Mixologist Bar Set (14-Piece)

Stainless Steel

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Beyond the basics: This mixology set has everything you need to take you from your first cocktail to your 100th bartending shift. Made with the best Stainless Steel 304, it'll last a lifetime – at home or behind the busiest craft cocktail bar.

This cocktail set is made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel 304 and natural beech hardwood.·

Our 14-piece bartender kit features a beautiful polished finish on all metal components and smooth sanded finish on the hardwood muddler.·

Welded to Last: All welds are reinforced - These tools aren't gonna rust and fall apart.·

This bar tool set includes a Boston shaker set, three cocktail strainers, Japanese jigger, hardwood muddler, bar spoon, and six cocktail picks.

Get a full cocktail kit with 14 of our best-selling and top-rated bar tools, all in one gorgeous and giftable box.


Materials & Construction:

All metal components are made with high-quality stainless steel 304, designed for use in high volume bars. 


Bar Set Includes:

2-piece Boston Shaker Set (18 oz unweighted & 28 oz weighted)
3 Cocktail Strainers: Hawthorne strainer, julep strainer and fine mesh strainer
Bar Spoon: 12″ spiral handle bar spoon

Jigger: Double-sided Japanese-style jigger

Hardwood Muddler: Extra long 12″ muddler
Six stainless steel cocktail picks for garnish (just like these)



Gift box is 12.75" L x 5.5" W x 4.25" H and weighs approximately 3lb.


Care & Handling:

Stainless steel: Dishwasher-safe for all home and commercial dishwashers.
Gold: Dishwasher-safe for all home and most commercial dishwashers.
Copper: Hand wash recommended.

Hardwood Muddler: Hand wash recommended.

Read more about care instructions here.

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Premium Quality & Made to Last

Exceptional Materials

Made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel 304 and natural beech hardwood.
bar tools

Welded to Last

All welds are reinforced - These tools aren't gonna rust and fall apart.
jigger oz

Designed for Longterm Use

Beautiful polished finish on all metal components and smooth sanded finish on the hardwood muddler.

One Set, Endless Possiblities

Make both shaken and stirred cocktails with this one set of bar tools.

Gifting Made Easy

This set comes with a recyclable, reusable gift box for easy, beautiful gifting.

Clean with Ease

All stainless steel pieces are dishwasher-safe for easy clean up.

What's in the Box?

  1. Boston shaker set: Shake up all your favorite cocktails, or use it as a stirred cocktail vessel.
  2. Japanese jigger: Precisely measure ingredients for balanced cocktails, every time.
  3. Hawthorne strainer: Strain shaken cocktails to perfection.
  4. Fine strainer: Double strain for a super smooth drink.
  5. Julep strainer: Keep your stirred cocktails ice shard-free.
  6. Bar spoon: Mix, stir, and layer your cocktails with precision using this essential tool.
  7. Cocktail muddler: Crush and muddle fresh ingredients to release vibrant flavors in your favorite cocktails.
  8. Six cocktail picks: Add a stylish & functional touch to garnishing your cocktails with these versatile picks.
mixology courses
mixologist courses
mixologist courses
mixologist courses

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of making batched cocktails?

Batching cocktails ahead of time can save you a lot of time and effort during service or a party. If you're a party host, do you really want to be making cocktails one-by-one all night while everyone else enjoys themselves? Probably not! If you're a professional, batched cocktails will allow for faster service and happier customers.

How do I determine the right proportions for batched cocktails?

Use the ratios of the original recipe for a single cocktail and scale up. Looking at the Daiquiri, which follows a 2-1-1 ratio, you can scale it up by the bottle: 1 bottle to 1/2 bottle and 1/2 bottle. Just don't forget to dilute 20-15%!

Can any cocktail be batched, or are there specific ones that work best?

Almost any cocktail can be batched. It all depends on how you serve it and how you batch it, which we cover in more depth in this course.

How long can batched cocktails be stored before serving?

This depends on the ingredients. A cocktail using fresh ingredients can last upwards of a couple of days; a spirit-forward cocktail like a Negroni or Martini can last upwards of months because it doesn't contain fresh ingredients that can spoil quickly. However, fresher is always better, so if you can prep the day-of or the night before, that is best.

Do I need special equipment or containers for batched cocktails?

Besides standard equipment like a bar spoon and cocktail jigger, you'll also need larger bottles for mixing or prepping ingredients and larger serving vessels like punch bowls or drink dispensers.

How do I ensure the flavors of the ingredients are well balanced in a batched cocktail?

With a batched cocktail, just follow the ratio of the base recipe because it is an already balanced cocktail; the only difference is that you have to dilute the batched cocktail with water-- that will always be your balancing factor when it comes to batching.

Can I adjust the sweetness or acidity of a batched cocktail after it's been mixed?

Absolutely! Add a small amount of the sweetener or acid already being used, give a stir into the cocktail, and taste. Repeat the process until satisfied with the result.

Can I pre-garnish batched cocktails or should that be done when serving?

To keep garnishes looking and tasting fresh, we recommend saving the garnish for the last step, right before service.

Are there any specific tips for successfully scaling up a cocktail recipe for batching?

Yes! Two things. Always look at the original cocktail recipe as a ratio-- We do this to build sinlge serving cocktails, and you're just scaling up the ratio accordingly for batched cocktails. And always remember to dilute, whether it's with water or ice!

How do I handle the dilution of batched cocktails to ensure the right balance?

The standard dilution rate of any cocktail is about 15-25%, depending on the cocktail. However, for batched cocktails, you're going to want to dilute at least 20-25%, meaning for every 1 L of cocktail, you'll add about 200-250 mL.

What's the best way to serve batched cocktails at a party or gathering?

Depending on your personal preference, a large punch bowl, drink dispenser, or several carafes are perfect for serving batched drinks at a party.

Can I make non-alcoholic or low-alcohol batched cocktails?

Of course! You can go the simple route and sub out the base spirit with a N/A spirit comperable in flavor or a low-ABV liqueur. The ratio would essentially stay the same; however, you'll need to taste it to be sure-- sometimes using zero proof spirits can bring extra sweetness that will then need to be tamped down.

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Terry Marouchoc
Birthday gift🥳

I love the whole set❤️it is a birthday present for my police officer son who is turning 30 in 2 weeks.. it is very good quality and can’t wait for him to open it.

What a wonderful gift! I'm sure he's going to get great use out of it! Cheers.

Dylan Cariello

Cocktail Shaker Set (4-Piece)

David Condon
Cocktail shaker set

Awesome service! Ordered two sets and had them in the mail the next day. Products appear to be high-quality and should last a long time.

Thank you for taking the time to review! Cheers!

Maria Ashford
Great product and Customer support

This was a gift and it is being enjoyed. There was an error and customer service was quick to respond and fix. They were easy to reach and corrected the error quickly. Thank you again!

I am glad you received prompt & helpful customer service from our team! Cheers!

Michael Dunn
Awesome Products

Awesome products. I would recommend A Bar Above to anyone looking for first class quality products.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to review your new barware! Cheers!

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