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Boston Shaker – Weighted / Unweighted

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The ultimate workhorse of a Boston Shaker. This combination of weighted / unweighted makes for a strong seal that’s easy to break open. The weight is circle-welded for durability and guaranteed to last!

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


  • The Professional Bartender’s Choice:
    Tough enough for high volume bars and home bars alike, this boston shaker has been hand-selected and tested by professional bartenders to be the highest quality and best shaker available.
  • Durable:
    Professional food-grade Stainless Steel 304 and dishwasher safe for home or commercial dishwashers. This all-stainless shaker set will not break like glass shakers, and has no rubber seal to crack and warp with ag
  • No Drips or Messes:
    Don’t take your chances buying shaker tins separately, this set has been selected and tested to offer the perfect water-tight seal. Unlike cobbler shakers, this boston shaker set will not freeze shut, drip or spill as you pour out your drink.
  • Versatile:
    Use the shaker for shaken drinks like Margaritas, Daiquiris and Mojitos, or use the bottom tin for stirred drinks like the Martini, Manhattan or Old Fashioned. The tins also nest-inside each other for low-profile storage when not in use.
  • Weighted / Unweighted Combination:
    Pairing a weighted shaker with an unweighted cheater tin provides the best of both worlds. It’s a strong, tight seal for shaking multiple cocktails or egg whites, while still being easy to open when you’re ready to pour.


Safe for commercial and home dishwashers.


Material & Construction

  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Weld: Circle-welded for extra strength
  • Larger Cup Size: 28 oz / 825ml
  • Smaller Cup Size: 18 oz / 525ml

How to

1) Add Ingredients and Shake
First, add your ingredients to the shaker with ice. Then invert the other cup over the first and give it a “whack” with your palm. The shakers will seal tightly together and are ready to shake!

2) Break Open the Seal
Open the sealed shaker by placing on your bar and holding with one hand. Hit the opposite side firmly with your palm to crack the seal and open.

3) Strain and Enjoy
Place your Hawthorne Strainer in the top of the shaker and strain into the glass. Voila! Your delicious cocktail is ready to enjoy.

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Rated 4.92 out of 5
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438 reviews for Boston Shaker – Weighted / Unweighted

  1. Amazon Buyer


    Works well

  2. Amazon Buyer

    Great Boston Shaker

    High quality product. A great addition to my home mixology tools.

  3. Amazon Buyer

    Best shaker out there!

    Love this product! I bought it for my dad and had to get myself one too. Comes in a nice sturdy box so it’s easy to wrap too.

  4. Amazon Buyer


    Love it and loving using it to make my margarita

  5. Amazon Buyer



  6. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality shaker

    Good quality

  7. Amazon Buyer


    Used for margaritas. Easy to use, easy to clean. Felt like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

  8. Amazon Buyer

    Quality Product.

    Just as described. Simple bar accessory to ease the mix of cocktail drinks.

  9. Amazon Buyer

    Absolutely perfect

    I love this shaker. I have used it several times for large parties so I ordered a 2nd one so we can make 2 different drinks at one time. It’s very well built and looks elegant behind the bar. Stop searching for any other shaker this one will not disappoint.

  10. Amazon Buyer

    Great Addition to Bar

    I purchased these for my commercial bar and I love them. Best quality I’ve had. They look nice, wash nice (even in our commercial dishwasher!), seal well, and wear well. I bought two sets and use them constantly every night. Great buy!

  11. Amazon Buyer

    speedy service

    It is easy to use and does not leak

  12. Amazon Buyer

    Airtight seal and good price

    Works perfectly

  13. Amazon Buyer


    competitive has better products for the same price.

  14. Amazon Buyer

    The only shaker you will ever need

    A genuinely professional tool. Made a great Ramos fizz

  15. Amazon Buyer

    Amazing! What are you waiting for? Get it!

    I looked at all the options, and this one looked the best. After using it for years, I am completely satisfied, and this is the only shaker I would ever buy or recommend to friends. I like that there is no obvious branding on this, and the branding that is there actually looks good. It looks so good on my counter when not in use, and it works perfectly. I have used this A LOT over the years, and it still looks brand new. Super easy to clean. There is no reason you shouldn’t buy this if you need a shaker.

  16. Amazon Buyer

    Just what I wanted

    Exactly what I was looking for. Good quality and price. Arrived right away and already put to use!

  17. Amazon Buyer

    No more lid fussing!

    Purchased as tipster from One-Bottle Cocktail. I’ll never use another again.

  18. Amazon Buyer

    works well

    This products works well. It doesn’t leak and gets the job done.

  19. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality shaker set

    Well made shaker. Love using it for my martinis.

  20. Amazon Buyer

    Like the quality

    Easy to use. Better than using a shaker and beer glass

  21. Amazon Buyer

    Good boston shaker

    Love the feel. Easy to lock together and pry apart. Does its job. Can also use a pint glass in place.

  22. Amazon Buyer

    Great product

    Very well made and attractive for a bar set.

  23. Amazon Buyer

    It really is leak proof!

    I purchased this to replace a “non-rust” shaker that rusted after the first use. This is my first Boston shaker and I could not be more pleased. First, it is completely leak proof. No matter how vigorously I shake, the drink stays in the shaker. The seal is solid. But, it’s also easy to break the seal. Just hit with the palm of your hand and you are ready to pour. I have thrown this in the dishwasher multiple times and there is no rust. I would definitely buy again!

  24. Amazon Buyer

    Can handle high volume

    I work in the industry and this is just as good as the ones I’ve used at work.

  25. Amazon Buyer

    Very happy with this shaker set

    Got this set recently, and am very pleased with it. Good price, high quality. Absolutely no leakage from the tins while shaking, and it makes that satisfying “crack” sound when you whack it to break the seal. If I had it to do over again, I might look for a set from this same company that has both tins weighted, as the weighted one feels a little more solid in the hand. All in all, nice job.

  26. Amazon Buyer

    Great for the at-home bartender

    Just got this and it is great compared to the shaker I had previously. No leaking and I was able to make multiple Cosmopolitans in it with no issue. Very easy to clean and store.

  27. Amazon Buyer

    Mixed drinks are fun.

    This is my first Boston style shaker. Looks and works great. Fast service and good packaging.

  28. Amazon Buyer

    Just the Ticket!

    Just the ticket for cocktails, especially any with egg white that will clog most ordinary shakers with built in strainers.

  29. Amazon Buyer


    It’s worked as well as a would expect it to.

  30. Amazon Buyer

    Husband loves it

    My husband has been using since he received at Christmas and hasn’t had any complaints.

  31. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality

    Makes you feel like a professional

  32. Amazon Buyer

    Simple to use

    The simplicity of the system. I watched a couple of you tube videos and caught on right away. I recommend this shaker set highly. Also, appreciated the follow up suggestions from the seller.

  33. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice shaker

    These are excellent. They’re just for our home use and we’ve previously used the common shakers that have the built-in strainer on the top. They have always leaked or been extremely difficult to get the lids off. These seal wonderfully, don’t leak, and are easy to break apart.

  34. Amazon Buyer

    Awesome cocktail shakers

    I love these Boston style shakers. They are so much easier to use than the old cap style shakers. They are way easier than the cap style to get apart. I love these.

  35. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly what my home bar needed

    Putting together a home bar and this shaker is perfect. Easy to clean, nests for easy storage, feels very durable, and it’s machine washable! Couldn’t ask for a better product. Additionally, the company has excellent customer service. I’ve had no issues, however, when purchasing the product, the company did message me with a few tips about the product and some cocktail recipes!

  36. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality

    I was so frustrated with my old shaker, for all the known reasons, saw a bartender use a similar and found this. It’s great, the joys of simple pleasures, combined with great quality.

  37. Amazon Buyer

    Like a unicorn

    Sometimes you just stumble straight into an honest to goodness value. You pay a good price and are stunned by the product you get. That’s this shaker set. The vendor is fantastic, and the product great. Will buy this set as a gift for my son-in-law. He’s going to love it.

  38. Amazon Buyer

    The real deal

    Nothing fancy but the essential tool for crafting cocktails (and looking the part).

  39. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker

    Great shaker set! Will buy again.

  40. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly what we were looking for

    Wanted to upgrade out barware. This Boston Shaker is perfect. High quality and great look.

  41. Amazon Buyer

    These are the ones you need

    Great product and very easy to use. Sometimes they are hard to separate, but that’s better then them leaking.

  42. Amazon Buyer


    I make a home-made whiskey sour with this set every night, and it works great. (Hint: The key to a great home-made whiskey sour is not just the fresh lemons, but sweetening the drink with pure Vermont maple syrup.)

  43. Amazon Buyer

    My first Shaker and I love it!

    My first Shaker I’ve owned and have ever used. Quality is great for price. Never using a cocktail shaker before I was worried if I could get the hang of it and if it would leak. My first use was fabulous, the drink turned out great and I didn’t have any issues with seal or leakage. Glad I chose to order this one.

  44. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker set

    Exactly what I expected and had no issues separating the shakers. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  45. Amazon Buyer

    Great value

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  46. Amazon Buyer

    No spills + Super sleek + Easy to clean

    I have purchased shakers in the past from Target and Walmart and though they looked good they would generate a mess after each use and weren’t as easy to clean. These shakers are perfect. The airtight seals eliminates all mess and the cups are very easy to clean. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  47. Amazon Buyer

    This is the one

    Fancy and well crafted shaker. You’ve found the one.

  48. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality!

    I got this as a gift for my mom who likes to make cocktails. Works great! Gets nice and frosty and is easy to pop open when you’re ready to strain.

  49. Amazon Buyer

    Great Dhaker

    Beautiful shaker, durable, easy clean up and I use it often. Highly recommend

  50. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker

    So, this is my newest edition to my home bar. So far I love this shaker. This Boston shaker creates a fantastic seal for vigorous shaking and at the same time is not difficult to release. It is extremely easy to clean and the shine just adds to the flare.
    I would definitely recommend this product.

  51. Amazon Buyer

    Very high quality

    Very high quality. Very happy with my purchase

  52. Amazon Buyer

    Gets drinks ice old fast, doesn’t leak

    I am impressed by this shaker set. It doesn’t leak, yet is still easy to separate the glasses with an assertive tap. It gets drinks ice cold very fast, which will make your hands cold too if you shake it for a while!

  53. Amazon Buyer

    Answer to the perfect Martini

    This is a tight sealing easy to use and clean shaker. My husband loves it!

  54. Amazon Buyer

    Great Product!

    Excellent shaker set made out of high quality and durable materials! I also have one of their julep strainers, which is also excellent.

  55. Amazon Buyer

    Happy customer

    Gave this as a gift to my husband and he loves it!

  56. Amazon Buyer

    Nice shaker

    Love that it’s dishwasher safe (or if it wasn’t it didn’t die when I put it in the dishwasher XD)

  57. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker.

    Easiest and surest way to mix a cocktail. No leaks! Easy to clean. Stir like a pro!

  58. Amazon Buyer

    Does exactly what it should

    Great Boston style shaker—seals and unseals just fine. Thin walls so you know when the drink is super cold because your hands will be too. Easy to clean because it’s just two metal cups.

  59. Amazon Buyer

    The real deal

    First time using a shaker, and I couldn’t be happier! Excellent product!

  60. Amazon Buyer

    Great cocktail shaker

    Delivered as advertised and on time–thanks! This is a replacement for a worn out strainer-in-the-lid POS’s.

    This one works well–easy to use and not flimsy!

  61. Amazon Buyer

    Just what we needed

    Bartender quality. Perfect.

  62. Amazon Buyer

    Seals snug and releases with a twist

    I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve never liked the cocktail shakers with the little lids and build in strainers. I really wanted the two pieces like this one. The price was reasonable and it works great. The first couple times, I thought I’d gotten them stuck together, but with just a little twist, they easily separate. I bought a separate strainer, which also works great. Now I can make delicious lemon drops anytime I want.

  63. Amazon Buyer

    Top quality

    Gave to my daughter for xmas. She loved it, nice quality item!

  64. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker for the money.

    Great shaker at a great price. Locks and unlocked well. Can make sour drinks with ease

  65. Amazon Buyer

    durability and easy to clean


  66. Amazon Buyer

    Just like the ones used in bars.

    Works as advertised. Just like the ones I used many years ago when I bartended.

  67. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality

    this shaker is one ove the best I’ve tried so far. The larger tin is weighted which makes the seal perfectly tight ( but you can still break it easily ), no drops, it gives you a clean pour…. and what I love most about this guy is that the tins don’t get stuck even when I shake hot liquids. Highly recommend!

  68. Amazon Buyer

    Boston Shaker works great!

    I actually saw Alton Brown make a cocktail on tv with the Boston Shaker. I have tried the other shakers with lids and they leaked. I opened the box, put a little water in my new Boston Shaker and tried it. No leaks, it worked great. Thanks for the recipe I can’t wait to shake up a cocktail 🙂

  69. Amazon Buyer

    Quality items

    I purchased these as a Christmas gift so I haven’t used them. They look nice and very durable. Received them quickly. Happy with purchase.

  70. Amazon Buyer


  71. Amazon Buyer

    Quality Shaker

    I have not used this to make a cocktail yet, but I did fill it with ice and water and shook vigorously, no leaks, sealed properly, easy to separate with a little tap. The larger section will also fit a 16 oz pint glass nicely.

  72. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality

    Really tight but maybe need practice. Hand wash or put in the dishwasher.

  73. Amazon Buyer

    Good find

    If it’s not on right, it does leak a bit. But it does not get stuck like some of the others I used do.

  74. Amazon Buyer

    Simple, good quality and easy to use

    The shaker is nice and simple. As an amateur, it’s easy to use and easy to clean. We don’t make cocktails often, so we wanted to limit the supplies to the essentials. This is perfect for our small collection of home bar supplies.

    One nice bonus feature, the cups nest without sticking together. This saves space and we can even store other utensils inside when traveling.

  75. Amazon Buyer


    Nothing to dislike! Works as described!

  76. Amazon Buyer

    Easy to use, good quality and works as expected

    This is a nice set and we’ve used often since purchasing. I can’t think why we would ever need to buy one more expensive. The weighted one does make a difference and when shaking there are no leaks when nested properly. I would buy again.

  77. Amazon Buyer


    Great quality, great price

  78. Amazon Buyer

    You won’t be disappointed.

    This is a very good quality shaker. It has a good weight to it, seals well every time and is super easy to clean. The only downside is my own inexperience in breaking the seal after shaking! I just haven’t got the technique down. I’ve actually found myself looking for excuses to use the shaker.!

  79. Amazon Buyer


    Great just has a tin smell to it even after wash

  80. Amazon Buyer

    Great for mixing drinks

    Kept the contents ice cold

  81. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent value for bar quality shaker

    Great quality. The interior surface has milling marks but not a big deal. Works as expected, holds a good seal and easy to break seal when shaking is done. No complaints, and it is good bar quality with very good price point.

  82. Amazon Buyer

    Doesn’t freeze shut or leak

    After years of fighting with shakers that freeze shut and /or shakers that weren’t dishwasher safe, we were happy to find the perfect solution. We love this shaker!

  83. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  84. Amazon Buyer

    Bartender’s Two Cents

    I myself am a bartender with 7+ years behind the stick from craft to club atmospheres. I also am extremely picky about my tools. Korikos are an industry standard and used at most bars, I’ve personally never been a fan. I need that deep seal that I can trust when making flips and egg white cocktails and Korikos tend to get squirrelly when the contents begin to expand. These tins are PERFECT. And if you’re in the market for a Hawthorne strainer, Top Shelf makes an excellent one as well. While I may get the rest of my tools from Cocktail Kingdom, for my tins and Hawthornes, Top Shelf is #1.

  85. Amazon Buyer

    Okay…but no Koriko

    If this is the first decent shaker set you’ve owned then it is no doubt a five star revelation. However, if you’re used to Koriko shakers….well…it’s no Koriko. The biggest issue is how the interior surface has been lathed. The Koriko shakers are very smooth, which means that separating them post-shake is a snap. In fact, the first time you use a Koriko the pre-shake sealing and post-shake separation seem so smooth that you worry that there is not a strong enough seal and that liquid will fly out…but it never does…which is part of the magic of the Koriko shakers. These are rougher on the inside, with more of a raised circular pattern cascading down the inside of the metal, and the post-shake separation is a bit tougher and both it and the pre-shake seal have very subtle hints of metal girding uncomfortably together. The metal is also thicker, which (counter-intuitively to someone who doesn’t know better) just feels cheaper. I bought two of these and after using one returned the other one unused. Instead of saving nine bucks on a cheap knock-off I went ahead and just bought another Koriko.

  86. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    quality product used a few times a week

  87. Amazon Buyer

    So so

    It is hard to secure well enough together and once you do, getting it separated without spilling is also difficult

  88. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Saw the bartenders at my favorite place using these so I got one for home, love it.

  89. Amazon Buyer


    The product is as advertised

  90. Amazon Buyer

    high quality and overall great!

    These boston shakers are absolutely great! They have a nice weight so I don’t fling them around everywhere while I’m working, and there isn’t any spillage when I’m shaking. Just make sure that you put them together at the right angle.

  91. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker!

    Great shaker! No more spills. No more running the top under hot water to separate. Highly recommend!

  92. Amazon Buyer

    Simple, elegant, as advertised. Support this small business and buy this shaker!

    This Boston Shaker is exactly what I needed for my bar cart. It is simple, elegant, and as advertised and it matches all of my other stainless steel tools. I was also impressed by my contact with the seller. They are a small company (husband and wife duo) who cares about the customer and good cocktails. Support this small business and buy this shaker!

  93. Amazon Buyer

    Great purchase

    Water tight seal, nice design and weight.

  94. Amazon Buyer

    Met High Expectations.

    I hated our previous boston shaker set up and started a search for a new one. I’m not sure where I initially found reviews on this Top Shelf Set, but I am glad I did. I like Manhattans, I have noticed the bitters have stained the inside of the shaker where 2 to 4 dashes hit the side…yeah, I make doubles. Don’t judge me…you’re here, so you like drinking too. Very happy with this set and the OXO strainer. I like how it seals, no leaks, sometimes I get a little too aggressive with the seal and have a slight struggle getting it open but that is my technique, or maybe level of intoxication, that I need to work on as it usually works flawlessly.

  95. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    yup it shakes

  96. Amazon Buyer

    Honestly perfect

    Professional bartender here, I bring my own gear to work most days. I’ve ordered a dozen or so tin sets, including some purportedly high-end stuff. I can say honestly this is my favorite set of mixing tins, they fit together easily, the weight is perfect and they release with ease. Excellent product for the money.

  97. Amazon Buyer

    Very happy

    High quality

  98. Amazon Buyer

    Shake shake shake

    Great product!! Love using it!!

  99. Amazon Buyer

    Great sealing shaker

    Love this shaker. Seals great.

  100. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Getting into making cocktails at home and wanted to step up my game by switching from a plastic shaker to a Boston shaker. These are perfect! They seal together securely and are a nice weight. I have used several times already with no problems. Bought a second one for my nephew. I would buy again.

  101. Amazon Buyer

    I love the feel and weight of this technically “French” not …

    I love the feel and weight of this technically “French” not Boston Shaker. A Boston shaker is metal and glass. And, as anyone knows who has gotten stuck using a shaker and couldn’t separate the two , the ease with which I was able to create a seal and release it again was a real plus.

  102. Amazon Buyer

    Great value and function

    These are a great addition to any home bar. I don’t know why I waited so long to get a Boston shaker, they work so much better than cobbler shakers. The weight of this set is just right with the taller one being weighted just a bit. They snap together and don’t leak while shaking. After you are done a hard tap on the side releases you elixir and you are ready to imbibe. This set will not disappoint. Cheers.

  103. Amazon Buyer

    Great cold drinks, nice weight and capacity

    There is not too much to say, it makes great cold mai tais, margaritas and cosmos, keeps its seal fairly easily and is easy to get apart. I am particularly happy that I can mix three, and maybe with a little care, even four cocktails simultaneously thanks to the volume of this set. Much better than the little plastic one piece I have been using for years. My last Boston style shaker set had a glass top piece with a rubber rim and eventually cracked near the rim. No chance of that happening with this set and the weight is nice too, heavy, but not too heavy. I highly recommend this set, at least for an amateur home mixologist like myself.

  104. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  105. Amazon Buyer

    High quality.

    Nice shaker. Seems really high quality. Great for mojitos!

  106. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality!


  107. Amazon Buyer

    Top notch.

    Works and looks very professional. I am very happy with my purchase.

  108. Amazon Buyer

    but this will do the job if you’re not too annoying about your shaker needs

    It’s an okay shaker.
    I definitely prefer Koriko, especially when it comes to opening the shaker post shake, but this will do the job if you’re not too annoying about your shaker needs.
    Keeping this one as a backup shaker or for when i’m making two different drinks and ordering a Koriko set (sadly not available with prime on amazon)

  109. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker

    Great product. I tried others: hard to remove the lid, spilled my drink, couldn’t remove the top, etc. This one is perfect.

  110. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great Shaker set.

  111. Amazon Buyer

    If you’re buying a shaker, this is the one!!

    Best Boston Shaker I’ve ever had. Small cost Large Value.

  112. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very satisfied, good quality, works as described. Glad I bought them.

  113. Amazon Buyer

    just as described… and i no longer …

    just as described… and i no longer break glass beakers! light tap to close and slight wack on bar and the separate very easily

  114. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    good sale

  115. Amazon Buyer

    Great for mixing! Perfect seal every single time!

    Beautiful set and very high quality. So much better with the seal…

  116. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    great set of shakers at a good price

  117. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality for the price!

    These are great quality for the price! I use every day and will be purchasing another set.

  118. Amazon Buyer

    Great Quality.

    Works perfectly. No leaks. Great Quality.

  119. Amazon Buyer

    This is without a doubt the best shaker if purchased so far

    We make a lot of cocktails at home. One of the biggest struggles is finding a shaker that doesn’t freeze shut when you shake or doesn’t leak. This is without a doubt the best shaker if purchased so far.

  120. Amazon Buyer

    the metal feels a little thin and cheap – not like a fine piece from Rosle for instance

    This shaker fails the most important test of all – it leaks when shaken. The smaller cheater cup arrived slightly out of round, which may have contributed to the leakage. Also, the metal feels a little thin and cheap – not like a fine piece from Rosle for instance. And didn’t like the “Top Shelf Bar Supply” laser etched in large letters on both cups – a little cheesy. Returned.

  121. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  122. Amazon Buyer

    Solid high quality set.

    Solid shaker set. If you’re inexperienced with using a shaker I recommend doing a few “test runs” with ice and water (or if you’re confident the seal wont break go straight to spirits!) to break it in nicely. After doing so I almost always get a perfect seal. Edges are slightly sharp!

  123. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Graet product used often and easily make 2 martini’s

  124. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Works like a charm.

  125. Amazon Buyer

    Four Stars

    It was a gift and I haven’t received any complaints.

  126. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Nice quality and absolutely no leak when mated together

  127. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great product. Does what its designed to do – Mix Drinks!

  128. Amazon Buyer

    Great deal for great quality

    Excellent professional grade shakers.

  129. Amazon Buyer

    no leaks

    great seal, no leaks. new favorite.

  130. Amazon Buyer

    4 Stars

    I like it

  131. Amazon Buyer

    Professional shaker

    One of the best gifts I bought! They work better than any other kind of shaker! Just like what you see in bars.

  132. Amazon Buyer

    Love it. Works very well

    Love it. Works very well, easy to clean.

  133. Amazon Buyer

    Solid Construction

    I wanted to try out using a Boston Shaker like I see in the Bars all the time… I also like Good Quality products… I bought two different ones, thinking I will keep the one I really like and Gift the one that wasn’t as good…. Well, this is the one I kept… Heavier/more substantial than the other model.. .and I really like the reinforced base… I have found that I don’t use the “cheater” cup that comes with it, but use a pint glass just like the real bartenders.

  134. Amazon Buyer

    The perfect production of a bar essential

    All the other reviews are spot on. Perfectly balanced, just the right size. I’d order another set in a heartbeat!

  135. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Professional grade all the way

  136. Amazon Buyer

    Great for a great price.

    Well I got these today. Got them all washed up and made a few cocktails. The tins are great! Great seal and they separate good. The lip of the tins are a little sharp so thanks care in cleaning. Great product

  137. Amazon Buyer

    You’ll die from alcohol poisoning before wearing these out. They are great.

    I used these for years while bar tending. They are great. Will never wear them out.

  138. Amazon Buyer

    Straight forward equipment that works well

    They have a good weight to them and a very solid build. Totally safe to toss these in the dishwasher from my experience so far without worrying about decals or coverings coming off. I came from using a standard pint glass/shaker combo and prefer the stability of this. No more broken glasses when entertaining! I often use the cheater tin as a small stirring vessel when making just one cocktail as it is a lot easier/faster to clean than my mixing glass.

  139. Amazon Buyer

    Be a professional at home…

    Great Professional shaker for the home bartender. Exactly what my son-in-law wanted.
    He used to bartend so knew he wanted top of the line “equipment “for his home bar.
    He was very happy with it.

  140. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect: quality and function

    Perfect. The two stainless cups marry precisely, and make mixing/shaking libations a dream.

  141. Amazon Buyer

    The best shaker! I use it for all of my …

    The best shaker! I use it for all of my drinks and holds up well in the dishwasher.

  142. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect and elegant.

    I like their heavy bottoms that makes them a lot easier to use.

  143. Amazon Buyer

    Best shaker to have in your bar cabinet;

    Picked this up to replace an old shaker, that had one metal, and one glass piece. The glass was getting… sketchy. All metal, nothing to crack or have a glass explosion everywhere. Even though I usually stir (with a good bar spoon) a good gin martini, there are cocktails that need shaking. The two halves separate very easily, to allow straining. It’s actually a joy to use, and perfectly weighed. Excellent!

  144. Amazon Buyer

    Good quality stainless steel. The set looks nice and works well. Highly recommend.

    Nice shaker set!

  145. Amazon Buyer

    Solid, well built.

    Solid and hefty. I use these all the time and they work perfectly.

  146. Amazon Buyer

    Homemade chocolate martinis

    Made chocolate martinis for Christmas. They worked great— had a great time and they made us look like professional bartenders!!!

  147. Amazon Buyer

    Good But Cannot Dethrone the King

    For many legit cocktail bars around the world, the golden standard for Boston shakers is the Koriko shaker. So how does this offering from Top Shelf stack up against the reigning champ? In short: decent, but not as good.

    Build Quality
    Winner: Koriko. While both are made from good quality stainless steel, the walls on the Koriko shaker are thicker and feel sturdier in the hand. The practical impact seems to be that the Koriko makes a much more pleasant noise during the shake. I would describe the noise of the Top Shelf as borderline annoying in comparison. That said, both shakers are able to form a tight seal and can produce professional level cocktails.

    Winner: Koriko. The Top Shelf shaker falls short in two categories. Firstly, the smaller tin of Top Shelf shaker is fatter, and sits fairly high in the larger tin. As a result, the only “gap” is on the opposite side of the straight/flush side. This makes breaking the seal harder: you have to hit the tins on the single gap (with some force) either against an object or with the bottom of your hand. The thin walls may add to the difficulty of breaking the seal as well. In contrast, the small tin of the Koriko set is skinnier, sits lower in the large tin, and leaves a gap all around. With a bit of practice, the seal on the Koriko can easily be broken with a casual slap to the side without any aim.
    Secondly, the Koriko has weighted bottoms on both tins (compared to the one weighted bottom of the Top Shelf shaker). In practice, the shaking is not the hard part, so I’m not sure having the additional balance makes a huge difference (a professional who has to make 100 drinks a night might have a different opinion). However, ice does hit both ends during the shake, so not having a thick bottom on both ends makes the set feel flimsy when shaking and adds to the noise problem mentioned previously.

    Winner: Top Shelf. The small tin of the Top Shelf set is bigger and can hold more liquid: it is in fact 20 oz rather than the advertised 18 oz. The Koriko still allows you to make multiple drinks at once, but the Top Shelf would theoretically allow you to do at bit more at a time when maxed out.

    Tie. The Koriko shaker’s list price is actually cheaper, but to my knowledge it is only sold by Cocktail Kingdom, which charges a lot for shipping and handling, thus making the total price higher. That said, if you need anything else for your home bar from Cocktail Kingdom (they have quite a few other things that you can’t get anywhere else), the shipping becomes a relatively small percentage of the total price.

    Overall, the Top Shelf shakers are decently made and will do just fine in crafting a tasty cocktail, but it is difficult to recommend these over the king of shakers.

  148. Amazon Buyer

    No other choice!

    Great quality shaker. Comes with a cute package. Couldn’t recommend more.

  149. Amazon Buyer

    The perfect boston shaker!

    This is a very high quality boston shaker that will make you look like a professional bartender! It’s simple to use (just look up how to shake on YouTube) and with a bit of practice, you can impress all your friends at your next party! Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase.

  150. Amazon Buyer

    and you can easily shake up double pours for when the party gets …

    This is my second purchase of this set, which I am giving as a gift. Very well made, they do not leak, and you can easily shake up double pours for when the party gets going!! Highly recommended.

  151. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great set of shaker tins. The weighting at the ends feels really nice.

  152. Amazon Buyer

    Easy to clean

    Bought as a gift for my dad. He loves it. Uses it all the time. Easy to clean.

  153. Amazon Buyer

    Works great.

    Works great. No leaks and doesn’t get stuck. Make sure to get a longer muddler.

  154. Amazon Buyer

    Shaking is good

    Works as intended. Does get very cold as you shake so be prepared for cold hands. Haven’t tried to see if a pint glass also fits in larger tumble

  155. Amazon Buyer


    Very nice boston shaker, closes tightly but it’s easy to open and added weight makes it easy to consistently make great drinks.

  156. Amazon Buyer

    Breat Shaker

    Picked this up to replace my Cobbler style shaker. The Cobbler constantly froze closed and was nuisance for anything other than a gentle shake. This Boston shaker works great. Seals tightly with no leaks and quick squeeze of the larger tin releases the small tin for an easy pour. My only complaint is that this is a larger diameter than a cobbler so the Hawthorne strainer i have is a bit too small. I”ll have to upgrade that next.

  157. Amazon Buyer

    Awesome shaker. The shaker’s I’ve had in the past …

    Awesome shaker. The shaker’s I’ve had in the past end are cheap and end up sticking together. this one pops apart easily and works well.

  158. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Awesome shaker.

  159. Amazon Buyer



  160. Amazon Buyer

    Highly satisfied!

    I am highly satisfied with the product: nice packaging, friendly tipps for cocktail making from Julia (Top Shelf Bar Supply) during the ordering process, and – most importantly – the Boston Shaker looks and works great.

  161. Amazon Buyer

    … all types of shakers and this one works the best for us though it does require practice

    We tried all types of shakers and this one works the best for us though it does require practice.

  162. Amazon Buyer

    The only Shaker you’ll need.

    Nice clean shaker for mixed drinks and margaritas. Don’t forget to squeeze the larger shaker to get them to release…..for us rookies out there.

  163. Amazon Buyer

    Essential cocktail tool!

    This makes even an amateur bartender look good!

  164. Amazon Buyer

    I recommend it

    Good quality. I use it for drinks at home.

  165. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker. Arrived in a well packed package

    Great shaker. Arrived in a well packed package. The shaker is weighted which makes it feel good in hand.
    The seal is great, no leaking involved.

  166. Amazon Buyer

    Should last a lifetime

    These shakers are very sturdy, high quality stainless steel and make a perfect seal. I bought one last year for my vacation house and liked it so much I bought another .

  167. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker thanks ! Cheers !

  168. Amazon Buyer

    Lime juice, agave, Casamigos tequila and a Boston shaker

    My wife made some epic margaritas. This shaker set works great.

  169. Amazon Buyer

    Much better than a cobbler, not quite perfect.

    This is a pretty solid shaker. My only real complaint is that, after shaking for 20 seconds or so, the metal contracts and it’s incredibly difficult to break apart, even when following the instructions. Letting it rest for a moment makes it much easier to open, though.

    I assume the large tin will work with any 16-oz tapered glass, like a standard pint glass. That might help with the seizing issue, I’ll update this when I get a chance to try it.

  170. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Fantastic item. Quality great. makes the coldest martinis ever!

  171. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    These are great.

  172. Amazon Buyer

    One Star

    The 18oz top was missing in my set

  173. Amazon Buyer

    Works Well

    Snug fit together and with bar glass. Nicely weighted.

  174. Amazon Buyer

    nice size.

    secure seal and high quality. nice size.

  175. Amazon Buyer

    Does the job

    Does the job. Previously I had a shaker with strainer top that fit into the main basin. With temperature changes, I always had trouble getting the top off after shaking a cold drink. Have made a couple cocktails with this set with no trouble. Seems well made and am enjoying.

  176. Amazon Buyer

    The Shakers have are starting to become egg shaped at …

    The Shakers have are starting to become egg shaped at the rim…I don’t know what else to say. Though, they still hold the liquid when shaking.

  177. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Works just like promised! Nice quality like it.

  178. Amazon Buyer

    No More Spilled Drinks

    Gone are the days of spilling half of the cocktails down the side the traditional shaker. This Boston shaker is well-made and very easy to use. Don’t forget to purchase a strainer as well.

  179. Amazon Buyer

    and the two halves form a good seal when put together

    The Shaker functions as intended. No leaks. and the two halves form a good seal when put together. The shaker is at a good price too.

  180. Amazon Buyer

    We love these. They feel well built and should last …

    We love these. They feel well built and should last a long time.

  181. Amazon Buyer

    Sturdy Construction

    Sturdy construction and works beautifully.

  182. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Practical; get chilly very quickly

  183. Amazon Buyer

    Nice quality

    Our favorite shaker so far!

  184. Amazon Buyer

    Great cocktail shaker

    I love using professional gear, even something as simple as a cocktail shaker.

  185. Amazon Buyer

    It works like a dream

    I’m now a firm believer in the two-time shaker as opposed to the tin and mixing glass combo. The seal is amazing, but also comes apart like a dream.

  186. Amazon Buyer

    Best shaker !

    My husband LOVES this! After having the kind with lid build in to top and NOT being able to get it off without TOO much effort, finally has one he loves t

  187. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect tool for making cocktail

  188. Amazon Buyer

    Should have gotten this one years ago

    Nice, very high quality. I’ve been using a single shaker with a pint glass for a couple of years now, but adding the metal “cheater” shaker instead is a big improvement. Plus the steel in this one is, I think, more flexible than my old one, so it seems easier to work with. Two thumbs up!

  189. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker, weighted well and doesn’t leak a drop!!!

  190. Amazon Buyer

    As advertised

  191. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker

    Works just as described. No more leaky shaker, very happy

  192. Amazon Buyer


    Exactly what I expected

  193. Amazon Buyer


    Great set, nice weight. Glad I didn’t choose the glass version of the set. The first time I popped them to release the two pieces my top went flying across the room! Guess I need some practice…

  194. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    This is a beautiful set, very well made. They’ve certainly helped to up my Mai Tai game! Great purchase.

  195. Amazon Buyer

    Great weight. Dig it

    Solid fit. Great weight. Dig it.

  196. Amazon Buyer

    Don’t waste your time buying cheap

    Don’t waste your time buying cheap, inexpensive, poorly made shakers – they will blow out on you, wasting alcohol and creating enormous messes!! This is the real deal – high quality stainless steel. It works like it is supposed to – holding up to pressure and cold. I am very thankful for this purchase and wish I had found it years ago!

  197. Amazon Buyer

    Highly recommended!

    Excellent set! Highly recommended.

  198. Amazon Buyer

    perfect size perfect weight

    Just what I needed…perfect size perfect weight

  199. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    super great value, top shelf quality

  200. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great quality and weight, perfect balance, works great.

  201. Amazon Buyer

    Best shaker out there!

    Top notch! Shaker sets up well and seals great. Perfect for the home bar!

  202. Amazon Buyer

    Great Quality, Easy to Use, No Leaks

    I’ve always used two-piece shakers with pouring-spout tops. But after trying a Boston Shaker at a friend’s house, I liked the idea and decided to purchase this one. So happy I did. Now, when I pour the drink, there is no more annoying leak at the seam between the top and bottom of the shaker. And I like that this one is all stainless steel. The seal when the pieces are together is more stable than with a glass shaker, and if you follow the included instructions, it’s easy to get them apart. I love this shaker, I’m never going back to the other style.

  203. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great bar set for mixing cocktails.

  204. Amazon Buyer


    Perfect, well made, and no leaks.

  205. Amazon Buyer

    excellent quality. Solidly made

    Second thing I’ve purchased from Top Shelf Bar Supply, excellent quality. Solidly made, not chintzy or flimsy feeling. Perfect set of shakers, and having the weighted bottom is an added benefit.

  206. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Classy, functional, classic Boston shaker.

  207. Amazon Buyer

    sturdy. I won’t worry about smacking it on a …

    Exactly what I wanted. Truely weighted bottoms, sturdy. I won’t worry about smacking it on a counter and getting a dent. Customer service is nice and they have a good package as well.

  208. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    perfect, just what I wanted

  209. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Very nice. High quality and heavy.

  210. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker for home and pro use.

    Great Boston shaker. Looks professional and nice.

  211. Amazon Buyer

    Shaker of great quality

    This was a gift for my husband’s growing bar collection. He loves this shaker and raves about its quality and how easy it is to use.

  212. Amazon Buyer

    Nice quality. Fast and courteous service

    Nice quality. Fast and courteous service. Thanks.

  213. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Top quality product using in my fine dining Mexican Restaurant making quality cocktails

  214. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Just what i was looking for, plain and simple

  215. Amazon Buyer

    These are the ones…

    Perfect in every way. Fit is great. Seal is solid. Weight is good. Quality is there. Doesn’t make your ears ring after shaking a drink. The homework was done to produce these and it shows. Great job Top Shelf! I’ve tried the rest, these are the best.

  216. Amazon Buyer

    Shaken not stirred

    Great quality and thanks for the cocktail recipe ideas

  217. Amazon Buyer


    Great quality. Works just as it should. Does not leak. Follow the directions on the inside of the box and let Happy Hour begin.

  218. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    They are great. Using the hell of them. Recommend them.

  219. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker. Seals well and makes a great Tommy’s Margarita. 😀

  220. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Love this shaker! Perfect weight!

  221. Amazon Buyer

    Thunbs up

    Great product as it was advertised

  222. Amazon Buyer

    Great 2 piece shaker

    Great product. The mouth is big enough to hold a seal around any pint glass so you can pour the cocktail right into your cup. Plus I can fit all my other bar tools inside for lest mess

  223. Amazon Buyer

    Great Product

    Product is Beautiful, Large Shaker is nicely weighted. Seal is perfect and doesn’t leak a drop. Made the best Mojito EVER!

  224. Amazon Buyer

    fantastic shaker – well built

    fantastic shaker – well built, perfect weight and easy to use. Seals tightly. Good for making one or two drinks at a time. Leaves more ice crystals than my old cobbler shaker. I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase.

  225. Amazon Buyer

    Works perfectly!

  226. Amazon Buyer

    Love our Boston Shaker

    Boston shakers are the only way to go, and this one is extremely nice. Sturdy, easy to clean. Highly recommend this if you are updating your bar.

  227. Amazon Buyer

    Great, pro-style shaker

    Yeah, this is the best shaker I’ve ever had. I’m not a bartender, so I can’t speak as a professional. Still, I have had the other kind of shakers, the ones that have a lid with a strainer top. The lid seats around the lip of the big shaker and the lids on the three different ones I’ve had have often been almost impossible to get off once you’ve shaken the drink! This Boston Shaker is designed so that the small shaker seats inside the larger one and is therefore far easier to break apart once the drink has been shaken. If you go to a bar and watch the bartenders, you will see that almost all of them use a variation on this style of shaker.

  228. Amazon Buyer

    Just what I needed.

    This item is exactly what I expected and works very well.

  229. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    An essential for your bar.

  230. Amazon Buyer

    Stainless steel Boston shaker set

    Good price, properly made, works well

  231. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Excellent quality, very pleased with my purchase.

  232. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Nice quality. Works perfectly. Came with helpful instructions.

  233. Amazon Buyer

    I feel like a pro mixing up the drinks with my new …

    I feel like a pro mixing up the drinks with my new shaker! Thanks for the recipe….add some cucumber in the summer..delicious!
    The Sour
    2 oz Spirit
    1 oz Lemon or Lime Juice
    1 oz Simple Syrup

  234. Amazon Buyer


    Good quality substantial shakers.

  235. Amazon Buyer

    Two thumbs up.

    The perfect shaker

  236. Amazon Buyer

    The real deal

    I have bought so many shakers and thrown them away, I decided I would spend some money on a real one and this is it. If you love your martinis get this one.

  237. Amazon Buyer

    Works as advertised. If you make cocktails with ice …

    Works as advertised. If you make cocktails with ice, get this type of shaker – it is easier to break apart when they freeze together.

  238. Amazon Buyer

    amazing how cold it gets when shaking ice/ drinks

    Well crafted, amazing how cold it gets when shaking ice/ drinks. Frosts up quickly, almost too cold to the touch.

  239. Amazon Buyer

    My new favorite shaker!

    I was really sad when the glass half of my Rösle shaker broke, but now I wonder why I waited so long to replace it! This shaker has a beautiful weight, seals perfectly, gives a great shake, and produces a really beautiful cocktail. Much easier to unseal (and less worries about broken glass) than the Rösle. Works beautifully with the Top Shelf strainer. Nice packaging with cute illustrated instructions as well.

  240. Amazon Buyer

    Attractive and Easy to Use

    The shaker is easy to use, with no leaking but also no struggle to get the top off. I like the look of it and am pleased with the purchase.

  241. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Fit and finish is top notch.

  242. Amazon Buyer

    “Top Shelf”

    Really amazed it does not leak when shaking!! With Ice added the drink comes out really cold with the “stainless” product. Use almost every day!!

  243. Amazon Buyer

    Works perfectly

    Just follow the included instructions. Makes you feel like a professional!

  244. Amazon Buyer

    Cocktail shaker

    Very nice quality

  245. Amazon Buyer

    Best shaker I’ve ever used

    Best shaker I’ve ever used! I take it to work where I baetend at the Olive Garden and I never spill a drop !

  246. Amazon Buyer

    Quality set

    Great quality. I know I will be making a lot of fun with this set.

  247. Amazon Buyer

    Ice Cold

    Far superior to the Winco 3 piece shaker I had been using. Feels good in the hands and makes a damn cold drink. I’m satisfied.

  248. Amazon Buyer

    I love the weight

    Another phenomenal item from Top Shelf Bar Supply!!! I love the weight, the fit, the seal, the overall look. Quality product that was created thoughtfully and with the end user in mind. The folks at TSBS are super friendly, and make you feel like you’ve been dealing with them forever. I’m a fan.

  249. Amazon Buyer

    Very happy with the quality

    Boston shaker exactly as described. Very happy with the quality. Packaged very well.

  250. Amazon Buyer

    Love them, I work as a bartender on diferent …

    Love them, I work as a bartender on diferent hotels (banquets) and I have to bring my own tools, these shakers are the best. They make me look good.

  251. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly what I was looking for.

    Love this shaker. Has a bit of weight to it so it doesn’t feel insubstantial. Cute box with use instructions which are fun, even if you don’t need them. Looking forward to years of use.

  252. Amazon Buyer


    works great, it’s loud but i don’t care

  253. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Sent as part of a gift and they love it!

  254. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent Product!

    After having epic failures with other shakers, this one exceeded my expectations. High quality, no leaks, easy to take apart, and does a great hob chilling cocktails. Love, love, love it! Excellent and FAST customer service too, my only wish is that Top Shelf offered more products through Amazon!

  255. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    This is a great, no-nonsense shaker. There are no gimmicks. This is IT!

  256. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  257. Amazon Buyer

    Very Nice

    I made margaritas and they were delicious, aerated and near-frozen. The photo shows the small cup set into the bigger one. I’d recommend doing the reverse – build the cocktail in the pint shaker, add ice. set the larger one in firmly at an angle and shake away. To uncouple the two, simply give a hit on the large shaker on the part of the rim halfway between the highest and lowest contact point. If this description isn’t clear, there are plenty of online videos that illustrate.

  258. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent well made and sturdy item

    Excellent well made and sturdy item. I definitely recommend for anyone getting into mixology or a veteran of the hobby.

  259. Amazon Buyer

    I love my new Boston Shaker from Top Shelf Bar Supply

    I love my new Boston Shaker from Top Shelf Bar Supply! From the weight of it, the feel in your hands when you are shaking a cocktail and the ease of opening the shaker to pour the drink is great! Nice job! Thinking about buying another

  260. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker, seals great and no leaks

  261. Amazon Buyer

    You’ll be happy with this purchase!

    Love this shaker set! Feels great in your hands and makes a great sound while shaking! I am a professional Bartender and highly recommend this set!

  262. Amazon Buyer

    Great product.

    Great shaker, good solid construction, no leaks when I mix drinks. A definite must have for any bar.

  263. Amazon Buyer

    it is a real quality set from the standpoint aesthetes …

    it is a real quality set from the standpoint aesthetes, however the two halfs are extremely difficult to separate once the drink is shaken I’m gonna look for a glass container for the smaller half.

  264. Amazon Buyer


    Another great product from Top Shelf! I recently broke yet another pint glass with my old shaker set so I decided to give this stainless steel set a try and they are wonderful. No worries about another cracked glass and nice weight to the larger shaker with plenty of room for mixing. Definitely recommend.

  265. Amazon Buyer

    perfect shaker set

    High quality, perfect shaker set. Customer service from Top Shelf has been outstanding too, they sent an email with some helpful hints for those getting into the world of home cocktail making. Would 100% buy from them again.

  266. Amazon Buyer

    Great 2-Piece Steal Boston Shaker

    I’ve been using this shaker for about 3 days now. It has produced about 20 drinks in that time and it has worked fantastically every time. It seals securely and I haven’t had a spill even shaking with one hand. I’ve used pint glass and steel shakers in the past and I always feel like I’m going to break the pint glass every time I go to break the seal. With this I don’t have any worry of ruing my perfectly chilled cocktail with glass shards when I’m finished shaking.

    Great product I would definitely recommend.

  267. Amazon Buyer

    First Timer

    First time using a Boston Shaker, I’ve been using Cobbler Shaker’s, so I don’t have a lot of experience with them lol. So far so good! Looks nice and professional, doesn’t leak, seals and breaks easily, chills fast, drinks taste great! I can tell a MAJOR difference from using a Cobbler to using this!

  268. Amazon Buyer

    Best shaker I’ve used.

    So far so fabulous! Very happy with this shaker so far & everyone who has used it has been impressed…in fact several friends have bought their own for both home and professional use.
    Stays together while shaking & comes apart easily when ready to pour.

  269. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Works great and they had some nice simple instructions in the box which were easy to read and follow

  270. Amazon Buyer

    Great buy

    This shaker set is great. I’m a beginner who’s wanted to learn how to make proper drinks for a while, and this set was wonderful. First off, it looks amazing. It really shines just like chrome, also when you are shaking the exterior changes into a frosty ice consistency that looks neat. It is a two piece set that is easy to use with some practice. It can be difficult at times to separate the shaker, but this gets easier over time with practice. I just squeeze the shaker where the sections meet to help break the seal. Overall, really great shaker set, especially for the money.

  271. Amazon Buyer

    Seems nicely built. I bought this for my son who …

    Seems nicely built. I bought this for my son who is starting work as a part-time bartender to help pay for grad school. A shaker is a basic tool of the trade and he was looking for something that was no-frills, nice weighted and would last. Granted, he is a bit of a neophyte on the selection of ‘stuff’ but we are happy with the shakers.

  272. Amazon Buyer

    I’m very happy with how it’s been working so far

    Large, robust, effective, and good-looking. I’m very happy with how it’s been working so far.

  273. Amazon Buyer

    great addition to my bar

    very nice quality … mixes a nice cocktail … didn’t experience the sharp edge other posts mention … worth the purchase

  274. Amazon Buyer

    … little less than a week and it’s now my favorite shaker. It seals and unseals well

    I’ve had this a little less than a week and it’s now my favorite shaker. It seals and unseals well, and it feels good in the hand while shaking. I will be looking at their other items to purchase as they come available.

  275. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Solid shaker!

  276. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Looks just like advertised. Haven’t had a drink yet. Looks great

  277. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice Stainless Steel Shake cups

    Very professional looking, did not leak on first few uses.

  278. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    First rate product and seller. Thank you!

  279. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Loved my new shaker! I also liked the recipes that came via email by Julia. She’s awesome! Cheers to, Top Shelf!

  280. Amazon Buyer

    Better than a cobbler.

    Great shaker. I used it last night and no leaking what-so-ever. I wish I could say the same about my cobbler shaker. That one I have to hold over the sink! Also you could substitute the “cheater” with a pint glass but I don’t know why you would want to.

  281. Amazon Buyer

    some of the best I’ve seen (restaurant biz for 30 years

    The quality is top notch, some of the best I’ve seen (restaurant biz for 30 years, bartending for 20), everything shipped on time and quickly, but what impressed me the most was Julie’s follow up. Engaging but not pushy, informative but not flaunting. Top Shelf Bar Supply is aptly named, from product quality to customer service. 10 stars if I could!

  282. Amazon Buyer

    This is the one to buy

    I’m a budding home myxologist and neededed a good shaker. After going through a lot of research and reviews this is the one I settled on and am glad I did. Forms a solid seal and keeps beverages nice a chilled. As a bonus, you can use the smaller of the cups as a julip cup if you prefer not to buy one (yet).

  283. Amazon Buyer

    Very easy to use

    Very easy to use. Didn’t freeze shut like the other shakers do. Customer Service answers emails quickly and even helps with drink suggestions.

  284. Amazon Buyer

    5 stars.

    This a great shaker! No leaks, comes apart easily, quality material.

  285. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice shaker. I’ve been using cobble style shakers (3 …

    Very nice shaker. I’ve been using cobble style shakers (3 piece) for years but I always wanted to try a Boston shaker. I previously purchased a different brand with a glass mixer and the first time I used it the two parts became hopelessly stuck and I broke the glass getting them apart. So I thought I’d try this with the metal mixer. Came apart easily. Worked flawlessly. Big enough to mix two martinis or most other cocktails.

  286. Amazon Buyer

    Great Shaker.

    I’ve had this shaker for a few days and so far it has been very good. It seals well and it is pretty easy to open. I definitely prefer to use a Boston Shaker that has two metal tins as opposed to one metal and one glass. It is lighter, not fragile, and the tins fit inside each other for storage. I would definitely recommend this shaker.

  287. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice, professional looking shaker

    Works great. The first drink I made was a caprinina which requires a lot of shaking, no leaking, easy to separate. I would recommend.

  288. Amazon Buyer

    i couldn’t be happier with malted milk than i am now

    i couldn’t be happier with malted milk than i am now, i don’t think i’m going to drink anything merely stirred ever again

  289. Amazon Buyer

    Love this shaker!


  290. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    This is the best cocktail shaker I have ever used!

  291. Amazon Buyer


    Nice and heavy, good quality. Love it

  292. Amazon Buyer

    Its amazing. Making amazing whiskey sours now

    Had two cobbler shakers for years that always leaked, this was cheap and what you always see at most busy bars. Its amazing. Making amazing whiskey sours now, turns the egg white into perfect foam.

  293. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Love it best product i ever had

  294. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great product. As advertised.

  295. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Top shelf stainless steel shaker

  296. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice shaker. No leaks at all

    Very nice shaker. No leaks at all. Can wait to use it on Memorial Day Weekend party. It’s a lot easier to separate the shaker compared to my regular cobbler 3 pc shaker. Will highly recommend to friends.

  297. Amazon Buyer

    The best shaker!

    This is a very well constructed shaker. It is easy to use, didn’t take me long at all to get the hang of using it. I really like its sleek and simple, and yet effective design.

  298. Amazon Buyer

    Great shaker!

    Perfect tool for mixing drinks like a pro at home
    Arrived in time and works as advertised.

  299. Amazon Buyer

    Great for the home bar

    Just what the home bar needed. They fit together perfectly and a little tap or squeeze they come apart. Great product

  300. Amazon Buyer

    Top shelf vendor

    Fast and friendly. Good follow up. Quality product, Shaker works great. Top shelf vendor. More words more words more words….

  301. Amazon Buyer

    Shake ’em up!

    A very nice, good quality set that was also very well packaged- perfect seal! I bought this along with a Japanese style Jigger- the perfect compliment.

  302. Amazon Buyer


    Great quality. I love it!! This will last a long time. It is perfect. This works so much better than others I have used.

  303. Amazon Buyer

    “Top Shelf” shaker indeed

    This shaker absolutely lives up to its name: “Top Shelf”. The size and quality of this set is remarkable. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see how well it endures over the coming weeks, months, years as I put it through its paces!

  304. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    High quality.

  305. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect Cocktail Shaker! Won’t leak!

    This is the PERFECT shaker if you like to make craft cocktails! My previous shaker was leaking and caused lots of frustration. This cocktail shaker is like the ones used in bar restaurants. Very nice quality stainless steel, was impressed when I opened the package. Great purchase!

  306. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect shaker tins!

    This shaker is made with outstanding quality and finish. The two easily fit together for a liquid tight seal and come apart easily with bump to the side of the large shaker tin. No burrs or sharp edges are felt and they should last for years. The shaker tins even came with step by step directions on how to best use them. Thank you Top Shelf Bar Supply I will be enjoying many cocktails from this shaker over the years!

  307. Amazon Buyer

    Top Quality Shaker

    This is a nicely made top quality shaker, while it just might not stand up to continuous commercial bar use, it is perfect for home use. The pieces fit together well to make a seal and separate easily. Totally happy with the purchase and you will be also.

  308. Amazon Buyer


    i’ve used a glass and tin shaker for a while and wanted to try a tin + tin combo. this shaker is well crafted and feels great. seals well and worth the price.

  309. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Good construction. Durable. Worth it.

  310. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great quality!

  311. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    High quality. Does the trick 🙂

  312. Amazon Buyer

    Great Shakers!

    Received Boston Shakers quickly and put them right to use. They’re exactly what I was looking for and they worked great. Highly recommended!!!

  313. Amazon Buyer

    Last shaker you’ll ever buy.

    Built like a tank. I’ll probably be lugging this around for the rest of my life. 🙂

  314. Amazon Buyer

    Classy looking and works great! Very well made

    Classy looking and works great! Very well made…it’s like the two parts were machined to fit together perfectly and there is that satisfying release when you tap the side of the tin.

  315. Amazon Buyer

    Bartender Review

    Bought for high volume cocktail bar. Will fit 3 cocktails, same overall appearance and feel to Koriko shakers. Doesn’t seal with Korikos though, so if they get mixed up at the bar you’ll know very quickly. They are also jarringly loud, not like a pleasant shaker sound you get with other metal shakers I’ve had.
    They’ll definitely do the job for your home bar, not bad for high volume service, just not my favorite. We’ll see how they hold up long term.

  316. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Terrific shaker! Does the job it’s intended to do. No complaints.

  317. Amazon Buyer

    Simple, effective

    Simple but effective cocktail shaker. Superb customer service follow-up.

  318. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker, very happy with the purchase.

  319. Amazon Buyer


    Very Nice shaker IMO. Seals nicely. Promptly delivered with no problems.

  320. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  321. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Works as described.

  322. Amazon Buyer

    The best I seen, would definitely recommend!

    Very well made, extremely fast delivery! Looks great behind the bar, just ordered a second set for my son.

  323. Amazon Buyer

    Better than any other shaker I have owned

    Better than any other shaker I have owned. It seals very well for the shaking and with a bump it separates. I bought a second shaker for a gift.

  324. Amazon Buyer

    Great Shaker.

    I was a bartender for years. Great weight. Great balance. Great product.

  325. Amazon Buyer


    Great tool and great customer service! Even “The Sour” formula is a keeper.

  326. Amazon Buyer

    Great Shaker

    I had this ordered for same-day delivery, and it definitely did come later that day. After receiving the package, I played around with it (haven’t gotten around to making a cocktail yet), and it’s a very solid product. I was searching for a nice 2-piece shaker, and most of cheater tins in some of the cheaper items were quite small and did not look like they fit properly. The cheater tin that comes with this one fits perfectly, and the larger tin is weighted nicely.

  327. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great quality.

  328. Amazon Buyer

    Kitschy, leaky martini shakers are for chumps

    I finally sprung for my own professional shaker set, and I’m so glad I did! If you haven’t worked in a bar before, there’s a bit of a learning curve to sealing and releasing the two (what happens to metal when it gets cold, folks?). So far, these haven’t let me down.

  329. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect bar accessory! High quality!!

    High quality stainless steel professional cocktail shaker. This is going to last for years. Mixed a couple of cocktails–perfect, delicious! Highly recommend!!!

  330. Amazon Buyer

    Well Made Shaker

    A shiny, well-made shaker that works as expected.

  331. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect shaker!

    Excellent product! Perfect seal and great weight. I would definitely recommend it.

  332. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    seals great and looks good too.

  333. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great solid shakers!

  334. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent product! Love making my cocktails with this shaker

  335. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality

    Works perfectly! Great quality

  336. Amazon Buyer

    washes easily, and looks pretty solid

    The edge is a little sharp as some other users have said, but not outlandishly so. I’ve only used it a couple times, but it seems durable, washes easily, and looks pretty solid.

  337. Amazon Buyer

    No leaks, very satisfying! Prepare for serious hand-freeze

    Reviews are true – this Boston shaker does not leak! Sturdy steel construction, and my cocktail strainer fits nicely in the taller cup. Shook up a gimlet with plenty of ice. My hands froze while shaking up the drink, but the gimlet was great. No regrets! Can’t wait to try a martini next.

  338. Amazon Buyer

    Just buy it.

    Feels great in hand with a little heft, the finish is flawless with no crazy logos all over to make it look cheap. Seal between the tins is excellent and the price is right! Both of the tins will work with OXO Steel Cocktail Strainer. Only word of warning is to be careful washing your tins as they can be a little sharp if you’re not careful. This isn’t a problem as much as it is a sign of a good seal between the tins. Don’t hesitate to order it!

  339. Amazon Buyer

    Yes, does the job

    Very solid, doesn’t leak while shaking, good size for two martinis

  340. Amazon Buyer


    Great shakers. We bought two for making signature cocktails at our wedding celebration and were very happy with them.

  341. Amazon Buyer

    So much better than a cobbler shaker!

    Love this! This is my first Boston cocktail shaker. My old cobbler one was so hard to get open after I shook it, and it made a mess after. This keeps things easy, and clean. Great investment!!

  342. Amazon Buyer

    It’ll get ya drunk!

    Ok, the shakers themselves will not get you drunk, but the drinks you make in them will.

    Nice and sturdy, work great, can’t think of any negative!

  343. Amazon Buyer

    Excellent product!

    Works great! No leaks. Easy to seal and take apart. Much better than the Oxo one I got.

  344. Amazon Buyer

    Superb quality!

    These are great and professional grade. Weighted bottom is awesome; so much better than cheaper sets. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra money for quality!

  345. Amazon Buyer

    Great product! Had an oxo for years but it …

    Great product! Had an oxo for years but it finally cracked. Tried stainless steel this time around. Tried the top rated 3 piece one, it leaked as the gasket was bad. Tried another Boston style on with a pint glass for the top. The glass was already cracked on delivery. This one is perfect. All stainless steel, no leaking,easy to pull the top off. And boy does it get the drink cold!

  346. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker!

  347. Amazon Buyer

    Super shaker

    Everything is perfect — thanks!!

  348. Amazon Buyer

    Shake it up!

    This shaker set looks good and works great. You’ll feel like a total pro if you’re using it at home. They seal up and don’t leak when you’re shaking. Also works fine with a pint glass. And, unlike a 3 piece cobbler shaker, these come apart easily when you’re done mixing your drink. One review mentioned sharp edges, but that’s not my experience with these. The edges are smooth and tight, but not sharp.

  349. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker

  350. Amazon Buyer

    It works beautifully!

    This is exactly what you want. It works beautifully!

  351. Amazon Buyer


    Great product, fast delivery.

  352. Amazon Buyer

    These are great, I love them

    These are great, I love them. I’ve had them for a few months now and they hold up just fabulous.

  353. Amazon Buyer


    Professional quality at a fair price. Very satisfied.

  354. Amazon Buyer

    It arrived fast and in great condition. The quality of the stainless steel is …

    It arrived fast and in great condition. The quality of the stainless steel is great, the shaker feels real nice in my hand. Definitely satisfied with it.

  355. Amazon Buyer

    worked well and made me look like I knew what I was doing as a pseudo …

    I don’t consider myself a bartender or a professional in the libations of sorts. Instead, a typical everyday working stiff looking for a product that lives under to its promise. I wanted something that did not leak, worked well and made me look like I knew what I was doing as a pseudo mixologist.

    I think I found it. For one it does not leak. In fact, the quality holds up to something you would find at a top rated cocktail bar. The only thing that was missing was ice and the chosen ingredients to make your favorite beverage. For me, I chose a 1 oz of a top shelf tequila, 1 oz of pure lime juice and a 1/2 oz of Cointreau. Add the ice, assemble the shaker and shake. The rest is history.

    So far no disappointments, in fact the shaker is the talk of the bar so to speak. And as some have said that it can be difficult to separate two halves, it’s just a good tap on the side with the palm to break the seal. Yep, a good product for sure.

  356. Amazon Buyer

    Great Shaker

    The shaker arrived very quickly! I ordered it in the morning and I was shaking drinks that very evening. It’s exactly as advertised. Lightweight yet it feels very sturdy. Seals well and I haven’t had any liquid spill out as I have with some other shakers. Plus, Top Shelf Bar Supply contacted me to make sure I was satisfied and even threw in a couple of recipes! Very classy! I extremely happy with the purchase!

  357. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Used it love it!!

  358. Amazon Buyer

    Nice Shaker!

    Haven’t yet used the Shaker but look forward to trying it out soon. Seems like a great product.

  359. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great Bar tool a must have to create great drinks a must have for any bar.

  360. Amazon Buyer

    and does the job nicely!

    Feels solid, and does the job nicely!

  361. Amazon Buyer

    This is a good shaker. It doesn’t leak

    This is a good shaker. It doesn’t leak, the cups nest properly, it’s relatively scratch resistant, and looks nice. As a career bartender, I can say honestly that I would recommend this product.

  362. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Solid shaker

  363. Amazon Buyer

    Absolutely love it, tons better than my other cocktail shaker …

    Absolutely love it, tons better than my other cocktail shaker which would freeze shut and has given me multiple cuts.

  364. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Love this way of making cocktails..

  365. Amazon Buyer

    Feels good in your hands and is well balanced

    Well constructed shaker. Feels good in your hands and is well balanced.

  366. Amazon Buyer

    Sturdy and pretty, requires practice.

    Took some getting used to vs. my previous glass/metal shaker, but this feels like it will last much longer. Gets super cold to the touch after a few shakes, though, and I’m still practicing how the break the seal after shaking. But I love that it feels solid, looks great, and it’s dishwasher safe.

  367. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker and great service

  368. Amazon Buyer

    Too bad, my strainer doesn’t fit

    These shakers are the hit of the party. OK, it’s the booze that’s the hit of the party. Tight fit relinquishes with a stern rap against the counter. Who wants a leaky tin, anyway? Too bad, my strainer doesn’t fit. Not this seller’s fault. If TSBS sold more than two bar tools, I’d have bought the set. Note to TSBS: You might want to look into expansion. Wouldn’t it be nice if strainer makers got together with shaker makers.

  369. Amazon Buyer

    I LOVE my shaker as well as the top notch service …

    After buying six different shakers, Julia told me to try the Boston Shaker because I always had trouble with them leaking. I LOVE my shaker as well as the top notch service I always receive. Cheers!

  370. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Having fun with this. The quality is very good.

  371. Amazon Buyer

    Fantastic Shaker

    Great shaker. Looks nice, and feels great too.

    Made a New York Sour with egg white last night. No leaks after a 45 second dry shake. Worked perfectly!

  372. Amazon Buyer

    and relatively easy to boot

    No complaint whatsoever, functions as expected with no hassle, and relatively easy to boot. And the packaging is nice as well!
    Also, you’ll receive a handy email from the supplier to get you started, great service!

  373. Amazon Buyer

    Great Boston Shaker Set!

    Great Boston shaker set! I bought this set to make pisco sours at home, and I really prefer this type of shaker rather than the cobbler shaker (I have never tried a French shaker). I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  374. Amazon Buyer

    Extremely satisfied with the quality of this product

    Top quality shaker. Extremely satisfied with the quality of this product. I immediately started using it to make myself some delicious drinks.

  375. Amazon Buyer

    Very good shaker

    Great for a Moscow mule

  376. Amazon Buyer

    All you would expect from a pro. Equipment at a very affordable priceline

    5 stars because there is no 6th star.

    Enough said.

  377. Amazon Buyer

    Exactly what you would expect. Works Great.

    This item works quite well. I am not sure what could possible make a shaker system “excellent” or to the point you would “love it”? This is high quality, doesn’t leak, seals easily, unseals easily. Bought it for my superbowl party to compliment the bar and was making drinks all night. Felt like a pro. Best two steel cups you could buy for your bar collection. HAHA

  378. Amazon Buyer

    easy to use

    Simple, clean, easy to use!

  379. Amazon Buyer

    nice solid sturdy metal

    Purchased this for my husband; he loves it. It’s very well made: nice solid sturdy metal

  380. Amazon Buyer

    Home Bartender-Approved

    What can I say? This shaker is sturdy as it is shiny and pretty to look at. Great buy for this home bartender.

  381. Amazon Buyer

    Doesn’t Leak

    So far, this is the best martini shaker I’ve ever used. The boston shaker does not leak like the cobbler style shakers I own. It’s easier to separate as well. Very satisfied!

  382. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Just as described!

  383. Amazon Buyer

    Equipping my home bar with the necessary tools

    It’s great though getting expensive how when I started to equip my kitchen with cocktail making shakers and such that Amazon figures out and recommends items like this pair of cups. This is reasonably priced and has quality craftsmanship, the expensive part is I keep buying new bar items and finding more.
    Bottom line, this is a nice add. Read the quick instructions and wow your company when you pop the top off his shaker and strain a delicious beverage.

  384. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect shaker set

    This is the perfect shaker set. It does get really cold after shaking so it makes the shaker hard to hold.

  385. Amazon Buyer

    Good Cocktail Shaker

    It’s great!

  386. Amazon Buyer

    This is a very nice Boston Shaker and superior to what I found in …

    This is a very nice Boston Shaker and superior to what I found in local fixture stores and upscale cooking supply stores. It works well and I am completely satisfied at this time.

  387. Amazon Buyer

    Top shelf shaker!

    Great shaker–much better than the other kind I had, a Rabbit, which leaked, despite my best efforts. The Boston Shaker is stylish and fun to use. A strainer, sold separately, is a must. Makes great martinis! I feel like a genuine bartender! It came quickly, no muss, no fuss. And the company appears genuinely concerned about my satisfaction with their product. Highly recommended!

  388. Amazon Buyer

    Fine product. Appears to be very well made

    Fine product. Appears to be very well made. I whipped up somer killer Manhattans minutes after opening the box. Very happy with this.

  389. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect….especially if you make strong drink near boston

  390. Amazon Buyer

    I could develop a drinking problem….just kidding

    I spent the first evening I received this Boston Shaker Set mixing every cocktail I knew (all 6 of them). Not one drop of liquid leaked out. After purchasing several 3 piece shakers over the years and being completely frustrated each time they were used because of leaks, I decided to try the Boston Shaker. I will never ever use anything else again. The other ones are in the trash. I have never used this type before, but I handled this like I was born to it. It is also great fun to use. Love love love.

  391. Amazon Buyer

    I love it!

    This suits my needs perfectly. I love it!

  392. Amazon Buyer

    Solid shaker

    Item arrived quickly and was as described. Adequately sized for home bar use. Larger cup has a nicely weighted base. Feels nice and sturdy. Seals well.

  393. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    this was a great gift for that person who has everything

  394. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Haven’t used it yet but it feels sturdy and well made. I like the instructions on the box.

  395. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Came quick and as pictured.

  396. Amazon Buyer

    Perfect. I’ve been through a couple shakers with the …

    Perfect. I’ve been through a couple shakers with the screw on tops, and they leak like crazy! And they are tough to pull apart. This shaker did not leak at all and was easy to separate. I certainly recommend.

  397. Amazon Buyer

    Makes great martini a very easily

    Quick shipping. Makes great martini a very easily. Wish I had one a long time ago.

  398. Amazon Buyer

    Professional quality

    Love a pro product at home. I especially liked the instructions on how to properly use the shaker.

  399. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    the gift was a hit for someone who loves bar supplies.

  400. Amazon Buyer

    Good service

    Nice item, on time

  401. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Excellent!!! Does not leak, performs exactly like it should!!! Good quality, will use this one for years to come.

  402. Amazon Buyer

    Great quality!

    Great Quality, wonderful product!

  403. Amazon Buyer

    Great Product

    Great fit and finish. Had previous bad experience with one other poor quality product which were hard to separate. Doesn’t leak and separates easily. The results are extremely satisfying!

  404. Amazon Buyer

    The Best!!

    Works perfectly!! I’ve had other shakers but this one is clearly the best!!

  405. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Perfect !!

  406. Amazon Buyer

    Used professionally, very nice.

    Exactly what I used for years as a bartender, then gave as a gift. Very sturdy.

  407. Amazon Buyer

    This shaker set is wonderfully made, not too big and a good weight

    I am a trained bartender and needed bar equipment for home use. This shaker set is wonderfully made, not too big and a good weight. It came to my home in a day. The customer service is excellent. I will always buy from here.

  408. Amazon Buyer

    Love this cocktail shaker compared to other ones

    Love this cocktail shaker compared to other ones. Make sure you have a good strainer handy when using this shaker. Easy to clean and makes the cocktail making experience that much more enjoyable!

  409. Amazon Buyer

    Great price.

    Although we have only tried this one time so far, it seems to work as advertised. The tow cups fit well together and no spillage noticed. Great price.

  410. Amazon Buyer

    Great product

    Merchandise was quickly sent and works great! Very pleased

  411. Amazon Buyer


    Great product. Would do business with again.

  412. Amazon Buyer

    Steel strong

    Fine product. Love the durability and look of the stainless steel. Follow up emails Ruth recipes are a nice touch.

  413. Amazon Buyer

    After you figure out how to easily open the shaker once sealing (squeeze the larger tin)

    Switched over to this Boston Shaker from a Cobbler shaker and have to say I’ve been loving it quite a bit more. After you figure out how to easily open the shaker once sealing (squeeze the larger tin), it works fantastically every time, with no worry about having to worry about the parts freezing together.

  414. Amazon Buyer

    Very nice

    Exactly what I was looking for
    Not much more to be said, it’s a very nice metal drink shaker

  415. Amazon Buyer


    Gave this as a birthday gift- the recipient loved it. Perfect size and weight- great product!

  416. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Works great especially for ice cold martinis “shaken not stirred.”

  417. Amazon Buyer

    This is a very good shaker set

    This is a very good shaker set. It is nicely weighted for a sturdy feel and to prevent tip-overs, and the two pieces fit together easily to make a good seal, while also releasing easily with the right tap. The steel has a good professional burnish to it, and feels thick enough that I think I’ll get to use it for many years.

    The only negative I can think of is that the lips of the tins are a bit sharp; when trying to clean the inside with a sponge, I twice managed to cut the skin on my knuckle as it caught the lip. Not a problem once you remember to be careful, I guess.

    So yeah, a solid product I’m happy to have in my home bar. I’ve used Koriko tins before, and these are a fine alternative.

  418. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Great shaker set. Good heavy stainless with a beautiful finish. Quality product !!

  419. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    I love this Boston Shaker!

  420. Amazon Buyer

    Works amazing, definite step up from my last shaker

    Works amazing, definite step up from my last shaker. Went to my favorite high end cocktail bar and noticed they used the same shaker, so that was pretty cool.

  421. Amazon Buyer

    Best shaker around!

    We love this shaker. It’s so easy to use and we haven’t spilled a drop in shaking. They really are the best!

  422. Amazon Buyer

    Simply beautiful.

    Beautiful shiny stainless steel. Very good looking in it’s simplicity. A gift to a friend who wants to learn how to make cocktails. He’s going to love it and that he has a Boston shaker so highly rated.

  423. Amazon Buyer

    Great shakers and quality company

    This is exactly what I wanted, and I got it cheaper than expected. Also, Top Shelf Bar Supply seems like a great company who really cares about the quality of their products. There’s no doubt in my mind that if something was wrong with the shaker tins they would take care of it.

  424. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    good one!

  425. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars

    Item was exactly as described

  426. Amazon Buyer

    but it hasn’t disappointed me yet

    Two metal cups for a classic boston shaker. I’ve only had it for a little while so I’m still getting used to it, but it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

  427. Amazon Buyer

    Very good shaker

    Timely receipt. Item appears heavy-duty – not flimsy – and the seal between shaker pieces is excellent. If you want a Boston-style cocktail shaker – this one is an excellent choice. It’s not the cheapest thing out there – but you definitely get quality and value for your money.

  428. Amazon Buyer

    Pouring like a Pro!

    My Martini Mondays just got a lot more fun with this cocktail shaker! Getting through the first day of the work week is always nicely aided by a martini for me and a old fashioned for my wife. This shaker definitely does the job and I feel like a pro when using it. The only think I would like to see is the addition of a strainer. That would help making our drinks a bit smoother.

  429. Amazon Buyer

    I love the size

    I can finally make more than one drink at a time! I love the size, though it’s a bit more cumbersome than my other shaker. I’ve used it to make margaritas, washington apple shots, etc etc, and it’s worked quite well.

  430. Amazon Buyer


    Exactly perfect for professional bartending.

  431. Amazon Buyer

    They are awesome.

    These fit together perfectly. Tin on tin is THE way to go. No leaking, no breaking. They are awesome.

  432. Amazon Buyer

    Drinks just like a professional!

    Awesome shaker!

  433. Amazon Buyer

    The Best!

    Great Shaker. We have several, but this one is faster and easier to clean etc. It does take some practice to loosen the top once you have shaken a drink. We found you really don’t have to tap the bottom onto the top before shaking. It seals itself once the shaking begins.

  434. Amazon Buyer

    High quality easy to use cocktail shaker.

    High quality easy to use cocktail shaker.

    Stainless Steel Boston Shaker: 2-piece Set: 18oz Unweighted & 28oz Weighted Professional Bartender Cocktail Shaker
    by Top Shelf Bar Supply

    This is a very nice easy to use cocktail shaker by Top Shelf Bar Supply. I really like the size of this and the opportunity to make 1 drink or 2. This is made out of high quality food grade stainless steel and is very easy to clean after being used you can wash it by hand or put it in the dishwasher. This is perfect for home bars in your man cave. A must have for those who enjoy mixed drinks.

    Quality: 5/5
    Design: 5/5
    Value: 5/5
    Function: 5/5

    *High Quality.
    *Easy to use.
    *Great for entertaining Family, Friends & parties.
    *Dishwasher safe.


    Overall I’m satisfied with this Stainless Steel Boston Shaker: 2-piece Set: 18oz Unweighted & 28oz Weighted Professional Bartender Cocktail Shaker by Top Shelf Bar Supply. It has exceeded all of my expectations. I recommend this Stainless Steel Boston Shaker: 2-piece Set: 18oz Unweighted & 28oz Weighted Professional Bartender Cocktail Shaker by Top Shelf Bar Supply.

    *** Disclaimer I received this Stainless Steel Boston Shaker: 2-piece Set: 18oz Unweighted & 28oz Weighted Professional Bartender Cocktail Shaker by Top Shelf Bar Supply for free for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. In return for providing my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own. I received no other compensation. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.***

  435. Amazon Buyer

    Five Stars


  436. Amazon Buyer

    I’m a real bartender now 🙂

    Love my boston shaker! I feel so much like a real bartender that I’m tempted to drink more than I should just so that I can keep making drinks 🙂 Keeps things nice and cold and the two cups didn’t separate while shaking. It was easy for me to separate them after shaking with no spills. Great product! Disclosure: I was given this product for testing and reviewing purposes.

  437. Amazon Buyer

    The real deal for craft bartenders

    Highly recommend! I’ve been searching for a while for a shaker set like they use in my favorite bars, and I couldn’t be more pleased with this one. The pieces are study and the seal is super tight so nothing drips out. The seller even included a handy guide on how to properly shake a cocktail. Excellent customer service.

  438. Amazon Buyer

    Professional Cocktail Shaker on Amazon! Finally!

    This is the style I was told was the best by friends in the know, but I couldnt find it on Amazon for a while. This is: Clean, simple, elegant, professional Boston style cocktail shaker. I was very surprised Amazon didn’t have one then I found this. These are high quality and they even include a simple card: “how to Shake a cocktail … like a pro” in with it. PERFECT since I’m going to be giving this as a gift as well now that I’ve found it.

    The are metal, not glass so it wont break. Does not freeze together. Fit perfectly. Only con really was finding the thing in the first place.

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