Mixology Certificates
Mixology Certification

Mixology Certification


Give the gift of unlimited cocktails! Do you know a bartender who is tired of trying to memorize recipes? Or have a friend who is a cocktail enthusiast, but frustrated at not having every ingredient under the sun? With A Bar Above’s mixology certification, they can now create beautiful and delicious cocktails with whatever you have on hand and no more recipe memorization!

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The Mixology Certification is a comprehensive web-based training program that will give you all of the information and practice you need to start creating your own cocktail recipes from scratch. For more information about the course, you can click here.


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Great problem. Gives alot knowledge.

Excellent course

I totally recommend this course, I learned a lot about spirits, modifiers, mixers, sweeteners and every component of a cocktail, after this I was able to create cocktails for the bar menu I worked, i enjoyed the process of learning in this course,!!
Thanks !

A necessary course for the aspiring mixologist

I loved this class. I'm a bartender and I've taken a few mixology courses and this is by far the most informative I've taken. It covered more information than any other and really gave me the knowledge and the tools to create my own original cocktails. It's been a few years since I took the course, but I still use the concepts I learned here. When I took the course I was one year into my bartending career. Now, 4 years later I'm managing a speakeasy bar with a seasonal cocktail menu that includes original cocktails. I can't recommend this course enough. If you really want to know how to create original drinks. Take this course.

Amazing course!

I really loved this course! It was easy to use, so informative and has really helped take my mixology skills to the next level!

Best. Quarantine. Project. Ever.

I had a blast and learned a ton from this course, which was the perfect quarantine project for me as a home enthusiast. I now feel empowered with the knowledge I need to build a balanced and creative cocktail and have had several successes thanks to the course. I can't understate how much useful information is jam-packed into these modules. I found the quizzes particularly useful, and even after graduating, I've revisited the curriculum on using cocktail families to design cocktails. In short: This has been a game changer.

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