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Heavy Duty Bar Mat (3.25×18″)

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It’s thick. It’s flat. It’s nearly indestructible. You could probably park your car on it. This bar mat is a beast and will be the last one you ever buy!

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  • Food Safe:
    Unlike many bar mats, these are made with food-safe Silicone, making them completely safe to touch food like garnishes, or items that come in contact with food like knives or jiggers.
  • Heavy Duty:
    Designed for the high-volume bar, these mats are made from thick, durable silicone. They will not not warp, curl, crack or bubble and are commercial dishwasher-safe.
  • Bartender’s Choice:
    Custom created by a career bartender, these non-slip mats are completely flat and feature extra thick tines and border to provide a steady work surface for your bar.
  • Versatile:
    Beefy enough for the busiest bar but durable and flexible enough for home use. These mats make great home bar mats and also work perfectly as a dish drying tray for the kitchen.
  • Money-back Guarantee:
    Backed by money-back guarantee, this heavy-duty, food-safe mat will last years. Always ships from the USA!



Exact mat dimensions are: 8mm x 45mm x 1.25mm.

Care & Handling:

Dishwasher safe for commercial & home dishwashers.

Material & Construction:

Made from high quality food-safe silicone.

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Rated 4.94 out of 5
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90 reviews for Heavy Duty Bar Mat (3.25×18″)

  1. Amazon Buyer

    Quality Product Inaccurate Description

    This is a great quality product shipped in flat creates a seamless edge as described but the dimension are not even close to correct. I converted a dry sink into a bar and the work surface is exactly 36″ wide so naturally two 18″ pieces will fit perfect. However these things are never exact so I looked a little further and saw that the dimensions were listed at 17.7″. This would only leave a .3″ gap at either end of the mat to the edge which I could have lived with but the mats were more like 17.25″ which means that the expected gap is now over double what it should have been. All in all this inst a big deal and like I said the mats are a great product just a little annoyed that at this price I didn’t get what was advertised and its now its not exactly what I wanted

  2. Amazon Buyer

    Good Product

    Worked great, just like a bar. Good quality product.

  3. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice, as advertised and as stated in other 5 star reviews.

    As advertised

  4. Amazon Buyer

    Thick this does stand up off the bar

    Sturdy and stays in place

  5. Amazon Buyer

    Commercial Grade!

    Heavy duty Commercial Grade!

  6. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent Kitchen Work Surface Protector

    I don’t use this as a bar mat, but to protect my kitchen countertops like an oversized industrial grade silicone trivet.

    Primarily I use it for cutting boards to steady and dampen impacts, keep airflow underneath, instead of the ad-hoc wet towel which can easily warp wood cutting boards. But it’s also great to keep a grip on mixing bowls, putting down hot lids, utensils, and basically anything that I wouldn’t want to put down on my bare countertop. Also way cheaper to replace if damaged.

    The totally flat back side can be used in a pinch for kneading (a small) bread and other things that need a smooth surface (I wish the logo was in the corner, but understand this is not the intended purpose).

    This thing is so hefty and grippy that as long as I put it down on a suitable and clean surface, it takes quite some effort to move significantly. When dirty I just scrub lightly with a brush and toss it in the dishwasher–don’t have to baby thing thing much and care is minimal.

    Contemplating getting another few for a larger padded prep area, but need to free up some kitchen space…

  7. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect size, just what I expected.

  8. Amazon Buyer

    Fine quality product.

    Without these,items on the granite countertops slid everywhere. Wish these were cheaper but I’ve bought two and don’t regret it.

  9. Amazon Buyer


    I didn’t realize a bar mat could be this attractive.

  10. Amazon Buyer

    THE Bar May To Get

    This bar mat is the real deal – heavy silicon – and will last a lifetime.

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