve ordered were all high quality and came in nice boxes for gift giving and the arrived quickly.

Hi Gerald,

We are happy you like the quality of our barware :)

Cheers and happy mixing !

Kevin Varney

Designed by people who know…!

Hey Kevin!

I am glad you liked the Long bar spoons :)

Cheers and happy mixing !

Gary Elliott
Long Bar Spoons

Nice length. Good alone or when stirring 2 drinks at once. Perfect spiral for my hand.

Hey Gary ! We are so glad you are enjoying your Long Bar Spoons!

Cheers and Happy Mixing!