Natural Hardwood Extra Long Cocktail Muddler


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Your hands are gonna love you: Finally a cocktail muddler long enough to muddle in your shaker tin, without busting your knuckles on the sides! A full 12" long and ergonomically-shaped, this plastic or wood muddler is your trusty mint-mashing friend.

Made from hand-crafted hardwood or high-quality, food-safe polypropylene, this drink muddler is guaranteed to be high-quality.

Heavy Weight: Solid hardwood and solid (nope, not hollow!) plastic give your bar muddler extra oomph as you work.

Designed for Ergonomics: Our bartender muddler fits comfortably in your hand, no matter how you hold it.

Flat head = less bitterness: We designed both the plastic and wood cocktail muddler with a flat head, which reduces the bitterness when muddling herbs.

Your Right-Hand-Muddler: It's not just for drinks! The plastic or wood drink muddler also works great for cracking ice and crushing ice in a Lewis bag. Might also work for keeping coworkers from stealing your pens... if you know what I mean.


Materials & Construction:

Hardwood: Made from solid, high-quality beech hardwood. Unfinished to avoid unsafe lacquers breaking off into your cocktails.

Plastic: Made from solid, high-quality, food-safe polypropylene.

Muddler Dimensions:

Muddler is 300 mm long.

The handle is 38 mm in diameter at its widest point.

The flat part of the head is 35 mm in diameter.

Gift box is 12.2" L x 2" W x 2" H and weighs approximately 0.7lb.


Care & Handling:

Natural Hardwood: This muddler is unfinished natural wood and should be hand washed with warm soapy water.

Plastic: Dishwasher-safe for home and most commercial dishwashers. 

Read more about care instructions 

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Premium Quality & Made to Last

wood muddler

Designed for Ergonomics

Fits comfortably in your hand, no matter how you hold it.

Better Tasting Cocktails

We designed this muddler with a flat head, which reduces the bitterness when muddling herbs.

Crafted for Longterm Use

Solid hardwood and solid, food-safe polypropylene give your muddling extra oomph.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a cocktail muddler differ from other bar tools?

A muddler has a very specific purpose-- to lightly crush herbs & fruits to create a quick infusion in your cocktail. It works alongside the rest of your bar tools but has its own unique function.

What are the benefits of using a cocktail muddler in drink preparation?

A cocktail muddler will release extra flavor from your ingredients; if you simply put strawberries in your cocktail and shake, you might not get that much strawberry flavor. Muddlers allow the flavors to really mix into your drink.

Can a cocktail muddler be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages?

Of course! You can make strawberry lemonade, mint water, flavored kombuchas, and more with a muddler.

What materials are cocktail muddlers typically made of?

Cocktail muddlers are usually made of wood, plastic, or stainless steel. We offer beechwood and food-safe plastic options. Personally, we find the steel ones a little too harsh for the delicate ingredients you may want to muddle, like herbs and fruits.

Are cocktail muddlers easy to clean and maintain?

Ours are! You can use soap and water to rinse off your wood muddler, and the plastic muddler can go directly in the dishwasher. Because they don't have spikes on them, they're even easier to clean.

Are there different types or designs of cocktail muddlers?

There are plenty of different muddler designs on the market. We just encourage you to stay away from spiked muddlers because they pulverize your herbs, creating a bitter taste. We also suggest using a long muddler like ours so you don't hurt yourself on your shaker tin!

How does the length and weight of a cocktail muddler affect its usability?

Short muddlers are the worst! You definitely want a longer muddler like ours so you don't bash and bruise your knuckles while muddling. You also don't want too heavy of a muddler-- You're not trying to pulverize your herbs!

Are there cocktail muddlers suitable for both professional bartenders and home enthusiasts?

Of course! Our muddlers are perfect for pros and beginners alike. They're easy to use and easy to clean-- plus they're long enough to keep your knuckles away from the edge of your mixing glass or shaker tin.

Close-up of a hand holding a rocks glass with mint and lime being muddled with a wood cocktail muddler

Effortless Muddling

Comfortably muddle ingredients while avoiding bruised knuckles with this extra-long muddler.

Versatile Sidekick

Use this ergonomic & extra-long muddler for fruit, herbs, & ice in cocktails-- or even mashed potatoes!

Flatlay photo of a black cocktail muddler on a white napkin, next to a vase of flowers, a whole lime, and a cut half of a lime

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Based on 153 reviews

Great design and material.


Quality materials, nice look, does the job!

Heavy duty muddler

My husband, daughter, bff's daughter and my daughters boyfriend all bar tend. Everyone swaps info on great products. No one had used this muddler but my husband loved it so much he took it to work. We just bought a 2nd one for home. It is heavy duty, sturdy and a great length for muddling in the shaker jar. It washes up nicely too. I wash by hand so don't know how it handles the dishwasher. It's a keeper.

dr joy
gift item

nice packaging for gift item

Not bad

Needed for crushing random plants and stuff into my drinks. This does that.