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Jim Cannon

Don’t know giving as a gift to someone else

Hey Jim!

Thanks for choosing our Mixology course!

We are sure the person who gets the gift will learn a lot and enjoy every step of the way :)


Amazing experience, so much to learn!

I signed up for this course thinking it would be cool to have a cert in mixology - I ended up being so humbled and learning so much. Whether you have YEARS of experience or are just starting out, there is so much to learn through this program. I even emailed Chris during the course to ask for clarification on one part and he responded within like 48 hours. Absolutely exceptional, I refer to my notes from this all the time when developing cocktails and beverage menus.

Hi Jessica!

We are really happy you found this course full of valuable lessons. We wish you the best in your Mixology journey !


Good course

My employer signed me up for this course and it was time well-spent IMO.
I was already an excellent mixologist, but I did learn a few things in this course and also agreed with most of what the teacher said throughout.
I also appreciate the level of customer service from the company when I had to contact them with a question.
Thank you.

Kohl Jordan
Fantastic Course!

I loved this course! I had a great time going through the sections and exploring all of the content.
The lessons themselves do a great job at introducing you to each aspect of mixology with a thorough breakdown of the material, followed by an opportunity to exercise what you've learned in the 'homework.' There were so many elements that I hadn't considered before, and it was great to see those laid out in front of me in an easily-digestible way. The course has a ton of useful information, but the lessons seemed to go by surprisingly quick.
As I continue to explore mixology, I think that the ability to re-visit the lessons and learning-material at any time is a priceless feature - I absolutely love it. The 'cheat-sheets' provided in the course are some of the most helpful tools I've found for information-retention, so it's great to be able to go back and review those at my leisure. It was a relief to be able to take this course at my own pace, too, as I tend to have difficulty finding free-time outside of work.
Overall, this was an incredible exploration of the facets of mixology that provides an excellent jumping-off point for anyone interested in the craft! This course got me excited to dive even deeper into the world of mixology. I can't wait!

Hey Kohl

I am happy you enjoyed the course and most importantly that it was a great of source of knowledge! Hope you continue to enjoy your adventure into the Mixology world.

Cheers and happy mixing!

Joseph Covello
Great Course!

I loved the idea of being able to complete the mixology course at my own pace! The course was very informative, and I learned a lot from the videos, and all of the printed info, and homework that I was able to download. I also love that I can always go back, and log into the course again to watch any videos, and go over any information that I would like to review over again.

Thanks for the great review!