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Heavy Duty Bar Mat (12×18″)

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It’s thick. It’s flat. It’s nearly indestructible. You could probably park your car on it. This bar mat is a beast and will be the last one you ever buy!

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Weight 3.2 lbs


  • Food Safe:
    Unlike many bar mats, these are made with food-safe Silicone, making them completely safe to touch food like garnishes, or items that come in contact with food like knives or jiggers.
  • Heavy Duty:
    Designed for the high-volume bar, these mats are made from thick, durable silicone. They will not not warp, curl, crack or bubble and are commercial dishwasher safe.
  • Bartender’s Choice:
    Custom created by a career bartender, these non-slip mats are completely flat and feature extra thick tines and border to provide a steady work surface for your bar.
  • Versatile:
    Beefy enough for the busiest bar but durable and flexible enough for home use. These mats make great home bar mats and also work perfectly as a dish drying tray for the kitchen.
  • Money-back Guarantee:
    Backed by money-back guarantee, this heavy-duty, food-safe mat will last years. Always ships from the USA!



Exact mat dimensions are: 30mm x 45mm x 1.25mm.

Care & Handling:

Dishwasher safe for commercial & home dishwashers.

Material & Construction:

Made from high quality food-safe silicone.

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Rated 4.95 out of 5
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76 reviews for Heavy Duty Bar Mat (12×18″)

  1. Amazon Buyer

    Fantastic Mat!

    This pad has been great! It gets used every night and since I’m a sloppy mixer it does get dirty. When dirty, I just run it through the dishwasher and presto its all clean and ready to go. I just kinda wish I bought a bigger one! My daughter saw mine and bought a larger one for her basement bar and is also thrilled with it.

  2. Amazon Buyer



  3. Amazon Buyer

    Extremely sturdy and durable!

    This is awesome! It is very heavy, very thick and extremely sturdy! Absolutely what I needed!

  4. Amazon Buyer

    Great value for such a sturdy, super thick silicone mat

    I do love the size and sturdiness of this mat. If you are using it for anything other than a bar mat, beware it collects crumbs from anything due to interior nubs. It does go in the dishwasher or sink for cleaning though with no adverse issues. LOVE it.

  5. Amazon Buyer

    Great Bar Mat

    This thing is nice and heavy, and very well molded, I highly recommend this mat.

  6. Amazon Buyer

    Extremely High Quality Bar Mat

    I’ve owned this bar mat for a little over a year – and I couldn’t be more pleased. At the time of my purchase I came across several “rubber” alternatives, some at a third of the price, and wondered if this mat would be worth the higher price tag. I’m usually one to pay a bit more for a quality product that will last – and this mat is well worth the investment. It’s heavy, durable, and had no odor when it was new. After a year of heavy use, a quick rinse in the sink and it looks as new as the day I got it.

  7. Amazon Buyer


    It is heavy silicon mat and it generally keeps, often sticky, cocktail ingredients contained to the mat.

  8. Amazon Buyer

    Awesome mat

    This thing is awesome. It’s a good weight, and with two hands underneath will hold it’s shape for a walk to the sink. After a quick clean, no odor. It also grips reasonably well on our engineered quartz countertop, but it did create a little static electricity moving it around unnaturally.

  9. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent – Very High Quality

    For the first time ever I can make coffee in my Cuisinart Thermal coffee maker and not worry about it overflowing. It fits on this mat with room for my small coffee grinder and a few other little items. No more stress; that makes the coffee even better! The mat is very high quality, deep, holds things on it totally stably – exactly as described and really worth the price.

  10. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent product

    Excellent quality. Exceeded expectations (how often does that happen?). Purchased two to drain dishes (we generally hand wash – there are only two of us in the household). We have one out all of the time and use the second one when we have more dishes from cooking or if we have guests. They are thick and the depth allows the dishes to drain well without water puddling on the counter. Will be buying more for my mother.

  11. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Nice. Heavy duty, excellent quality.

  12. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Hight quality!

  13. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  14. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Looks durable, more than standard mat. We’ll see how it holds up.

  15. Amazon Buyer

    This is a nice bar mat

    This is a nice bar mat. No toxic smell, flexible, and good weight to it. Using it in my home bar setup and it’s great.

  16. Amazon Buyer

    This thing is awesome!

    Very well made, heavy duty silicone. Haven’t run it through dishwasher yet but I’ve no doubt it’s durable enough to handle anything.

  17. Amazon Buyer

    Heavy Duty and Solid

    This mat heavy duty! Its heavy and solid. I bought if for my bar but I am going to order another for our kitchen. I have seen some flimsy mats so I wanted something substantive. This is it.

  18. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great bar mat just what I wanted for my bar so I got two and gifted one..

  19. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great to have at your bar.

  20. Amazon Buyer

    Heavy duty

    Exactly what I was looking for: a heavy duty silicone drying mat for my kitchen. All the other ones looked too flimsy and cheap. I only wish this were slightly larger.

  21. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very thick and durable.

  22. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great Thick bar mat. Makes drying glasses and pitchers really easy. Really well made.

  23. Amazon Buyer

    Loved it! It’s sturdy and works great in our …

    Loved it! It’s sturdy and works great in our breakroom.

  24. Amazon Buyer

    Well Made

    Very well made silicone mat. It replaced a plastic Rubbermaid kitchen drainer. This mat looks much better and is solid.

  25. Amazon Buyer


    Nice, thick construction, just received but already very much appreciated.

  26. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very nice quality, I have several mats around the place and this is by far the best.

  27. Amazon Buyer

    Overall great quality. I would order again

    I ordered this mat for the bar I work at. It is really heavy duty, and everything lays flat on it (which can be hard to find a mat that actually does that). Overall great quality. I would order again.

  28. Amazon Buyer

    A True Quality Item

    Ridiculously well made. It’s twice as thick as any other mat I’ve found. Serious quality mat that should probably be priced higher than it is, I’d still buy one for almost double.

  29. Amazon Buyer

    Great product.

    This is a great product. I’m glad I decided to purchase it. It keeps the spills within the mat and is easy to clean. Looks great too. If there were a larger size, I’d prefer bigger, but like what I received.

  30. Amazon Buyer

    … is outstanding i boight a second obe for a good friend who did not believe me how good it …

    This mat is outstanding i boight a second obe for a good friend who did not believe me how good it really is for his bar.

    Would be nice if somehow you could make colors this

  31. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect countertop dish drying mat

    This mat is thick, flexible, durable, and has a great texture. I’m using it as a dish drying mat on a black countertop – it is much more elegant than a microfiber mat and as easily washed (in the dishwasher, of course!)

  32. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent Size for Home Bar

    Purchased this for our home bar, it has a marble top and we not only wanted to protect it but also wanted to have something the champagne and wine glasses would hold steady on and this does the trick. Very nice quality and good value.

  33. Amazon Buyer

    Nice mat, silicone is better than rubber mats or cloth drying pads.

    I love this mat next to the kitchen sink. So much better than those microfiber pads that never seem to dry. Usually dries itself but If it catches a lot of water, just hold it over the sink for a quick drain. It looks a lot better than a cloth pad. I have a rubber mat as well but this silicone seems nicer. Worth the extra cost.

  34. Amazon Buyer

    This is the best silicone bar mat I have found

    This is the best silicone bar mat I have found. You pay a little extra compared to some but it is well worth it. It’s as heavy duty as it can get and looks perfect sitting on my bar

  35. Amazon Buyer

    More than just a “Bar” Mat!

    I was on a quest for protective silicone mat for our new glass stop electric stove. Not an easy search since most covers I found were “quilted” materials. I actually found a one piece that works great from another supplier for when the stove is not in use at all….BUT…when these mats came up in my search I HAD to give them a try!!…and boy-oh-boy….these babies are the ticket! Thick and sturdy!!!…and now I’m not afraid for something to accidentally get slammed down on my stove when I’m not in the kitchen to protect it..lol . I especially love the fact that I can keep one mat on the stove while I’m only using a couple burners…and have no worries about setting a hot pot on it. I plan on buying a few more to give as gifts for family members…they won’t know how much they need one till they have one.

  36. Amazon Buyer

    Truly excellent; thick; great looking; functional

    I only wish I could get a larger size. These mats are terrific. They look a lot less cluttered than a drying rack and are great to have around for granite countertops. They are so thick and well made that I expect they’ll last a lifetime.

  37. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly What I Was Looking For!

    This mat is very amazing! The durability of this mat is exactly as advertised. I use when I volunteer to serve at football games and this really helps me save myself from having to use a lot of napkins. The mat did not slip around during my use and I was able to go through a whole game without having to empty the mat.

    I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a way to keep your workplace dry!

  38. Amazon Buyer

    Could not be better

    This excellent mat sits in front of my espresso machine and grinder. It gets daily use, and works perfectly.
    What do I like about it? It sits perfectly flat and doesn’t move. Cleaning it is easy by running it through the dishwasher. It catches and holds spills and drips without any danger of overflowing, even when a pitcher of milk was knocked over into it. Deserves all four stars. I’d buy it again without hesitation, and happily recommend it.

  39. Amazon Buyer

    Expensive But Worth Every Cent!!!

    I wanted to replace the old clear silicon drying mats that we had been using in our kitchen for a few years. They were never particularly attractive, or that useful, really. They were thin and had a tendency to mold and stain, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. My standard practice is to search for an item, pull it up, then rank the choices by user reviews, an extremely useful Amazon feature to read what real people have to say about the products they purchase without all the marketing hype. And so it was with these mats. I pulled up the search and these were at the top of the list. I read the reviews, and they all said the same thing – best mats ever! So even though they were more expensive, I took the leap and bought one of them with the idea that if my wife did not like it, I would take it down to my bar. Well, that did not happen. When the package arrived, we were both immediately impressed with the sheer quality of the mat. It’s actually quite beautiful considering it only sits there and lets your dishes dry! It really classes up any kitchen; we both loved it at first sight. Needless to say, I ended up buying a second one right away for my bar. Read the reviews, check out the pictures, then vote with your buying decision – you will not be disappointed! The mat is first class in every way!

  40. Amazon Buyer

    The concrete is bad on my feet after standing 8 hours a day

    The concrete is bad on my feet after standing 8 hours a day. I bought this matt to stand on and it is great perfect size for travel. It’s good to know I can put in dishwasher to clean.

  41. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great mat. Not stinky. Didn’t mare the countertop.

  42. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Absolutely LOVE this addition to my bar. Rock solid mat.

  43. Amazon Buyer


  44. Amazon Buyer

    Like that it’s not rubber and the thickness

    Purchased to place under our Vitamix blender. Like that it’s not rubber and the thickness

  45. Amazon Buyer

    Great customer service

    As a bar manager, these are a life saver. VERY heavy duty construction, durable, and food safe as well! Great customer service, too!

  46. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very well made and fits my bar perfectly

  47. Amazon Buyer


  48. Amazon Buyer


    Very nice heavy duty bar mat. Love the fact it’s dishwasher safe.

  49. Amazon Buyer

    Great bar mat

    Very nice heavy duty bar mat. Love the fact it’s dishwasher safe.

  50. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great mat – really sturdy, and holds perfectly after dishwasher.
    Would love to see other sizes!

  51. Amazon Buyer

    Heavy Duty

    High Quality.

  52. Amazon Buyer

    Great Quality mat

    Extra heavy. Much nicer that I expected. Big enough to protect counter right out of the oven.

  53. Amazon Buyer

    Simply Outstanding

    Greatly exceeded expectations in quality and functionality. Ordered just one to give it a try and was blown away. Promptly ordered 4 more.

  54. Amazon Buyer

    Best BarMat I’ve used!

    These are awesome; we use them at our bar and also as drying mats next to our kitchen sink. Excellent quality, far superior to your typical bar mats.

  55. Amazon Buyer

    Quality, quality, quality.

    Used to use a microfiber drying mat, but the mold and clean-up were a pain. This silicone mat is perfect! Silicone is quality with a good solid feel and clean-up is incredibly easy.

  56. Amazon Buyer

    Pricey but worth it

    Great mat! Thick, so it stays where you want it to be. Surface is very stable. Dishwasher safe and food safe. The price a little high but it’s worth the money.

  57. Amazon Buyer

    Great product

    Great as advertised. Fast shipping.

  58. Amazon Buyer

    Absolutely Great Product!

    Awesome product. We use on our kitchen marble countertop. I was worried it would look too “commercial” but it doesn’t – it’s jusy fantastic!!

  59. Amazon Buyer

    Really nice and substantial mat

    Really nice and substantial mat, good weight, doesn’t slip, doesn’t smell, and best of all lays perfectly flat. Much better quality than the usual rubber bar mats. We use it in our kitchen to keep the white countertops in our coffee area clean. Highly recommend. Would be nice in future if you could order other (especially narrower) sizes.

  60. Amazon Buyer

    high quality

    It’s an excellent product. Just what we needed. Very heavy duty silicone, for sure. I bought a rubber one from another company and definitely there is a huge quality gap. Love it.

  61. Amazon Buyer

    A very heavy duty mat

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the mat. It’s much thicker than I thought it would be and should last a very long time. I’ve used it a few times and it’s worked well. glasses are very stable when set on it.

  62. Amazon Buyer

    The last bar mat you will ever need.

    It just doesn’t get any better. This is a superb product. I only wish it also came in a larger size.

  63. Amazon Buyer

    Best Bar Mat I’ve Found

    This and durable. I am very happy with this purchase. It is large, but that’s what I was looking for.

  64. Amazon Buyer

    Great American product!

    Love this mat. It’s so comforting to buy an American product. Great customer service also. I use it as a dish mat and is considering buying one for coffee mat.
    Just bought a second mat for my coffee. This is truly an excellent U.S product of TOP quality. It’s a bit pricey but worth it.

  65. Amazon Buyer

    Seems like a great bar mat

    Seems like a great bar mat. Very heavy duty and looks great too.
    I am buying another one to use in my coffee area.

  66. Amazon Buyer

    Heavy duty

    Their details on this item is spot on. Works well at a busy espresso bar area.

  67. Amazon Buyer

    Nice addition.

    I bought this mat to put on the counter by the coffee maker, and now it’s the spot we put all of our glasses on to pour drinks at during the day. It’s designed for heavy duty bar use, so it catches and protects our kitchen counter from all spills, splashes and that annoying fizz ring from pouring sodas, and then can be quickly rinsed off in the sink or put it in the dishwasher for a real cleaning.

  68. Amazon Buyer

    Quality mat at a reasonable price.

    This is a truly better product. Plain and simple. Heavy weight so it does not slide easily. Nubs are oval instead of round as most rubber mats are… this is a great design. Feed back on product enhancement is to make different sizes and shapes. Of particular I tear would a diamond shaped mat that would transition countertops at a 45′ angle. Also round and square and strip mats…

  69. Amazon Buyer

    Best Damn Silicone Mat Money Can Buy

    The build quality on this is incredible. I use them for all sorts of stuff. Food, repairs, mechanical, drinks, drying – pretty much anything. It’s virtually indestructible.

  70. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect for my coffee maker!

    I bought this to put under my coffee maker to prevent spills on my counters… works great and is easily cleaned. Purchased a piece of felt to put under it to make it slide easier on my granite counter and couldn’t be happier

  71. Amazon Buyer

    Nothing to complain about here!!! Just raves !!!

    Everything about this product deserves 5 stars!
    Upon looking for purchasing gifts for my husband I found these mats for his bar so I purchased the both sizes and though a bit pricy it was worth every penny they are so sturdy and don’t have that gross rubber smell because they’re silicone, needless to say they’re great and look great too!

  72. Amazon Buyer

    These are sturdy, professional and stylist at the same time

    These are sturdy, professional and stylist at the same time. I have not yet had the chance to put them through the dish washer challenge (where most mats fall) but will amend the rating if they don’t lay flat post dishwasher! They are ideal for catching drips and drops in the kitchen under a juicer, citrus press and ice shaver! They rinse off with ease and have a nice sturdy weight to them.

  73. Amazon Buyer

    Heavy Duty Bar Mat

    I love the heavy duty bar mat so much that I’m going to order a second one! I’m using mine under my air frier. I have been afraid to use it because it gets hot and I didn’t want to ruin my new counters. The second one will be for the cover when I have to take it off to turn over the food during the frying process. Only negative – I wish it were as wide as it is long!

  74. Amazon Buyer

    Size is not as advertised

    I bought two of these 12 x 18” bar mats, having carefully measured my space. The quality seems very nice, as others have mentioned, and they do indeed lay nice and flat. But they are NOT 12 x 18” as advertised. The listing does have a couple sizes listed, one in centimeters, one as approximately 12 x 18, and one as 11.8 x 17.7. It is none of those (well, my tape measure doesn’t have cm). They measure 11 5/8 x 17 3/8. Call me crazy but I don’t consider that approximate. I’ll likely keep them, too much bother to return, but for nearly $34 each, I expected better.

  75. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent dish drying mat next to our island sink

    This is a perfect drying mat for dishes and pots and pans and can easily be put away when not in need. Great for drying big items as well as delicate items like riedel wine glasses thanks to the larger pads. I just wish this came in a matching but more traditional bar mat size (4 x 18 or 4 x 24 or 6 x 24 or something like that) so I could buy one for my butlers pantry! Can someone make that happen???

  76. Amazon Buyer

    Hands down the best bar mat money can buy

    Hands down the best bar mat money can buy. Very thick, glassware is very stable on the oval nubs, does not slip around on the counter, holds up just fine to hot stuff too..

    Yeah, it’s more expensive, but it really is that much better.

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