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Japanese Jigger


This jigger has one job and it does it well. Measure your ingredients perfectly every time, then toss it in the dishwasher. It’s durable and built to keep up, even when you’re deep in the weeds!

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Weight0.15 lbs

Stainless Steel


  • Bartender’s Choice
    Designed for speed and quality, this jigger is one of the most common jigger styles behind craft bars today. This trusty Japanese style jigger is comfortable enough for the longest shift and styled to look great in your bar bag, on your bar top, or at the finest home bar!
  • Durable & Dishwasher Safe:
    Dishwasher safe! Crafted from heavyweight Stainless Steel 304, this cocktail jigger is designed to last, even in high-volume commercial bars. Polished steel has no extra finish or color to chip or flake off, making it completely dishwasher safe (even in commercial dishwashers.) High quality construction won’t bend, break or rust.
  • Accurate:
    Precision engraved with every measurement line you’ll need to make any cocktail recipe! Calibrated marks include: 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 1 1/4oz, 1 1/2oz, and 2oz. Lines are marked and easy to read.
  • Fast & Trusted:
    Rolled lip and strong welded construction make this jigger a staple at any craft bar. Flip the jigger for more markings on the other side, so you can keep pouring without slowing down. The perfect choice when you’re in the weeds!
  • Beautiful:
    The perfect piece for your bar cart or mise en place. Polished finish looks gorgeous on any home bar or professional craft bar setup.



Jigger is 120mm long and diameter is 45mm (on larger side).

Care & Handling:

Dishwasher safe for commercial & home dishwashers.

Material & Construction:

Made from durable Stainless Steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.

How to

Measure your cocktail ingredients easily and accurately with this industry-standard jigger. Simply pour your ingredients into the jigger up to the appropriate measurement line, then add your ingredient to your cocktail.

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Rated 4.53 out of 5
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17 reviews for Japanese Jigger

  1. Amazon Buyer

    Great for the professionals, maybe less practical for the home bar.

    Well made product. If one thing could be improved, I’d say it’s the markings on the inside. Because it’s long and narrow inside, shadows can make it hard to see the measurement lines. Especially the lower lines. That’s not a fault of the product, but a fault of the Japanese style jigger. In truth, the lines were more visible than other Japanese style jiggers that I’ve seen.

    Also, because it’s a taller narrow jigger, the opening at the top is a smaller diameter, so you have to be more careful when pouring the alcohol. This is not an issue if you use speed pourers with a smooth controlled 1/4″ inch stream of liquid, but an open pour with the typical “glug, glug, glug” action, it can get a little messy. Again, not a fault of the product, but of the Japanese style.

    Overall it’s a great product if you’re into the Japanese style jigger. I found that I prefer a jigger with a wider mouth.

  2. Amazon Buyer

    very pretty

    Very nice and looks great on our bar!

  3. Amazon Buyer

    Great purchase for making cocktails

    Love this jigger!! It’s pretty and works perfectly for making cocktails. It has the measurements labeled inside both ends which makes it convenient if you are doing less than an ounce or specific measurements for a cocktail.

  4. Amazon Buyer

    Consistent pours

    I get more consistent pours, especially at 0.25 oz and 0.50 oz increments, with this compared to my previous lined shot glass. The only disadvantage is the 2 oz mark is right at the rim and it is easy to spill when fill. I usually do 2 1 oz pours if adding 2 oz of a spirit.

  5. Amazon Buyer

    All around easy

    This was recommended by a bartender at Superior Motors restaurant in Braddock (Pittsburgh), PA, and I really like it. It is easy to hold, easy to get the right measure, and easy to clean. The balance of it in the hand is excellent.

  6. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality and value

    Good product. A little hard to read.

  7. Amazon Buyer

    Looks great

    Looks great. Works as should

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