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Hardwood Muddler

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Your knuckles have been waiting for this. Finally a muddler long enough to muddle in your shaker tin (without busting your knuckles on the sides!) A full 12″ long and ergonomically shaped, this muddler is your trusty mint-mashing friend.

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  • Extra Long:
    No more banging your knuckles on the side of the shaker or pint glass! Our muddler is a full 12” long – big enough to keep your hands out of the mess and away from sharp edges.
  • Flavor & Aroma:
    Don’t kill your mint! This muddler does not have sharp points on the muddling end because they often cause muddled mint and herbs to turn bitter. Our flat end is exactly what craft bartenders prefer to bring out the best aromatics without ruining your cocktail with bitterness.
  • Ergonomic Design:
    Designed for ergonomics, comfort and quality, this muddler was created from scratch by a career bartender to reduce hand stress and give the most comfortable muddling experience possible. Even the busiest bartender will love making Mojitos with this muddler!
  • Safe & Natural:
    Made from natural Beech hardwood, this muddler does not have a lacquer or finish that will come off in your drink. It’s completely natural, food-safe and beautiful!
  • Versatile & Durable:
    This is no skinny muddler! Designed for comfort and built for durability, this will be the last muddler you ever buy. It’s the perfect choice for your Mojito, Sazerac, Caipirinha or Julep, and will help you make delicious cocktails for years to come!



Muddler is 300mm long. The handle is 38mm in diameter at its widest point at the flat part of the head is 35mm in diameter.

Care & Handling:

This muddler is unfinished natural wood and should be hand washed with warm soapy water.

Material & Construction:

Made from solid, high quality beech hardwood and unfinished to avoid unsafe lacquers breaking off into your cocktails.

How to

Gently Does It:

If you’re muddling fruit or citrus, feel free to go crazy muddling as much as you want. But if you’re muddling herbs like mint, basil or rosemary, try to stay on the gentler side. Your goal is to release the aroma of the herb without breaking down the herb too much. (Inside the leaves and stems is where the bitterness is – something you probably don’t want!)

DIY Crushed Ice:

Make your own crushed ice! This muddler is up to the task. Fill a Lewis bag (or any clean muslin or cloth bag) with ice, then whack it with the muddler to break the ice down into small pieces. Warning: may be really, really fun.


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Rated 4.40 out of 5
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35 reviews for Hardwood Muddler

  1. Amazon Buyer

    It’s huge!

    If only my wife would say the same thing.

  2. Amazon Buyer

    Don’t order this product!!! 😡

    Have only had this product about a month and it’s cracking at the base. Only hand washed it and let it air dry. 😡

  3. Amazon Buyer

    Great product, exceptional customer service

    I got this muddler for my wife and she is happy with using and cleaning the muddler. There was some minor issues with the head which is normal with the wooden material and the typical application, but the owner is very quick to respond and genuinely tried to help me out, which made it right for me at the end. An excellent experience and this will be my first choice if I need other bar related stuff.

  4. Amazon Buyer

    Cracked after first use.

    Loved this at first. But within one week it cracked down the center. Never soaked in water. Not sure what happens.

  5. Amazon Buyer

    Great muddler

    Love this muddler perfect size for all mixing glass or mugs

  6. Amazon Buyer

    Its wood and it splits after one use.

    I’m so dissatisfied by this purchase. It split after this first use. What a waste of money.

  7. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality

    Product is exactly as described. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but will next weekend for a private bartending job! The draw forme was the length and material of the muddler.

  8. Amazon Buyer

    Well made hard wood with no finish

    Have not used this yet, but like the fact that there is no finish on the hard wood that could come off eventually. Also the large size will make it easier to use for those mint leaves.

  9. Amazon Buyer

    Sturdy and ready to muddle!

    It has a nice heft to it…making muddling during cocktail prep easy to do and easy on the container you’re using. It’s a bar tool that can be used for decades an possibly become a family heirloom…making cocktails ‘like Grandpa used to make’ a holiday tradition.

  10. Amazon Buyer

    product failed

    The muddler cracked after the first use. While it looked sturdy, it clearly was not manufactured properly. It really deserves no stars. Returning it.

  11. Amazon Buyer


    Wood does require a little extra care in hand washing and drying but this does an excellent job expressing oils from herbs in the bottom of our tall Collins glasses.

  12. Amazon Buyer

    This is natural wood and VERY sturdy!

    Long enough for muddling in pitchers! Great product.

  13. Amazon Buyer

    Great Product

    Great product, great feel

  14. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect si

    Quality product works well!

  15. Amazon Buyer


    Very nice tool. The length makes it possible to work in deep narrow glasses

  16. Amazon Buyer


    Perfect and easy to clean muddler – use it to muddle sugar cubes for my old fashioneds

  17. Amazon Buyer

    Great one!

    Just what we needed!

  18. Amazon Buyer

    It Was Nice for ONE Party

    It got here on time (ck).
    It reaches to the bottom of the tin (ck).
    It muddles nicely (ck)
    It splits after ONE USE, hand washing and letting sit to dry. Really? Who needs I nice crevice like that to grow bacteria?
    Oh well, toss it or use as covert self defense tool? Decisions, decisions …

  19. Amazon Buyer

    Nice, but BIG

    Generally nice; good tight wood without varnish and with a correct flat face. But it’s not just long, at 12″, but it’s proportionately wide too, so it handles like a defensive weapon. That may be what you want, but too big for my bar.

  20. Amazon Buyer


    Great product for it’s purpose

  21. Amazon Buyer

    The perfect muddler.

    Perfect length and very durable. I love it!

  22. Amazon Buyer


    Works well, A bit pricey.

  23. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    This product is great and is made well. The only one you will every need.

  24. Amazon Buyer

    Great supplier to buy from. Muddler is great!

    I saw the rest but I dont believe in buying cheap. I could tell from pics this is professional grade. Work is much easier with the right tools and saves headache and money later. Worth the money. Muddles mint for mojitos for summer with ease 😀 Love the personal emails from supplier.

  25. Amazon Buyer

    Finally. A real muddler.

    What a beast. It is long enough to save my knuckles from the lip of the mixing tin. Heavy enough to require minimal effort. I have large hands and this feels completely natural to me. Excellent product.

  26. Amazon Buyer

    looks nice and long handle makes use a breeze and prevents …

    Works as advertized, looks nice and long handle makes use a breeze and prevents the scraping of your knuckles on the glass rim.

  27. Amazon Buyer

    Good so far

    Only used it once but so far the long length has saved fingers from bumping against the shaker while muddling.

  28. Amazon Buyer

    it is very comfortable to use

    Though I have used once only, it is very comfortable to use, good built

  29. Amazon Buyer

    and extra length on this is perfect for use in a Boston Shaker

    The flat surface, and extra length on this is perfect for use in a Boston Shaker, or a highball glass! It’s not lacquered to boot, so no worries on scratching it on the sides of the shaker/glass and contaminating your cocktail.

  30. Amazon Buyer

    Non-cocktail Application of Extra Long Wooden Cocktail Muddler

    Bought the extra long wooden cocktail meddler specifically to muddle, press, the fall crop
    of American persimmons through a colander to make the purée for persimmon pudding and persimmon bread, an efficient way to get the maximum pulp and eliminate the seeds and outer skins.

  31. Amazon Buyer

    Happy customer

    I use it to mash fruit in my water. Works great!

  32. Amazon Buyer

    Now this is a muddler!

    I absolutely love my new muddler! I ordered it because of the length (11 inches). I was tired of hurting my hands on the rim of my shaker when muddling with a much smaller muddler I had purchased while on vacation in Puerto Rico.

  33. Amazon Buyer

    Really muddles and mashes fruits, herbs, etc with …

    Really muddles and mashes fruits, herbs, etc with little effort. Extra long body keeps your hands from being marred by the rim of the shaker.

  34. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    good wood too!

  35. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent size (no more pinched fingers

    If I could give 10 stars I would! If you’re serious about high-quality barware, this is the only muddler you need!!! Excellent size (no more pinched fingers!!) without a being heavy. Perfect balance and heft! I love this tool!
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