Hawthorne Strainer
Hawthorne Strainer
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Hawthorne Strainer


I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure this is the BEST Hawthorne Strainer money can buy. We designed it for comfort, speed, and durability. Seriously, it’s the best.

3770 in stock


  • Bartenders Choice:
    Designed for ergonomics, comfort and quality, this strainer was crafted by a career bartender to reduce hand stress and give a comfortable straining experience – even for the busiest bartender. It’s comfortable enough for the longest shift and styled to look great in the finest home bar!
  • Durable:
    Tested for durability in high-volume bars, this strainer has proven its quality and strength. Crafted from polished food-grade stainless steel, this strainer will not break, bend or rust. Dishwasher safe for home or commercial dishwashers.
  • Ergonomic Design:
    No more rough edges that dig into the side of your thumb or poorly placed finger grips that strain the hand. Patent-pending design reduces strain on the hand and fingers, so you can comfortably keep mixing drinks all night!
  • Versatile:
    This standard-sized strainer fits in most cocktail shakers, mixing glasses and pint glasses. High quality tightly coiled spring creates a fine strainer and keeps fruit pulp and ice shards from making their way into your final cocktail.
  • Money-back Guarantee:
    Backed by money-back guarantee, this is the last hawthorne strainer you’ll ever need for your home bar. Always ships from the USA!



Strainer body is 129mm x 99mm. High density spring is approximately 20cm long.

Care & Handling:

Dishwasher safe for commercial & home dishwashers.


Material & Construction:

  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Finish: Polished Stainless Steel

How to

Straining Basics:

When you’re finished shaking or stirring your cocktail, simply place this strainer in the top of your shaker tin or mixing glass (spring side down), hold it with your pointer finger and pour. Easy!

Straining Two Cocktails:

If you push the strainer body down (toward where the liquid comes out) while straining, the liquid will pass through the two gaps for the strainer arms. With some practice, you’ll be able to strain into two different glasses at the same time!

Extra Frothy Egg Whites:

Like to make egg white cocktails? You can make your egg whites extra frothy by removing the coil from this strainer and tossing it in the shaker along with your egg whites during your dry shake.

Storing your Strainer:

Add a hook to your bar and store this strainer by hanging it on the hook. It takes up less space and looks downright beautiful!

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Customer Reviews

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Hawthorn Strainer

Nice strainer. Well made, tight coil, and good ergonomics so its easy to use.

Quality Product That Does The Job

Nice quality, feels professional, not cheaply made like the ones you can pull off a peg-board in places like Beyond The Bed & Bath.

Very happy with it, fits a variety of different sized shakers.

This is the standard bar tool

There are no substitutes when it comes to bar tools. Every good home bartender (or pretend bartender) should have several of these and they make great gifts.

Top Shelf Excellence

Bar Above products are top shelf quality tools for the enthusiast and professional alike. My bar is filled with them!

Good shaker

Fits together well and easy to separate after shaking.