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Quality Wholesale Barware

Crafted for bartenders, by a bartender. These tools are the ones you wish you had behind your bar all along.

Buy Barware Wholesale From a Bar Above: The Online Barware Store

Having great barware for your business is obviously important for a variety of reasons-- you don't want products that will break easily and need to be constantly replaced. It's important to invest in your establishment and buy the best tools that will make your employees' working lives-- and your customers' drinks-- much better.

But did you know that we at A Bar Above offer bulk ordering opportunities? We do! We absolutely love working with bars and restaurants to bring you what we consider the very best equipment on the market.

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Why You Need Wholesale Bar Tools For Your Bar & Restaurant

  • You'll receive a consistent set of essential bar tools like cocktail shakers, strainers, jiggers, and muddlers-- which look sleek and coherent behind the bar.
  • Your bar staff won't have to shift between different brands of tools, having to remember how to use one cocktail shaker vs another or which cocktail strainer is more likely to break at the handle. And no one will have to fight over the "good" jigger because they're all the same.
  • Buying in bulk helps your bottom line. Not only will you receive high-quality products that all match each other and work consistently, but you'll also save money when you contact us about wholesale orders.
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How a Bar Above Differs From Other Brands: The Proof Is In The Quality

We understand that you have a ton of options when it comes to purchasing affordable bar products. But how do we stand apart from the competition?

First of all, we really take the time to produce excellent bar tools. Our products are custom-designed and poured over for months-- and sometimes even years-- before going into production.

A Bar Above also puts quality first. For example, our cocktail strainers are double-welded, our mixing glasses are made from tempered glassware, our bar spoons are designed to match the exact curvature of the mixing glass, and the A Bar Above Boston cocktail shaker features a circle-welded weight around the bottom so it won't fall off while shaking up drinks. 

We work with popular styles of barware while making sure the quality is better than our competitors'. Designed to be ergonomic and comfortable in the hand while your staff makes mixed drinks, our bar tools feature both affordable prices and superior craftsmanship.



A Bar Above was founded and is run by a husband-and-wife team (Chris and Julia) who care deeply about offering custom bar products. No big corporations here! We seek to solve issues with common barware that Chris discovered when working behind the bar for 15 years.

That's right: We're bartender-run, and the quality of our tools speaks to that.

This family-owned-and-operated business also includes a small team of dedicated, passionate people who stay involved in industry events and keep up with trends and innovations so we can bring you the best bulk bar products. 

We're familiar with bartenders' needs, likes, and dislikes; and we strive to make amazing barware for the people who love making fantastic cocktails. 

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