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Beautiful vintage style and comfortable design to boot? This bell jigger has a wide-mouth style for quick pouring and a hard edge to avoid drips. Plus, our gorgeous cocktail jigger is super functional, too: It has measurement lines all the way down to 1 barspoon. It's your trusty bar-measuring best friend!

This solid, high-quality bar jigger is made from stainless steel 304. (That's the high-quality, food-grade kind.)

Reinforced weld ensure that this bartender jigger won't break apart, even if you drop it. And the beautiful polished stainless steel finish complements the classic look of your new favorite cocktail measurer.

Who doesn't want a cocktail measuring tool with more measurement markings? Well, this drink jigger is calibrated for accuracy. (Better detail = better drinks!)

The rounded shape of your stainless steel cocktail jigger creates an ergonomic and comfortable hold.

No mess: Unrolled lip won't drip; extra-wide style won't tip!

Two-sided: 1 oz on the smaller side and 2 oz on the larger side makes this the perfect drink measuring tool for any cocktail.


Materials & Construction:

Made from durable stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.

Volume & Markings:

Larger side: 2 oz in total volume. Internal markings at:

1 3/4 oz

1 1/2 oz

1 1/4 oz

1 oz


Smaller side: 1 oz in total volume. Internal markings at:

3/4 oz

1/2 oz

1/4 oz

1 bar spoon


Jigger Dimensions:

Smaller side diameter: 1.7"

Larger side diameter: 2"

3.4" tall


Gift box Dimensions:

Dimensions: 12.6" L x 2.3" W x 2.3" H

Weight: Approximately 0.33 lb.


Care & Handling:

Stainless Steel: Dishwasher-safe for all home and commercial dishwashers.

Gold: Dishwasher-safe for home and most commercial dishwashers.

Copper: Hand wash recommended.

Read more about care instructions 

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Cocktail Enthusiasts and Pros

With detailed measurements every 1/4 oz. From one barspoon all the way up to 2oz, you can create deliciously balanced cocktails.

Quality and Comfort

Featuring a rounded shape with a wide-mouth style for quick pouring, and a hard edge to avoid drips.

Beautiful Vintage Style

Made from stainless steel 304 with reinforced weld and beautiful polished stainless steel finish in a variety of colors.
Hand pouring liquid from a stainless steel bell jigger into a clear cocktail mixing glass, on a white marble bartop

Craft in Comfort

An ergonomic and comfortable design offers the perfect fit for your hand, allowing you to pour with precision and ease.

Crafted with Care

Featuring reinforced welds for durability, you can rely on this jigger's double-sided cups every time.

Pink-orange cocktail in a coupe glass with a pink flower garnish next to a gold bell cocktail jigger, standing on white marble

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bell jigger and how is it used in bartending?

A bell jigger is a rounder, shorter jigger than the Japanese shape. It's used to measure small, precise amounts of liquid. Its wider base can also help prevent spills.

How does a bell jigger differ from other types of jiggers?

The bell jigger is wider and more stout than other jiggers. It has a rounded shape that some people find more stable and comfortable to hold.

What materials are bell jiggers typically made of?

Like all jiggers, most bell jiggers are made from stainless steel, although there are plastic or brass options on the market as well. Ours are made from food-safe stainless steel 304.

Are there different sizes or capacities of bell jiggers available? 

Yes, different brands offer different sizes. We strongly believe in having cocktail jiggers with a capacity of 2 full ounces to meet a variety of cocktail recipes, although many on the market only have a capacity of 1.5 ounces. The internal measurement markings every 1/4 ounce also make it much easier to follow recipes.

Do bell jiggers have a specific design or shape that enhances functionality? What are the benefits of using a bell jigger in cocktail making?

Yes, as mentioned, its rounder, wider shape can help prevent spills. Some people also find the wider bases easier to hold between the fingers. Often, though, the choice between a bell jigger or Japanese jigger is just personal preference over feel or aesthetic.

Can bell jiggers be used for both professional and home bartending?

They sure can! Any time you have to measure liquid ingredients, whether your a home enthusiast or a professional bartender, a bell jigger can come in handy.

Can bell jiggers be used for both shaken and stirred cocktails?

Absolutely! Any time you're measuring out small amounts of liquid ingredients, you can use a bell jigger.

Are bell jiggers easy to clean and maintain?

Ours sure are-- just throw it in the dishwasher after use and make sure to dry it before storing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 302 reviews

Sturdy, nice looking, and easy to read. Great price! It’s nice to have just one jigger. Dishwasher safe, too!

Markings not legible enough.

Wanted to love this because it looks nice and has more markings than most. However, those markings are hard to read unless you hold the jigger just right under a directed light. Maybe deeper scribing would help? My search for the perfect jigger continues.

Bob C.
Love it!

I love it, added to my bar collection ... the high sheen looks great with my shaker and the quality is excellent!

Quality Bar Gear

Quality Bar Gear

Broke after minimal use VERY DISAPPOINTING

I liked the look and style of the jigger. Have had it less than a month and only used it a few times. Rinsed it out and as you can see by the before and after pics, it broke into 3 pieces. I don’t have the original packaging so I’m stuck with it. Very disappointed

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